Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1617 Why not join the Immortal Sect?

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Chapter 1617 Why Join the Immortal Sect

Xuan Huan: My Sect's Hundred Million Dots Strong Text Chapter 1617 Why Join the Immortal Sect What's more, they witnessed too many miracles created by Wang Feng in the short period of time in this demon prison, and even trained them to such a degree and helped them avenge.

It is difficult to repay this kind of great kindness in this life.

Wang Feng ignored the shock of the two sisters Leng Yue. He carefully felt the majestic power in his body and nodded in satisfaction. I can't feel the horror and mystery of this realm.

In fact, even though there are frequent occurrences of powerful people in the Dao realm, the peak realm of the Emperor God can still be called the top powerhouse in the entire heavens.

After all, how big is the entire heavens? Although there are many He Dao realms, looking at the entire heavens, there are few. The mainstream powerhouses are still mostly at the peak of Emperor God.

Of course, this is for ordinary people. For Wang Feng, who has provoked many powerful enemies nowadays, the peak of the emperor is of no use at all, and only the strong of the peak of Dao Zun can help him a lot.

Fortunately, after the previous system upgrade, in addition to many guardians and guardian beasts, the ancestor Monkey King, who was permanently summoned, also relied on the weakened ancestor rules to reach the ancestor-level powerhouse, and his strength has become the current The strongest of the Immortal Sect.

With Sun Wukong's combat strength, he might be able to resist a few moves against a real strong man in the heavenly realm. When he summons the Eastern Emperor Taiyi again, his Immortal Sect can sit back and relax.

After thinking about it, Wang Feng didn't immediately use that special opportunity to integrate everything in himself. Now his cultivation base has just skyrocketed. , Wang Feng decided to settle down first, and then use it to break through after he has perfectly controlled the power of the peak of the Emperor God.

Anyway, the special opportunity is there, you can use it whenever you want, and you don't have to be so anxious.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Feng began to think about the users of the five opportunities for awakening the limit of the heavenly way. If these five opportunities for awakening the limit of the heavenly way are used well, the strength of his Immortal Sect will definitely increase again.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Feng set his sights on the elders of the Immortal Sect.

Compared with many elders of the Immortal Sect, the potential of guardians or guardian beasts, ancestors, etc. is undoubtedly more terrifying. After using the opportunity to awaken the limit of heaven, they will also become stronger, but in the long run, let the guardians wait like this. It is undoubtedly a loss to use the limit of heaven to awaken early.

After all, once you use the opportunity to awaken the limit of the way of heaven, you will no longer be blessed by the system rules, and you can only practice by yourself.

How fragrant the system rules are, you don’t need to think about Wang Feng to know that when the system was not upgraded before, the cultivation base of Shi Gandang and others was only at the lower level of the gods. It is equivalent to the awakening of the limit of heaven.

Although this is the reason for upgrading the two-level system in a row, it can also be seen how terrifying the system rules are. When Shi Gandang and others have not completely reached the limit, Wang Feng does not intend to use the opportunity to awaken the limit of the way of heaven on them. body.

In the end, Wang Feng picked out five elders of the Immortal Sect with strong potential, and used them the opportunity to awaken the limit of the way of heaven.

"System, use five chances to awaken the limit of the way of heaven, the targets are Nezha, Sha Wujing, Taiqing Zhenren, Xiaosanxiao and Chuanying!"

"Target confirmed, awakening...!"

As the cold voice fell, Nezha and others in the Kingdom of God in Wang Feng's body were instantly drawn by the system and entered the awakening of the limit of the way of heaven.

Among the five, Nezha undoubtedly has the highest potential, followed by Sha Wujing and Taiqing Zhenren, the founder of Shushan School, Xiao Sanxiao and Chuanying. In Wang Feng's view, their potentials should be almost the same.

Chuanying is younger than Xiao Sanxiao and has reached the Shattered Void level in the world he lives in, but Xiao Sanxiao has survived for more than 4,000 years in his era, swallowed the blood of beasts, and created many unrivaled supernatural powers. In terms of true potential, it is not inferior to Chuanying.

Of course, among the many elders of the Immortal Sect, there are people with higher potential than Xiao Sanxiao and Chuanying, but Wang Feng still chose them, nothing else, he just likes them.

At this moment, Wang Feng has reached the point where a single thought can determine the fate of many elders of the Immortal Sect.

If possible, Wang Feng hopes that every elder of the Immortal Sect will experience the ultimate awakening of the way of heaven. By then, the strength of the entire Immortal Sect will surely be able to look down on the heavens and become the true overlord of the heavens.

While waiting for Nezha and the others to awaken, Wang Feng did not plan to stay in the Demon-Suppressing Underworld. Now that he has got what he deserves, it is time to leave the Demon-Suppressing Hell.

With a big wave of his hand, he put Li Bai and others into the kingdom of God in his body, allowing Li Bai and others to discuss the Tao with the newly appeared Tathagata Buddha in the kingdom of God in his body.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Feng silently recited the Taicang Demon Dragon three times.

Following Wang Feng's silent recitation, the Taicang Demon Dragon, who was in the underground palace deep in the God Devouring Ancient Forest of the Luotian God Realm, suddenly opened its red dragon eyes, which were flickering with surprise.

"It seems that this kid has obtained the source crystal of darkness, he is really courageous!"

Tai Cang Molong's words were full of emotion. He had guessed that the riot in Zhenmo Hell Prison had something to do with Wang Feng, but UU Reading did not expect that even though he had repeatedly warned him, Wang Feng still chose to Darkness Yuanjing, even him, admired Wang Feng's courage.

"Senior, are...?"

The abnormal state of the great blue dragon woke up Ran Yi and Yan Shen who were in the process of cultivation, and then Ran Yi couldn't help asking.

During this period of time, after receiving all the training from the Great Cang Demon Dragon, Ran Yi and Yan Shen have already reached the peak of the first step of the Hedao, and their combat power is enough to match the peak of the second step of the Hedao. The speed of progress in cultivation base can be said to be unprecedented.

But in fact, Ran Yi and the other two reached the peak of Zhan Wo Supreme, thanks to Wang Feng's reward for being promoted to two sects, otherwise, they had only reached the peak of Emperor God before.

It seems unbelievable, but with Tai Cang Molong, the supreme powerhouse of the Dao of Heaven and God, who has devoted all his efforts to cultivate him, it is reasonable to make such progress.

The mysteries of the Heavenly Dao God Realm are beyond comprehension for those who have not reached it.

As long as the Heavenly Dao God Realm powerhouse is willing, he can even instantly raise a mortal to the peak of Dao Zun level, but the cost is too high, no Heavenly Dao God Realm powerhouse will do this, and it will do great harm to him if it is so counterproductive.

"Your suzerain is coming soon."

The Tai Cang Demon Dragon smiled and said in a low voice, there was also a flash of hope in the dragon's eyes.

He wanted to see if Wang Feng could fulfill his promise and release him from the seal. If Wang Feng could really do it, he would fulfill his bet, so why not join the Immortal Sect?

After the words fell, the Taicang Demon Dragon ignored the excited Ran Yi and Yan Shen, and directly used its supernatural powers to take Wang Feng out of the Demon-Suppressing Underworld Prison. Previous Chapter Contents Bookmarks Next Chapter

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