Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1447 Red Leaf Goddess

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In the lobby of the inn, Wang Feng and the others sat around a table, sipping divine tea, and listening with pricked ears.

In the inn, it is best to inquire about news.

If the Tianzi prisoner of the Demon-Suppressing Underworld Prison wants to quickly recover his strength, he will definitely devour his flesh and blood. Once he devours, there will always be news.

It's just that I didn't hear the news about the Tianzi prisoner, but I heard a lot of gossip.

"Have you heard? Xuanhuangzong and Luofeng Pavilion are getting married."

"It is said that the goddess from Luofeng Pavilion is married to the young suzerain of Xuanhuangzong!"


"How could the young master of the Xuanhuang Sect have a crush on her? Although the goddess of the Luofeng Pavilion is unparalleled in beauty, everyone knows her reputation as a libertine!"

"Isn't it? It is said that there are several young Tianjiao in the city who are her underskirts, and even some extremely powerful elders have something to do with her."

At the table next to Wang Feng and others, several big men lowered their voices and discussed enthusiastically.


"It's a pity, this woman is so slutty, why can't she look down on me?"

"You think beautifully, you don't have any talent, and you don't deserve to be her underskirt!"

Immediately afterwards, one of the burly men smiled lasciviously and spoke, but was ruthlessly interrupted by another burly man.

The corner of Wang Feng's mouth twitched, and he shook his head. The forest is so big that there are all kinds of birds.

It's just that these people are afraid that they will suffer.

Wang Feng raised his eyes and glanced at the glamorous woman who walked down the stairs, thinking to himself.

At this moment, a charming and beautiful woman in a fiery red dress slowly walked down the stairs. Beside her were two old men with hunched figures, but with just one glance, Wang Feng could feel this The powerhouse of the two elders.

The existence of the peak of Taoism!

That woman is only in the realm of star gods, but she has two peak Taoist guards, her status is self-evident!

"Old Song, pull out their tongues, break their limbs and throw them out."

Before the glamorous woman reached the hall, she cast a cold glance at the big men and said coldly.

This voice woke up those big men who were laughing and talking lewdly, they looked back suddenly, their whole body froze, and they felt a cold air rushing from the soles of their feet to the Tianling Gai.

They never thought that the goddess of Luofeng Pavilion was actually in this inn? No wonder there was no one around to talk to such explosive news.

My life is over!

Looking at Songlao who had fallen in front of them, several big men were trembling all over, their eyes were full of fear, they wanted to escape, but they were only realm gods, how could they resist the pressure of Songlao, the pinnacle of Taoism? ?

In just a moment, Song Lao directly suppressed them, making them unable to move.

"Red...Goddess of Red Leaf, Lin Hongye?!"

"Forgive...forgive me, I won't dare to...ah!"

Before a big man finished speaking, Elder Song pulled out his tongue. His shrill screams resounded throughout the inn, and blood gushed out, making everyone around tremble, but no one dared to intervene.

Even the owner of this inn hid aside, not daring to make a sound to stop him.

As the Red Leaf Goddess, if he dares to intervene, he doesn't need to open this inn, maybe, he will be dead on the street.

Seeing the miserable appearance of those people, Wang Feng shook his head and didn't intervene.

Misfortune comes out of their mouths. Since they dare to discuss other people's rights and wrongs, they must be prepared to be retaliated by others.

In this cultivation world, sometimes even what you see with your own eyes is unbelievable, let alone hearsay?

The next moment, after torturing these people, Song Lao didn't throw them away, but directly took them into his kingdom of God.

"Old Song?"

Seeing this scene, the Red Leaf Goddess frowned slightly.

"Miss, that person wants too much blood food. These people dare to criticize Miss, why should Miss let them go? Just let them serve as blood food!"

Songlao didn't say this sentence directly, but transmitted it to the Red Leaf Goddess.

What Songlao didn't know was that just after his voice transmission came out, Ah Qing, who was sitting next to Wang Feng, moved his ears and told Wang Feng about Songlao's voice transmission.

Although Songlao had reached the peak of Dao God, Ah Qing was the peak of Ancestral God, and he was several big realms behind. How could Ah Qing not be heard? What's more, beside Wang Feng, there are two extremely strong men, Zhan Tian and Zhan Ling, who can easily intercept even Monkey King.

"Blood food?"

After receiving Ah Qing's voice transmission, Wang Feng narrowed his eyes slightly, and muttered in his heart, he was watching a good show, but he never expected to get such important news. Ordinary people would never dare to devour the flesh and blood of a strong man unless evil spirits do it crookedly. To strengthen oneself, what's more, ordinary people can't drive such powerful forces as first-rate forces to help him do things.

If it is a prisoner of Tianzi in Zhenmo Hell, then it is possible.

After all, the strongest first-class power is the peak of the God of Destiny. Perhaps some first-class forces with strong foundations may have one or two emperor **** ancestors, but they are only early emperor gods. Tianzi prisoner.

What's more, Luofeng Pavilion and Xuanhuangzong don't have such a deep background.

On the other side, the Red Leaf Goddess who heard Songlao's voice transmission was taken aback for a moment, then a gloomy look flickered on her pretty face, and she never spoke to stop her.

Immediately afterwards, the Red Leaf Goddess didn't even look at the people in the hall, and wanted to take Elder Song and another old man away. Seeing this scene, everyone present was relieved, and they were afraid that Chi Yu would be hurt.

But at the next moment, a voice came, which made all the hearts of the people present lift up again, and the footsteps of the three Red Leaf Goddesses also paused.

"and many more!"

Everyone looked back and found that the person who made the sound was Wang Feng sitting in the corner.

The Red Leaf Goddess glanced at Wang Feng, her face was calm, and she was about to turn around and leave again.

Everyone in the hall also shook their heads. Could it be that this guy, after hearing the words of those dead people, wanted to show off in front of the Red Leaf Goddess so that he could be her guest?

It's just looking for death!

Don't even look at what's going on now. UU reading


When the Red Leaf Goddess and others were about to step out of the inn, War Spirit quietly appeared in front of the Hongye Goddess and the others, stopped them with one hand, and said indifferently: "My son would like to invite some of you to tell me."

The three Red Leaf Goddesses shrank their pupils, and looked at the war spirits in front of them in shock, especially Song Lao and the other old man, their whole bodies tensed up subconsciously.

Obviously, the battle spirit has never exuded any aura, but just standing in front of it, it is like a giant mountain, giving them a heavy and unstoppable feeling of terror. They can't even have any angry thoughts in their hearts. Endless chill.


These two words fell on the ears of everyone in the hall, they were just plain words, but they fell on the ears of the three Red Leaf Goddesses, like thunder, shaking the souls of the three of them as if they were about to collapse.

The Red Leaf Goddess suppressed the fear in her heart, turned around to look at Wang Feng, squeezed out a smile, and said, "Let's talk about the Yage upstairs, can you?"

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