Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5847 amazing effect

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There seems to be a big mouth on the flesh and blood of the profound meaning, trying to devour Lu Ming's profound meaning.

Lu Ming wanted to take back the Profound Truth, but found that the Profound Truth scattered outside seemed to be frozen and could not be retrieved at all.

Immortal beings, if they lose their profound meaning, it is like a tiger losing its fangs, and its combat power will plummet.

However, Lu Ming has two other bodies.


The trinity was running, and there was a dull roar in his body, the three bodies formed a certain resonance, and the profound meaning of the three bodies also formed a resonance, and they had to come together.

With Lu Ming as the center, a huge gravitational force was formed, which led the scattered profound meanings back into the body.

Then, Lu Ming stretched out a big hand and grabbed the flesh and blood of Profound Truth.

The mysterious flesh and blood seemed to be frightened. He turned around and was about to flee, but was covered by Lu Ming's big hand. At such a close distance, where did he escape?

Grabbing it with a big hand, he grabbed the profound meaning and flesh in the palm of his hand and looked at it in front of him.

It looks like a piece of flesh and blood on the body of some kind of creature, about the size of a human head, exuding a rich and incomparable aura of profound meaning, as if it is the incarnation of the profound meaning of chaos.

"It's not dangerous."

"This kid caught the flesh and blood of the Chaos Profound Truth Beast."

Behind, the spirit of the people in Zhizhen Hall was lifted.

Someone shouted: "Boy, get out quickly and give us the Profound Truth of Chaos."

Lu Ming directly ignored these people.

Give them the flesh and blood of the Chaos Mysterious Beast? What do you think?

Lu Ming took out a jade box, put the mysterious flesh and blood into the jade box, and then put the jade box into the storage ring, and then continued to step forward, walking towards the depths of the mountain stream.

The faces of all the people in the True Hall of Fierce turned cold, and murderous intentions surfaced.

They are not fools, how can they not see that Lu Ming did not intend to give them the Profound Truth at all.

"You, go and kill that kid and take the flesh and blood of the mysterious beast."

A strong man of the ferocious clan ordered several upper clans.

The faces of the few superiors turned pale, revealing a hint of fear.

"Sir, there are terrifying beasts in the mountains..."

A superior clan.

"I know, but now the alien beast has not appeared, the kid is still alive and well, it means that the alien beast is not there or is sleeping, you go to a quick fight and solve the kid, it will be fine, trust me."

The strong man of the ferocious clan said.

"I believe in you asshole."

A few of the upper clan murmured in their hearts, of course they only dared to talk about it in their hearts, and did not dare to refuse the request of the ferocious clan, they rushed to Lu Ming at the fastest speed, wanting to make a quick decision.

Lu Ming flicked his fingers, and several spears protruded from his fingertips, bursting with splendid light.

Puff puff...

There are a total of three masters of the upper clan, all of them have more than 40,000 kinds of chaotic meanings, but none of them can stop Lu Ming's blow. Come.

They didn't die, they were reorganized with difficulty, their faces were pale and terrified.

The three masters who had integrated into more than 40,000 kinds of chaotic profound meanings were hit hard by one move and almost died.

"This kid, it's not easy."

The person who came to the Hall of Evil had a thought in his mind.

After such a delay, Lu Ming had already penetrated deep into the mountain stream, and Lu Ming's figure was obscured by the mist and could no longer be seen clearly.

"We're stuck here. If that kid doesn't die, it's not too late to kill him when he quits."

The strong man in the Zhizhen Palace said that he seemed to be very afraid of the depths of the mountain stream, and he did not dare to go in after all.

Lu Ming walked all the way to the depths of the mountain stream. He felt that there might be more than one piece of chaotic profound meaning here.

He scattered the chaotic profound meanings of one of them, attracting the flesh and blood of the profound meanings.


Lu Ming suddenly felt that the mysterious flesh and blood put into the storage ring was spreading.

Profound meaning flesh and blood has a tendency to be transformed into profound meanings and radiate from jade boxes and storage rings.

"Profound meaning flesh and blood, can't it be hidden in the storage ring?"

Lu Ming frowned, then took out an immortal weapon, tried it out, and put the flesh and blood of the profound meaning into the inner space of the immortal soldier.

In this universe, a special arrangement has been made in the Creation Realm, so that it is difficult for living beings to be contained in the inner space of the Immortal Armament, mainly to prevent cheating in the major temples, but it is not a problem for the flesh and blood of profound meanings.

However, not long after the Profound Truth was taken into the inner space of the Immortal Armament, strands of Profound Truth also emerged from the Immortal Armament, which also showed signs of dispersing.

Immortal soldiers can't do it either, they can't hold mystical flesh and blood.

"Then you can just refine it."

Lu Ming simply sat cross-legged on the spot, took out the profound meaning flesh and blood, displayed the Trinity, and began to refine the profound meaning flesh and blood.

The profound meanings glowed with flesh and blood, and the countless chaotic profound meanings on it wrapped Lu Ming.

Lu Ming felt itchy all over, and the chaotic profound meaning in the three bodies was also glowing, resonating with the flesh and blood of the profound meaning.

Lu Ming has a special feeling. He feels that the chaotic profound meaning of profound meaning and flesh and blood is very close to him, as if he has been enlightened by him for countless years, and it fits him very well.

In an instant, there were hundreds of chaotic profound meanings, which were integrated into Lu Ming's three bodies.

Immediately afterwards, more and more chaotic meanings merged into Lu Ming's body.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred...

Under the Trinity, the speed of refining the profound meaning of flesh and blood is astonishingly fast.

In less than a minute, most of the profound meanings were refined by Lu Ming, and more than 500 chaotic profound meanings were added to the three bodies.

This speed is simply unbelievable.

It's just the flesh and blood of a chaotic mysterious beast, and it actually has such a strong effect.

You must know that after Lu Ming stepped into the 70,000 kinds, the difficulty of integrating into the profound meaning of chaos has skyrocketed.

A powerful blood man, after refining, added less than a hundred kinds of chaotic meanings.

And a piece of profound meaning flesh and blood is only half refined, and more than 500 kinds have been added.

But at this moment, Lu Ming's muscles tense unconsciously.

Danger is approaching.

Lu Ming immediately put away the unrefined mystery flesh and blood, and set his eyes on the water below.


Water splashed all over, and several tentacles were drawn towards Lu Ming.

The tentacles were pitch-black, and there were suction cups on them. During the process of drawing towards Lu Ming, black gas spewed out from the suction cups, with a rotten smell.


On the surface of Lu Ming's body, immortal power emerged, blocking the poisonous invasion.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he cut out the Blade of Extinguishing Immortals.

No one has seen this person, and Lu Ming can use all kinds of immortal techniques at will.

puff puff...

Nine tentacles were cut off, exuding a strong stench.

The water rolled, and a huge alien beast appeared.

This alien beast is shaped like an octopus, but it has thirty-six tentacles, and it forms a special field when waving.

Lu Ming's face changed slightly. In this kind of field, the profound meaning of chaos in his body was greatly suppressed, and its operation was inflexible.

Not only that, the immortal power he cast, the profound meaning contained in it, is rapidly dispersing and dispersing.

Lu Ming quickly withdrew Xianli, it seems that Xianli should not be released.

Holding a long spear, he killed the alien beast.

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