Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 673 Decompose the reincarnation

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The aura on Jiang Dao's body began to rise rapidly at an unimaginable speed. The golden light in the chest area was bright and violent, like an invisible sky knife emerged, and the terrifying murderous intent shrouded the surrounding fields.

Everyone's hair stood erect and they were retreating rapidly.

Even though they are **** emperors, there is a chilly feeling at this moment.

This time the Xeon Killer was activated, not like before.

In the past, Chu Rukuang was worried that the Xeon Killer would lose control, so he only unlocked part of the power of the Xeon Killer, but now Jiang Dao was pushed to the extreme and directly aroused all of its power.

You must know that this is something that the Night Watchman Emperor and the Spirit Eliminator Emperor have been refining for generations.

Its ability can restrain the way of heaven with force!

Although it has not been fully formed, its terrifying power is still beyond imagination.

The Demon Lord of Samsara's eyes turned cold, and he also instantly sensed the terrifying power surging from Jiang Dao's body. He couldn't help but growl, and his body suddenly compressed again.

All the bone spurs, scales, and muscles are being pressed towards the middle.


In the blink of an eye, his body was more than doubled from its incomparably huge size.

And as his body was compressed, the power on his body became even more terrifying.


The Demon Lord of Samsara rushed out in one step, turned into golden light, with a terrifying aura, raised a fist, and slammed it hard at Jiang Dao's body, all the strength and momentum in his body merged into one.

The whole world seemed to resonate with him.

"Go to hell!"

He has a huge voice.

Without hesitation, Jiang Dao shouted angrily, and forced all the power of the most powerful killer from the chest area into his right palm. In an instant, his entire right palm doubled in size, suddenly swelled, and was surrounded by golden light.

At this moment, the scale armor on his right hand was rapidly expanding, flickering.

Dozens of golden meridians suddenly emerged.


With a loud shout, he rushed out and directly collided with the fist of the Demon Lord of Samsara.


There was a deafening loud noise, and the sound roared, sweeping towards the surroundings.

Countless black and red sand and dust danced indiscriminately.


The body of the Demon King of Samsara was blasted out by Jiang Dao's palm on the spot, and he was smashed into the distance, his arm exploded, and the scales all over his body were horribly broken. Half of them were shattered, and scarlet blood dripped out, staining the whole ground. .

Jiang Dao's body was also shaken back again and again by a powerful force, and he retreated seven or eight steps away before finally stopping.

There was a tingling sensation all over his arm.

All the scales stood up, power flowed from all over the body, and golden light emerged, like golden lightning bolts, giving the illusion that everything could be destroyed.

After Jiang Dao stabilized his body, he couldn't help but let out a low laugh.

"Hehehe... Demon King of Samsara, that's all!"

He raised his head, his eyes were shining with golden light, wild and sharp, staring at the Demon King of Samsara in front of him.

The Demon Lord of Samsara was startled and angry, staring at Jiang Dao, his arms trembling, and there was severe pain.

The shattered flesh and blood gathered in the middle with difficulty.

But just like others, the shattered flesh and blood were infiltrated by a strong killing intent, which made it impossible for his flesh and blood to heal quickly. Even though it had been difficult to gather, it still only gathered a small amount of flesh and blood.

What's more, Jiang Dao will never give the reincarnation demon king a chance to recover from his injuries.

After hitting with all his strength, a cruel smile instantly appeared on Jiang Dao's face.

Then, his body rushed directly towards the Demon Lord of Samsara.


He rushed out in one step, with a heavy golden light, dazzling, like a terrible lightning flashing past, Jiang Dao raised his hand and punched.

Still a punch of great power!

All the power of Xeon Killer was integrated into this punch.

The entire fist grew bigger and swelled again, with surging power, terrifying and unpredictable, like a terrifying meteor.


The reincarnation demon lord roared, his heart was burning with boundless anger, but he had no way to dodge, he could only raise his other arm, and slammed hard at Jiang Dao's fist.


