Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 553 agree

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   Chapter 553 Consent

  Ms. Wei Jiu's words made everyone look at each other in dismay. Could it be that they couldn't tell the difference between the sand getting into their eyes and crying?

   Grandfather Wei, the highest authority in the Wei family, was about to ask why his ninth granddaughter suddenly cried when he heard his second daughter-in-law's exaggerated voice.

   "Ouch! Mrs. Xuanyuan is here, and this lady will be far away to welcome her," Mrs. Wei arrived first before she could hear her.

   Hearing the sound, everyone looked at the door, and saw the second lady Wei who was dressed up, dressed in jewels.

   Her outfit is normal in the capital, but she feels out of place in this castle.

  Because everyone in the castle has to work, no one is dressed like this, and the eldest princess and Jinniang will not be so gorgeously dressed.

   "This must be Mrs. Wei Er? Why hasn't Miss Wei Qi come out yet? Someone has been waiting for a long time." Xuanyuanchen greeted her lightly.

   "Yan'er is ill." Mrs. Wei also wanted to hear her daughter's high profile, but in the face of Xuanyuanchen's powerful momentum, she couldn't say the lines she had prepared.

"Hey! Is it really sick? I'm afraid I don't want to see this prince? Since yesterday's goodbye, this prince has been obsessed with her, thinking like crazy, the seventh young lady is like a bright star, and like this cup of tea, Once you take it, you will never forget it.”

  Xuanyuanchen has been taught to be both civil and military since he was a child. As long as he is willing, his eloquence is self-sufficient, and it is not a problem to speak out.

   He knew that Wei Qi had no face to meet people today, so he spoke nonsense without any scruples, just thinking about making fun of Wei Qi.

   At this time, Xuanyuanchen never dreamed that it was because of his **** that his daughter-in-law would often take this word to him in the future.

  Grandfather Wei: "..." This prince must be too frivolous! His seven granddaughters are very good, but when they meet, they think like crazy?

   But he felt that it was a good thing for his seventh granddaughter to marry the young prince of Zhenbei Wangfu.

  In this case, in the future, Zhenbei Army and their castle will be kissed and kissed. With the protection of Zhenbei Army, no one can peep at their castle, which is very good.

   Mrs. Wei: "..." As her daughter said, Shizi fell in love with her daughter at first sight, and was deeply in love.

  Miss Wei Jiu: "..." Woohoo, her love at first sight can only be fed to the dog! I cried because I was overwhelmed by my cousin's question just now, and now I want to cry loudly.

  Chu Lixiang is a clever person, he immediately thought that if an ugly woman marries Xuanyuanchen, she will definitely oppose their castle, he must never let Xuanyuanchen marry that ugly woman.

  Jiang Zihao also thought of this, he looked at Chu Lixiang, knowing that Chu Lixiang also thought the same, he was relieved.

  Wei Huaicheng also knew that Wei Yan was a restless person, but he didn't care. Anyway, the Zhenbei Army couldn't beat the soldiers in their castle.

Song Daida is an iron man, and he asks whatever he thinks, "Wei Qi is ill? Yesterday, when it was dark, the young master saw her and was chatting and laughing with the prince of Xuanyuan, the prince of Xuanyuan missed Miss Qi specially and came to see her, she You must be deliberately not wanting to see Prince Xuanyuan?"

   What's the point of twitching like this! It's still his Jiaojiao family, who is always generous and never twisted.

  Thinking like this, Song Daida also glanced at Chu Jiao, who was diligently picking flowers, and felt that she was more suitable for her.

   Mrs. Wei always listened to her daughter's words and wanted to put a high profile, "Is Yan'er the one you want to see?"

   Her original intention was to slap the rainbow fart of Prince Xuanyuan, and at the same time raise her daughter. People like Song Daida do not deserve to see her daughter.

   "Since Mrs. Wei's daughter is a treasure, we mortals don't deserve to see her, so I will leave."

