Fantasy Westward Journey: Return To 2005 - Chapter 865 so-called 'stable'

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"Let you learn from Xuangou, will you be attacked?"

After whispering softly, Fang Yun, who had left the battle, did not continue to stay in the arena, and controlled Qianyin to leave the arena quickly.

Controlling the Datang ship back to the mansion, under Meng Ge's expectant gaze, Fang Yun approached the housekeeper to open the warehouse and began to rummage through countless top-quality equipment.

Fang Yun was looking for the necklace here, while Meng Ge, who was beside him, looked more and more frightened.

Although Fang Yun's mouse was slid very fast, even with a glimpse, she was still dazzled by all kinds of super-grade equipment that she could see in her eyes. Rare.

It's a pity that this rare opportunity to snoop didn't last long. Soon, as a necklace was found by Fang Yun, he quickly closed the warehouse interface, opened his backpack and moved the mouse to the necklace to signal Meng Ge to see it for himself. .

【Pearl with gold phoenix pendant】

According to legend, it was once worn by Fairy Chang'e. This object symbolizes the pursuit and yearning for beauty.

[Equipment Level] Level 120

Spiritual Power +199, Equipment Level 120, Durability 750, Special Effects: No Level Limit, Never Wear, Special Skill: Destiny Return, Maker: Qianqiu Enhancement


His eyes were placed on this levelless necklace. When he saw the exaggerated 199 first spirits and the three-blue special effect of no level, Meng Ge opened his mouth into an O shape. The first reaction was, Fang Yun. Did you get the wrong equipment?

"How, isn't this stronger than the chain just now?"

Seeing that Meng Ge's eyes were almost straight, Fang Yun smiled, turned off his backpack, controlled Qiancheng, and left the mansion.

After finding that he left the mansion and went straight to the direction of his Xiaolong Palace hanging up, Meng Ge asked at a loss: "You...Are you sure this necklace only sells me 10,000?"

"What's for sale?"

Hearing her words, Fang Yun tilted his head and looked at her with a puzzled expression: "The 10,000 yuan was given to me by you, and this chain is something I will not use for you. It's not the same thing at all, okay?"

"……All right."

Hearing what he said, Meng Ge immediately reacted and never mentioned the business again. After Fang Yun threw the chain on her trumpet, he immediately returned to his seat to hit the gems.

In this way, Meng Ge, who had won a super high-quality non-grade necklace, sat in front of the computer and collected relics and gems all over the world.

As the sky outside the field completely darkened, the already lively Bianliang City couldn't help but become more noisy. The reason is very simple. In half an hour, the first stage of the selection competition in the 60-89 group will compete for hegemony in the competition area. Officially started!

Since the Battle of Wushen Tan was launched by Wangyi, after more than a year of stable operation and the joint efforts of countless server teams, today's fantasy players have gradually developed the habit of watching games regularly.

But the problem is that although the habit of players has been formed, since the Wushen altar will only be held once a month, and each time will only last for two days, there will be no other games to watch other than the game week.

Players who are used to watching various events in the past life should be able to understand that whether the game events are held intensively can greatly affect the players' attention to an event or even a game.

Therefore, after the battle of the Martial God Altar, which represents the highest combat power, is completely on the right track, Wangyi finally has time to start the development of subdivided events, and the upcoming battle of the heroes is one of them.

Originally, Fang Yun was still a little worried about whether the competition for hegemony, which was launched several years in advance, could reach the popularity and height of the previous life in this world.

And as the event came, looking at the discussion among players of all levels in the region about the upcoming competition, his worries quickly disappeared, and the only thing left was to prepare well and try his best to get the qualification for the main competition. Say it again.

"Master Cheng, what will the lineup say later, which five will we play?"

Sitting in front of the computer, Fang Yun was using his trumpet to drop medicines on the underworld, and he heard the beast master who was also preparing for the final battle next to him and asked.

"After all, this game is about the places in the main match, so it's better to be more stable, so it's better for us to put together a more overall lineup as much as possible."

After thinking for a while, Fang Yun continued: "In this way, today I will go to you, me, Wei Lan, Xiaoyu and Xiaotong. Let's try to see how powerful our lineup is."

Seeing that Fang Yun said in the previous sentence to be stable, but in the next sentence he decided to fight three attacks and double seals, the beastmaster was a little speechless, "You are really 'stable'..."

After he said that, he didn't say any more, and immediately notified Wei Lan to come and gather.