There was another loud bang, and no accident, the entire left arm of the Demon King of Samsara was instantly blown apart by Jiang Dao's punch, and flesh and blood flew everywhere.

The terrifying power of the Xeon Killer poured out, blasting densely on his chest, making his entire chest stained with blood.

Afterwards, with a cruel look on Jiang Dao's face, his hands were like the wind, and he slammed down on the body of the reincarnation demon king.

Boom boom boom boom!

The sound roared, and the flesh and blood splattered.

There is a terrifying energy aura everywhere.

It was like a one-sided massacre here, pieces of scarlet flesh were constantly being beaten and spattered, flying all over the sky, wriggling rapidly, wanting to fly back to the body of the reincarnated demon king again.

It's just that the killing intent of Xeon's killer weapon is too strong, and it is difficult to reorganize instantly after entering the reincarnation demon king.

In the end, the mouth of the reincarnation demon uttered a series of miserable screams, and the battle presented a one-sided terrifying situation.

All the **** emperors in all directions were shocked and unbelievable.

Such a scene made them feel like a dream.

Weird and scary!

"The Lord of Samsara has been suppressed!"

A **** emperor spoke in horror.


With a cruel expression on Jiang Dao's face, he punched out again, smashing the head of the demon king of reincarnation, and smashing his entire head into pieces. His broken body flew upside down and fell into the distance.

His body was shimmering with golden light, and pieces of terrifying power emerged continuously, like boiling, making people shudder.

The three old men who were fighting with Venerable Wu Dao all looked surprised and turned their heads to look.

"Reincarnation Demon Lord!"

"This is impossible!"

They shouted in surprise, and once again hastily responded to the attack of Venerable Wu Dao.

rustle rustle...

Suddenly, bursts of subtle sounds came out at an extremely fast speed.

The flesh and blood that had just been shattered by the Demon Lord of Samsara suddenly squirmed along the black-red ground, and then quickly gathered towards the middle, with a flash of light, forming the body of the Demon Lord of Samsara again.

He was furious, the veins on his face popped up, and he roared ferociously, "Damn it, I want to kill..."


The treatment was the same as that of the Heavenly Dao Palace Master before. Jiang Dao's body appeared in front of him in an instant before he even said a word, and he punched his face with a terrifying force, directly smashing his head into shriveled and dented go down.

The words that were supposed to be uttered were swallowed back into the abdominal cavity by Jiang Dao's plan again.

He swung his two arms quickly, and blasted towards Jiang Dao's body. As a result, all the bombardments hit Jiang Dao's body with a bang, and he couldn't hurt Jiang Dao at all.

Even at this moment, Jiang Dao seemed to be in pain.

Let the opponent bombard and kill without any sense at all.


His hands suddenly grasped the two wrists of the Demon King of Samsara tightly, and his golden fingers clenched them forcefully. The force was huge and terrifying, and the scales on the Demon King of Samsara's body were cracked, and traces of blood leaked out. .

The reincarnation demon showed a look of shock and anger, his eyes were about to burst, he struggled desperately, resisted, and endless death demonic energy emerged from his whole body.

But it didn't work at all.

Jiang Dao's two palms were like pliers, clamping his two wrists tightly, leaving him without any resistance.

The power gap between him and Jiang Dao was too great.

At the beginning, the two were evenly matched, but since Jiang Dao used the most powerful weapon, he was completely suppressed.

The Demon King of Samsara couldn't figure out what Jiang Dao's fused Xeon weapon was, and why it was more terrifying than his Samsara Banner.


A grim smile appeared on Jiang Dao's face, he firmly held the arms of Demon Lord Samsara, and suddenly exerted force.

With two puffs, blood spattered, dyeing the sky red.

The two arms of the Demon King of Samsara were pulled out by Jiang Dao, and there were scarlet blood vessels and meridians connected to them.

"Naughty animal!"

The Demon Lord of Samsara was pulled out of his arm, let out a roar, his body backed up, and suddenly his mouth opened, and a terrifying black beam of light shot out from his mouth.


