Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 902 Sui Sui Extra Story (8)

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  Chapter 902 Sui Sui Extra Story (8)

   About half an hour later, my eldest brother and I finally finished reading all the memorials. I stretched and rubbed my sore neck.

   "Are you tired?" My elder brother walked up to me and asked warmly.

   "Yes." I nodded.

   "Then let's go out, Father should have cooked dinner."

   "Well, the father has already gone to find the mother, let's go to the mother to have a meal together."

  As soon as we two brothers stepped out of the imperial study, we met Yang Yujie who was smiling.

  She wore a light purple dress today, her long hair was tied behind her head, and she wore delicate makeup on her face.

   She looked very dignified and beautiful. I glanced at her, and there was obviously a malicious look in her eyes.

  I know that my elder brother will definitely scold Yang Yujie again. My elder brother is far from what he said in front of my father, and he has nothing to do with others.

  He never cared about other people's feelings about people and things he didn't like. My queen mother said that he was born to be an emperor.

   "The courtiers see His Royal Highness, the Second Highness." Yang Yujie bowed gracefully.

   "No courtesy." My elder brother said coldly.

  Yang Yujie stood up straight, the smile on her face froze for a moment, and then returned to normal.

   "His Royal Highness, I wonder if His Royal Highness can have a meal with Yu Jie tonight?"

   "No time." My elder brother refused indifferently.

  I despise her very much in my heart: You are worthy of having dinner with my elder brother.

   "His Royal Highness, Yu Jie really likes you, please give Yu Jie a chance."

  Yang Yujie said, tears rolled down the corners of her eyes, it seemed that I felt sorry for her.

  But our brothers will not pity her, she is the granddaughter of Mrs. Yang, who is now Taifu Yang.

  When Taifu Yang was exiled, he left his wife and son in the capital at that time.

  Yang Yujie was born in the capital and grew up in the capital. She has been well-clothed and well-fed since she was a child, so she has a special sense of superiority.

  We really don't know where her sense of superiority comes from. Doesn't she know that she is the descendant of Dongchen's subjugated minister?

  The young ladies of our generation were born rich and honored, and they were also the descendants of the heroes of the Xuanyan Dynasty.

   Like my girl Dai Yunfang, and Zhao Zhiqing who likes my elder brother, Miss Wei Jia, they are all descendants of heroes.

  People like us brothers, but no one dares to pester us blatantly.

  I thought to myself more than once, it was my elder brother that she pestered, if it was me, then I would definitely kick her away.

   "Miss Yang, please respect yourself, my elder brother already has someone he likes."

  I said coldly, seeing her crying made me really hate it.

   "My daughter knows, but my daughter really admires His Highness the Crown Prince." Yang Yujie said pitifully.

   "Miss Yang knows that my elder brother has someone he likes, but you still pester her endlessly. Are you shameless? My elder brother won't marry you, so you should give up."

  I mocked her coldly.

  Yang Yujie showed a hurt expression on her face, with tears rolling in her eyes, she looked very charming.

   Upon seeing this, my elder brother said mercilessly: "There are many people who like this prince, and I want to give them a chance, but I already have someone in my heart, so you should give up."

   "His Royal Highness, Yujie is not a woman who is greedy for wealth, Yujie only asks His Royal Highness to let Yujie stay by your side.

  Serving by your side, as long as she can be by your side, Yujie will be content, even if she is a slave. "

   As Yang Yujie spoke, tears flowed even more fiercely.

   "No need, the prince does not need a maid, and the prince is not short of maids, Miss Yang, please go back." My elder brother said coldly.

  Yang Yujie saw this, her face was pale, her eyes were full of tears, she took a deep breath.

  Forcing herself to hold back her tears, she bit her lip, turned and left.

  My elder brother looked at her back with indifferent eyes and a bit of disgust.

   "Brother Prince, if we treat Miss Yang like this, will she go back and tell her grandfather?"

   "So what if she goes back and sues?" My elder brother snorted coldly, "Is she worthy?"

   "Brother, you are right, she is really annoying, not as cute as Xiaofang at all."

   "Xiaofang? Who is that?" My prince brother asked in surprise.

   "It's Dai Yunfang."

   "Who is Dai Yunfang?"

  I was very angry and flew away with Qinggong, I didn't want to talk to my prince brother.

  He actually doesn't know the girl I love, I want to break up my brotherhood with him.

  The most important thing is that I slipped my tongue just now, so I won't let my elder brother and sister know that I have a girl I love.

  If someone like that, soon my mother will know, then everyone will know.

  If you meet Dai Xiaoli who likes the viciousness of our little emperor uncle, you will be in trouble.

  In order to marry our little emperor uncle, Dai Xiaoli framed my little emperor's aunt, Cheng Xiaoyu, no less than a hundred times since she was a child.

   She also framed our little uncle. Fortunately, after my future father-in-law Dai Yuntao found out, he forcibly married her to North Vietnam.

  I don't want my girl to encounter jealousy from other girls and frame her up.

  My elder brother chased me to the dining room where we usually had dinner, and then I was chased by my sister who pestered him to ask questions.

  So, our previous topic was interrupted, but my elder brother still gave me a fierce look.

  After seeing our mother, all our troubles were swept away, "Hurry up and wash your hands and eat."

  My mother's empress, a gorgeous, virtuous and gentle woman, has always been our father's favorite.

  They were teenagers, and they have been together for sixteen years. They raise their eyebrows and sing in harmony.

  Our queen mother is like the shadow of my father, no matter success or tribulation, they never leave.

  Our queen mother is always alert to my father and emperor, so that the wise king will be more enlightened, and the prosperous age will be more prosperous.

  Our brothers and sisters have envied and envied our father and emperor since we were young.

   "Kangkang, Sui Sui, you have worked hard in reviewing the memorial today, come and eat more."

  Our queen mother personally gave each of us a dish with chopsticks, which is a rare thing.

  Because, my mother and queen seldom pick up vegetables, and my father usually picks up vegetables for her.

  This made us all very excited, and my elder brother and I said in unison: "Thank you, queen mother, you can eat by yourself. We should share some for the emperor."

  Our queen mother giggled, her smile dazzled our eyes, beautiful, so beautiful.

  They all said that our queen mother is a fairy who came down from the mortal world, which is really not an exaggeration.

  The thirty-year-old queen mother looks eighteen years old.

  My father looked at her obsessively, his eyes were affectionate and doting, "Xinxin, eat more, they have grown up, why should you worry about it?"

   "A child who is only thirteen years old, no matter how old he is, you can't leave all the memorials to my son for review."

   "How come, my husband is not a child laborer." So the two fed each other sweetly.

  Our three brothers and sisters: …

  (end of this chapter)

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