Among the eight-member group of their competition team this time, except for Fang Yun Beast Master and Meng Ge offline together, everyone else can only communicate through yy.

Fang Yun really wanted to meet the beast master's game wife 'Wei Lan'. After all, the last time they met was when he just arrived in the capital, and they didn't recognize each other at that time. After a long time, he almost forgot what the other party looked like. .

It's a pity that Beast Master seems to have some scruples. From beginning to end, he didn't bring Wei Lan to give everyone the meaning of the offline base, and he could only stay on the online communication all the time.

Without further thinking, soon, with all the players in the lineup set today, Fang Yun formed the team at the fastest speed, and then teleported everyone into the special lounge for the competition.

After passing it into the lounge, Fang Yun put on his headphones, turned on the microphone, and glanced at their yy sub-channel dedicated to the competition. Seeing that the other four players who participated in tonight's trials were all in place, he said, "Hello everyone, I am It's Fang Yun, the id in the game is Qianyin, and he's the captain of this competition, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions."

"Hello Captain!"

As soon as he opened his mouth, he heard a playful voice from Li Sitong.

And then, before Li Sitong's voice fell, another somewhat familiar female voice came, "Fang that Qiancheng's real name?"

"It's me. If you guessed correctly, you should be Wei Lan?"

Nodding lightly, Fang Yun first confirmed the identity of the other party, and was about to continue speaking after being confirmed, but another weak female voice came out of the voice.

"Big...Hello everyone, I'm Xin Xiaoyu, you can call can just call me Xiaoyu..."

Hearing Xiaoyu's soft and weak voice, Fang Yun raised his eyebrows slightly, and was about to speak, when Meng Ge, who was also on the channel but had never turned on the microphone, suddenly exclaimed, "My God, Xiaoyu, this little mute, actually turned on the mic. Mai!"

"Irrelevant people please close the microphone."

Seeing that Xiaoyu just opened her mouth to say hello to everyone, Meng Ge exclaimed, Fang Yun was speechless, and she was temporarily silenced.

However, it is forbidden to speak. As Meng Ge's best friend, since this rich woman would have exclaimed like that just now, she can only explain one thing, that is, Xiaoyu is usually very autistic, and she doesn't even speak very much with Meng Ge. communicate.

"Tsk, I don't think this team of Women's Troops looks very good..."

Thinking that there are five girls in his team this time, and the most powerful one is an autistic child, Fang Yun has a faint headache, and he can only pray that the other party will not lose the chain at the critical moment.

He tried to communicate with Xiaoyu a few words, and found that although the other party responded slowly and concisely, he was not very resistant to himself on the whole. Fang Yun was a little relieved, and even if he ordered everyone to quickly transform, he also opened the underworld. size backpack.

Glancing at several transformation cards, in the end, he did not choose the mighty-looking ghost general card, but clicked on the card next to it.

Due to its own night battles, the sect of Underworld gave Fang Yun great autonomy in the choice of transformation cards.

In the past, whether he was playing Datang Lion Camel or Wuzhuang, the general selection match was fine, but once it came to the main game, his choice of transformation cards could only be limited to a few specific cards.

But when he got to Qianyin's side, since he didn't need to think about night battles at all, he could say that he could play whatever he wanted, and he could do whatever he wanted.

Of course, although the choice of transformation cards has changed more, he can't change it randomly. After all, the negative effects of some cards are still very pitiful, and if you force things to do something bad, you have to play yourself.

Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, he decided to change a card that can increase his damage in this trial.

"No... Lord Cheng, you're a fool, why did you become a black bear spirit?"

Qian Yin, who seemed normal for a second, suddenly turned into a black bear spirit with a machete in one hand.

Listening to the beastmaster's question, Fang Yun's expression remained unchanged, and he explained in a serious manner: "My name has long been famous in the district, and the opponent will definitely target me at the beginning of the game, and become a black bear spirit to prevent being attacked by the baby. Wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone to be able to shock the opposite side with blood?”

Unfortunately, his nonsense did not confuse the beast master.

"Bah! If you want to save your life, which of the Heavenly Soldiers and Dragon Turtles is better than this thing? No matter how bad it is, you can become a zombie better than this, right?"

First, I output to Fang Yun. Seeing how I sprayed the opponent and refused to change the card, the beast master, who realized that the boat was done, sighed deeply, thinking that he can do whatever he wants. It's a big deal, buddies in today's selection competition!

