Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei - Chapter 4516 eternal dream

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The core of the forest here is a towering sacred tree.

Is this what she's looking for? wrong!

"Only the power of the wood element, without thunder...it's not like that!" She muttered, speeding up and arriving in front of the sacred tree.

"Human, I am the patriarch of the Sen clan, why did you come here?" A pair of eyes appeared in the tree in front of him, with calm eyes.

It is even more impossible to have life, consciousness, and such an identity.

But she believed he would never make a mistake.

"Tell him, open the door!"

It seemed to sense what she was thinking, so the voice transmission told her what to do next?

Mu Qianxi stared at the eyes of the divine tree and said, "Open the door!"

Shenshu's eyes were still calm, and he sighed: "Child, it seems that you know it. The secret that our Sen Clan tried our best to hide, we still can't hide it!

"But have you really decided? Once you go in, you won't be recognized, and you will sleep forever in this forest. You are still so young, you shouldn't take such a risk."

The earnest words of the patriarch of the Sen clan did not make Mu Qianxi have any intention of giving up.

"What a stubborn and bold young man! What a pity."

His words fell, and the whole tree split open, which is the opening of the door.

Mu Qianxi saw countless leaves floating out from the other end of the door.

In the blink of an eye, the leaves turned into feathers, colorful feathers.

She was sure now that this was what she was looking for.

Mu Qianxi stepped in, and saw that there was also a giant tree whose top could not be seen.

It is different from the real tree, its trunk and branches are made of green lightning.

Only the feathery leaves have the smell of wood.

The sacred tree made itself bigger, hiding it, and at the same time hiding this extraordinary power of thunder and lightning.

Surrounded by countless colorful feathers and leaves, Mu Qianxi felt a sudden drowsiness and fell asleep lying on the ground covered with feathers.

"Boom—" the outside door closed.

Shenshu murmured to himself, "How could anyone refuse the sweet dream bestowed by the Eternal Lord? Not to mention such a little girl from the human race who hasn't grown up yet.

"The only one who can resist the eternal dream is the supreme patriarch of the **** clan, my majesty!"

He didn't know that a pair of silver-gray eyes were staring at him, and he felt his fiery loyalty and admiration.

Even Lei Di didn't know that the Protoss discovered this place and this tree a long time ago.

Because of this special thunder, the protoss suspect that the eternal chain is sleeping here.

Countless masters of the protoss came and tried it out quietly, but all of them ended up sleeping.

They didn't die, but fell into an eternal dream that they didn't want to escape.

So the Protoss can only start another plan. If you can't remember to get it, then hide it and let others get it.

And the hidden method that came to mind was to let the entire Sen clan dispatch, using their specialties, the huge body of the Sen clan patriarch covered and concealed it.

All along, they've been well hidden.

Don't be afraid even if they are discovered, they will sleep here forever.

"She won't!"

As Ayu's master, how could she be immersed in the dream woven by Ayu's power?

She is still the soul of destiny, and her soul power is strong enough.

The appearance of a detached figure that was far inferior to even the most beautiful protoss he had ever seen made the patriarch of the tree clan slightly startled.

Shenshu asked: "Who are you?"

"Who am I, you don't need to know, I'm waiting for someone, please be quiet, it's a bit noisy." He said flatly.

The patriarch of the Sen clan was a little annoyed. They were the quietest race, after all, they were either trees or grass.

And this person actually dislikes them being noisy, it's simply unreasonable.

But he didn't know that the complacency and gloating in their hearts really bothered him.

"Are you going in too?" Shenshu said coldly.

"No! I don't have a dream. It's not a good dream to disturb her short-term happiness when I go in."

"How could you not have a dream?"

The corners of the perfect mouth raised slightly, "My dream, I have prepared it myself, there is no need to use others to build it."

"Even if you don't go in, you have to go in for me." The Divine Tree will never let anyone who knows this secret go out of the forest alive.

Mu Qianxi fell into a carefree dream at first, her facial expression was extremely relaxed, and the corners of her mouth were raised.

The dream is long, but the time outside is not long past.

Soon, Mu Qianxi woke up from the dream without any difficulty at all.

She stretched and said with a smile, "It's so comfortable!"

"Well! I'm really happy too."

She knew clearly that it was a dream, so naturally she would not fall into it.

Happiness is real happiness, for this happiness, she will continue to work hard to make her dream come true.

Then, the door opened again.

Mu Qianxi looked back at the slender figure outside the door and asked, "Senior, what should I do next?"

A high-pitched voice said, "Impossible! Impossible—impossible—"

Around, the same voice came from the entire forest, "Impossible—"

You know, a human race escaped from an eternal dream that was so powerful that even the gods could not escape, and it only took such a short time.

The Mori people worship the God Emperor, and they also worship the Protoss. It is difficult to accept that the object of their worship is not that powerful, and their beliefs are about to collapse.

He said to Mu Qianxi: "Climb to the top of the tree!"

"Understood!" Mu Qianxi ran over.

At this moment, Shenshu said coldly: "It's okay, it's okay! We've guarded this place for so many years, and it's normal for some accidents to happen. As long as you are wiped out, then such unbelievable things will no longer exist."


The whole forest rioted, and countless roots rushed in towards the door, trying to tear Mu Qianxi apart.

Mu Qianxi exploded the power of the wood element, and used the eternal feather robe to spread the wings of the feathers and fly to the thunder tree.

The source of life of the Sen people is the power of the wood element. Shenshu was stunned when he felt the power of the wood element that was the same source as the thunder tree, "You... who are you?"

They are roots, come in and not fall into sweet dreams.

But Mu Qianxi's wood element spiritual power made them instinctively awed, coupled with the power of Thunder Tree, they were absolutely suppressed and could not hurt Mu Qianxi at all.

Mu Qianxi successfully climbed to the top of the tree, and then the trunk, branches, and roots of Lei under his feet became extremely thin, wrapping around Mu Qianxi's body, and interspersed.

"Hiss—" Mu Qianxi gasped.

These thunders should be knitting the eternal feather coat like a sweater, but the feather coat is on her body! Then just pass her through.

"You can take off the eternal feather coat, and you'll be fine."

Mu Qianxi replied: "Before I carried all those thunder swords over, this time I was stabbed into a hedgehog by Xi Lei, it's no big deal, I can bear it!" Physical exercises not only make her physically strong and able to win safely in several dangers, but also allow her to grow with her partner Thunder and Lightning when they are tempered.

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