The black beam of energy blasted fiercely on Jiang Dao's body, but was completely blocked by the golden light on his body surface.

All the black beams collapsed automatically.

Jiang Dao firmly held the two broken arms of the Demon King of Samsara, and suddenly turned his head to glance at the group of Baiyin boys, and directly threw these two arms to the group of Baiyin boys.


The eyes of a group of Baiyin boys lit up, and they rushed towards the two arms immediately.

Puff puff puff!

In an instant, seven or eight boys jumped out, hugged those two thick arms tightly, opened their mouths, showing a mouth full of fine teeth, and directly bit down on those two thick arms.

The Demon Lord of Samsara's face changed again, and he roared, "Go away!"


He opened his mouth, sprayed out a terrifying death beam, and blasted towards the group of boys. At the same time, he rushed out, trying to regain his arm, but Jiang Dao's body had already rushed out quickly, smashing the sprayed out with his fist. The death beam, and then the body appeared in front of him instantly, and the huge palm directly hit his chin.


The body of the reincarnation devil was blasted into the sky on the spot.

Jiang Dao grabbed an ankle of the Demon King of Samsara, swung it like a scarecrow, and slammed it directly on the ground, making a loud bang.

He stepped on the Demon Lord of Samsara, grabbed his ankle, and pulled it hard.

With a puff, blood spurted out, and the left leg of the Demon Lord of Samsara was directly pulled out by Jiang Daosheng.

"Good boy, don't grab it, there are more here!"

Jiang Dao laughed out loud and shook it vigorously.

The left leg that he had just pulled out was also thrown directly at the group of Baiyin boys.

The rest of the Baiyin boys rushed over in a hurry.

Whoosh whoosh!

Another seven or eight boys threw themselves on that thigh fiercely, opened their mouths, hugged that thigh and gnawed down hard.

"Crazy, you crazy!"

The Demon King of Samsara roared, desperately trying to recall his arms and left leg, but it didn't work at all.

The power of the group of boys was terrifying, and they tightly suppressed his left leg and arms, making it impossible for him to recall these three parts smoothly.

This time the Demon King of Samsara was completely terrified. With a roar, he quickly turned into a black light and rushed towards the distance.

But how could Jiang Dao let the other party go.

There was a loud laugh in his mouth, and his body quickly chased after him.

"Samsara Demon Monarch, don't rush to leave, let's have fun!"


His body turned into golden lightning, and he punched it directly.

Under Jiang Dao's suppression, the Demon King of Samsara had no power to resist at all.

His right leg was quickly taken off by Jiang Dao and thrown towards another group of boys.

The group of boys hugged his right leg fiercely, smiled openly, and began to eat vigorously.

So far, only a head and a torso are left of the majestic Demon Lord of Samsara.

Everyone was shuddering and horrified.

How terrifying is this scene.

The reincarnation devil, today is completely over.

Once upon a time a myth!

Now it is completely broken.

Jiang Dao dismantled the demon king of reincarnation alive.

"Old man with five poisons, save me quickly!"

The reincarnation demon yelled in horror.

Since that battle a long time ago, he has never been so desperate at any time.

He thought that this birth would sweep away everything and unify the endless sea of ​​realms, but he never expected to meet such a alien species as Jiang Dao!


Jiang Dao's big hand smashed on the back of the Demon King of Samsara like lightning, and UU Reading www.uukanshu.com grabbed his remnant body and started spinning in the air, making the Demon Lord of Samsara no longer able to resist.

On the ground, the Heavenly Dao Palace Master, who was pierced by the Holy Spear of Dou Zhan, was already shrouded in deep horror.

It's over!

The reincarnation demon king is completely over!

It's over even with him.

On the other side, the old man Wudu suddenly raised a finger and pointed directly towards Jiangdao's side.


A terrifying and unpredictable poisonous light pierced through in an instant, attacking Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao waved the body of the Demon King of Samsara and smashed it directly at the poisonous light. His eyes turned cold and he looked at the old man of five poisons.

After doing all this, Jiang Dao rushed directly towards the old man Wudu.

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