In this way, when Fang Yun insisted on becoming a black bear to compete in the trials and the beast masters were not very optimistic, the time came to 8:30 pm unknowingly.

As the clock hands turned to 30 minutes, everyone who had already taken their seats in the lounge only felt that the screen turned and instantly entered the battle!

"Qingfeng Xiaoyao... This team belongs to Qingfeng Pavilion."

As soon as he entered the battle, when he saw the name of the captain on the opposite side, the beast master who often participated in the elite group competition recognized the identity of the opposite at a glance.

"It's good, at least there's no civil war."

Knowing that the opposite is not his own family, Fang Yun immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and then began to gear up.

At this time, when the Qingfeng family on the opposite side saw Qianyin standing in the center of the wind array, their hearts suddenly froze!

"Damn, how did you meet this guy?"

Seeing Qianyin who had transformed into a black bear spirit and swayed in his original position, Captain Datang 'Qingfeng Xiaoyao' subconsciously swallowed, and his self-confidence before the battle immediately lost half.

But at this moment, the monk 'Qingfeng Xuxu' suddenly said, "No, how did Qianyin become a black bear spirit? I remember that the black bear spirit reduces defense, right?"

Hearing this, Fang Cunshan's 'Qingfeng Xiaoli' also immediately said: "Yes, and it has reduced a lot, a full 10%!"

"It's too contemptible, such an important game turned into a **** black bear elite card, how do you say brother, do you want to deal with him?"

After confirming that he and his group were not mistaken, the members of the Qingfeng family, who were still a little afraid, suddenly became angry, quickly unified their thinking, and decided to start the game against this inappropriate Qianyin!

Because the Qiancheng family especially likes to open the wind array on the Martial God Altar, many teams in Bianliang City are now following the trend.

In the case of wind formations, there is no way to talk about the formation of the formation, and it is all about hard power.

The Qingfeng family quickly unified the front under the stimulation of the black bear Jing Qianyin, and Fang Yun's speed was not slow. After determining the sect of the five people on the opposite side, they quickly completed the operation.

In this way, with the completion of all operations on both sides, under the expectations of many people, this Bianliang City 69 group trial started immediately!

"Have you started, am I not late?"

"It's just the beginning, and you're quite a coincidence."

"Huh! Why are you all running to see this game? Shouldn't they all come to see Brother Yin?"

"No way, other competitions are not very attractive, only Qianyin is famous, who else can you watch if you don't see him?"

"Wow, this Qianyin is too impersonal. He turned into a black bear spirit to play in the trials, and the opposite Qingfeng family is probably going to explode, right?"

"This style... so familiar..."

As the game officially started, the players who had been waiting outside for a long time watched the game carefully while chatting.

Under the expectation of countless pairs of eyes, I saw that after the game started, the first person in the audience to take action was not Fang Cun of the Qingfeng family, but the unfamiliar player called "Xin Xiaoyu" on the side of 'surrender and lose half'.

Lost Soul Charm——

With a quick shot, Xiaoyu decisively threw out a lost soul talisman, and instantly sealed the square inch 'Qingfeng Xiaoli' on the opposite side!

And then, before the Qingfeng family could react, they saw another seal 'Tongtong' on the opposite side followed closely, and a 'Lianbu Qingwu' was thrown out, instantly throwing their other seal 'Qingfeng' Ah Nan'successful seal!

"I'm going, it's also a wind gust. The Qingfeng family is too hard to be pressed by the speed, right?"

"Where did this Xin Xiaoyu come from? It's even faster than Xiao Li. I remember that Xiao Li has a pair of 100-level 7-forged non-level shoes on his feet?"

"This Tongtong is not simple. I remember that in the last game of the pavilion, she was pressed by the opponent and couldn't raise her head at all. Why did she suddenly get up today?"

"I guess changing the equipment? After all, it was with The equipment was too bad and was carried down long ago."

"The Qingfeng family is going to be in trouble..."

Seeing that at the beginning of the game, the Qingfeng family did nothing, and the two high-speed seals in the team were all sealed by the opposing double seals. The speed was astonishing.

When Fang Yun saw this scene, he didn't have any surprises in his heart.

Xiaoyu's speed is very fast. This is something he has known for a long time. After all, the eight forgings of the whole body are not a joke. Let alone the Qingfeng family, even in the main game, there are probably not many who can beat her.

As for why Li Sitong's young daughter, who was at an average speed, also got up quickly, the reason is even simpler. Naturally, Fang Yun, the invisible "black hand", pushed her behind her back.


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