  Xuanyuanchen laughed inwardly, but a look of despair appeared on his face, as if he had been severely hit.

   He didn't say goodbye to everyone, he walked away without looking back.

  Miss Wei Jiu couldn't bear it, but she had no position to comfort him, so she lowered her head and continued to pick peanuts.

  Chu Lixiang quickly pulled his sister Chu Ye and followed him, and the others who came with him also walked away.

   Mrs. Wei: "..." Don't you mean thinking like crazy? Why don't you have any memory at all?

   "Uh~ Lord Shizi, don't leave~ Mrs. Ben..." Without saying you, these words were interrupted by a roar from Grandfather Wei.

   "Enough, am I getting old? You are all lawless now. You don't look down on such a good son-in-law as Prince Xuanyuan?"

   Wei Shiqi saw the furious grandfather, he ran to his grandfather's side and whispered in his grandfather's ear.

   "Grandfather, the seventh elder sister doesn't look down on the prince, but my ninth elder sister does. I know that the ninth elder sister must have watched the seventh elder sister not come to see the prince Xuanyuan for a long time. She cried angrily."

  Grandfather Wei: "..." Is the ninth granddaughter crying for this reason? What is the reason for this?

   "Brother Seventeen, are you sure it's true? Didn't you talk nonsense?" If it's true, that's not bad!

Ha ha! As long as he can marry the King of Zhenbei, it doesn't matter which granddaughter he is!

   "It's absolutely true. It's what Sister Chu Jiao said. Brother Xiang also said it's true. He will persuade Prince Xuanyuan to propose marriage in two days."

  Wei Huaicheng: "..." His ear is very good, others can't hear the whispers of the grandparents and grandchildren, but he can hear them clearly.

   He knew that it wasn't that Wei Yan looked down on Xuanyuanchen, but that his niece loved to show off, haha! Then be your own son-in-law.

  Wei Huaicheng watched Xuanyuanchen grow up and knew him very well. He had this idea before and wanted to marry his daughter to Xuanyuanchen.

  This kid runs so fast, others may not see it, but he can see it clearly, and the kid smiled secretly when he left, it was definitely intentional.

   "Little Jiu'er, Prince Xuanyuan will come to propose marriage to you in a few days, do you agree?" Grandfather Wei talked to Chu Lixiang several times.

  I know that your child is skinny but not without measure. Since they swear by it, it must be true.

   Mrs. Wei screamed: "Is Dad confused? What are you talking about, the son of Xuanyuan belongs to Yan'er, how can you tell the nine girls?"

   "Second siblings dare to scold their father. It's really good education. It's true that the son of Xuanyuan came to see Yan'er today, but you have already refused." The wife of the Wei family was angry.

   "That's right, the second sister-in-law is really daring and dares to scold our father. It's unreasonable, the husband will help our father bring a whip and come to the house to serve the second sister-in-law." Wei Lubin's mother fell into the trap.

   Her second sister-in-law has been bullying their mother and son. Her daughter is only ten years old this year, so she is not in a hurry for the time being.

  Miss Wei Jiu was stunned. There are such good things and good things, whether it is true or not, she shyly said: "Nian'er everything is left to grandfather and parents to decide."

   "Okay, okay, okay, haha, what do you think of your husband and wife?" Grandfather Wei looked at such a well-behaved granddaughter, and didn't mind that the second daughter-in-law was disrespectful.

  Wei Huaicheng looked at his wife with a smile on his face: "Madam, do you think it's okay?"

   Mrs. Wei Liu saw her husband, her mouth grinned to the bottom of her ears, how could she not know what he was thinking!

   "I listen to my husband in everything, no matter it is big or small, I listen to my husband." The couple stayed together less often, and their relationship was fairly stable.

  Wei Shiqi saw that everyone had no objection, he ran away, and hurried to chase after Chu Lixiang to ask for a reward.

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