Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 674 5 poisonous old man!

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"Old Man Five Poisons, since you want to intervene so much, I will help you!"

Jiang Dao's body was burning, and he rushed towards the old man Wudu quickly, like a bolt of lightning.

He wants to eliminate all three powerful enemies of Venerable Wu Dao before he is controlled by the strongest killer.

Because even if he didn't solve those three people, those three people would not let him go.


Jiang Dao's aura was extremely terrifying, instantly piercing through nothingness, and rushed towards the old man with five poisons.

The old man of five poisons is an existence with a sanctified soul. He has lived for endless years and his body has decayed, but his soul is still vigorous. His eyes are very cold. While fighting fiercely with Venerable Wu Dao, he is watching Jiang Dao.

He could see that Jiang Dao's state was extremely delicate at the moment.

This is not his real strength.

He cast a forbidden method, which temporarily improved his strength.

And then used a forbidden device, with the help of the power of the forbidden device.

It's just that kind of forbidden weapon, which is obviously extremely evil, even if it is far away, he can still perceive it.

This means that Jiang Dao must not fight for a long time!

He only needs to consume it for a while, and Jiang Dao will naturally be attacked by the power of the evil spirit, and he will be defeated by then.

Chi Chi Chi!

The five-poison old man opened his fingers, and one after another of black light shot out directly from his fingers, densely packed, like a silk net, penetrating towards Jiang Dao's body.

As soon as Jiang Dao rushed past, he was invulnerable, and he didn't even look at all the black lights. He swung his golden fist and threw it directly forward.

Bang bang bang!

Pieces of black light exploded one after another, like clouds and mist, scattered by the blast.

Jiang Dao's body rushed past, heading straight for the old man with five poisons.

The five-poison old man's face was cold, but he didn't show any fear.

Originally, there were countless black spots densely packed on his face, but at this moment, these black spots were all enlarged and squirmed quickly, as if turning into strange shadow bugs, rushing towards Jiang Dao's body quickly.

Whoosh whoosh!

All the black spots all over the sky are rushing towards Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao's eyes were cold, he waved his fist directly, and continued to blast forward.


The sound was terrifying, the golden light was raging, and all the black spots were rapidly cracking. Under the power of Xeon Killer, all means and curses seemed to be useless, and they were directly shattered by a face-to-face encounter.

The five-poison old man finally changed his color, and quickly backed away.

"Old bastard, die!"

Jiang Dao's tone was cold, his body was like traveling through space, he rushed out of the chaotic energy atmosphere instantly, and slammed his fist **** the chest area of ​​the old man of five poisons.

The old man with five poisons suddenly changed his face, desperately using his divine power to fight.

But even the Demon King of Samsara couldn't resist Jiang Dao, so how could he resist?


A face-to-face, the defensive mask on the body of the five-poison old man burst directly, the light was turbulent, and all the divine power collapsed, and Jiang Dao punched through the body, and the terrifying force almost shattered the body.

Then Jiang Dao's other big hand moved with heavy and terrifying force, and slammed directly on his cheek.



The whole head of the five-poison old man was blown apart on the spot, blood and flesh flying around.

However, all his flesh and blood contained strong poison. After being pumped and exploded, the endless poison rushed towards Jiang Dao's body densely, bringing up a black mist that filled the sky, and directly revolved around Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao frowned, the Chiyang field suddenly spread, and with a bang, a dazzling halo rose directly. The sun was dazzling and extremely bright, dispelling all the black mist, and the strong poison could not get close to him. a cent.

The body of the five-poison old man quickly reorganized in the distance, with a look of horror on his face, he turned around and left, and fled towards the distance at a high speed.

The expressions of the remaining Venerable Turtle and Daoist Qi all changed.

"Old man with five poisons, don't go!"

"Come back quickly, Wu Dao will not be able to hold on any longer!"

The two quickly drank.

But the old man Wudu was terrified by Jiang Dao's slap, and he didn't dare to stay any longer. He just wanted to escape here desperately, but how could Jiang Dao let him escape.

"Old Man Five Poisons, didn't you like to interfere just now? Why do you need to leave?"

Jiang Dao shouted loudly, and quickly chased after him.

Along the way, the space rumbled and exploded, and was quickly penetrated by his body.

The power of the Xeon killer is simply indescribable, and it doesn't seem like something that the world can have.

No matter what kind of poison or treasure the five-poison old man recognized, they were all quickly passed through by Jiang Dao, smashed out with one punch, and shattered.

"Little friend Jiang Dao, if you have something to discuss!"

The five-poison old man shouted in shock.


His back was hit hard again by Jiang Dao's punch, and the terrifyingly huge fist slammed into his back, shriveling and denting his body, as if his entire back almost exploded.

The five-poison old man spat out blood, and threw his body forward fiercely. The entire back was covered with dense cracks, like broken porcelain, which could explode on the spot at any time.

He was horrified, and quickly turned around and shouted, "Little friend Jiang Dao, you have something to say!"

Only then did he understand the despair of the Demon Lord of Samsara.

Jiang Dao's power is so overwhelming that it has completely surpassed the limit of this world, and nothing can stop him in the slightest.


As soon as the words fell, Jiang Dao's big hand had already grabbed the head of the old man of five poisons, and started to rotate, as if his body was regarded as a scarecrow, and directly hit the ground hard, with a bang, the whole body The dark brown ground trembled violently, and countless sand and dust shot up into the sky, whining harshly, forming something like a sandstorm.


The old man with five poisons spat out blood, and it was all poisonous blood.

His poisonous blood fell on Jiang Dao's body, making a hissing sound, causing the scales on his body to bubble up quickly, trying to corrode his body.

But soon it was firmly blocked by the power of Xeon Killer.

The five-poison old man looked terrified, and quickly used a unique technique of [Golden Cicada Escape Shell]. A crack appeared on his back instantly, and his body escaped wildly along the crack, and fled quickly along the ground.

Only an old body remained in place, motionless.


Jiang Dao frowned, and instantly realized that something was wrong, and suddenly chased him in one direction, UU reading www. uukanshu.com gave full play to its speed, and many **** emperors along the way were unable to dodge, and were directly passed by him in an instant.

At this moment, Jiang Dao was at the peak of his mining industry.

"come out!"

With a roar, Jiang Dao suddenly hit the ground with his fist.


Incomparably terrifying golden ripples spread out from his fist in an instant, forming pieces like blades, which quickly moved towards the depths of the ground.


There was a miserable and abnormal cry directly from the depths of the ground, echoing for countless miles.

All the emperors showed fear.


Countless dust is flying around, mixed with patches of poisonous blood.

Absolutely terrible.

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