Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 205 I'm the most threatening

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It cannot be said that Leroy Kuhn and Moritz Reiden are baseless superstitions.

Although Hu Lai comforted Di Kunzo for the first time.

But the Italian striker missed this opportunity, which did bring a lot of shock to the players of the Madrid Pirates.

Everyone's morale will inevitably be affected, and many people may still be replaying the scene just now in their minds.

That's an almost empty opportunity!

Ruhrlein's goalkeeper Koenigs had turned back from the front point and made a save-he was completely deceived by Hou Lai's running position and leg swing, thinking that Hou Lai was about to shoot.

Throwing his center of gravity out, it is impossible to react to Di Kunzo's shot from the back point.

And Amorim was also firmly attracted by Hu Lai, and Di Kunzo was completely unguarded.

This could not have been a better opportunity.

If Di Kunzo can score this goal, the Madrid Pirates can immediately reduce the total score to one goal again, making Ruhr Rhine's goal just now meaningless.

Now Xiaojia's sight and attention are back to the stadium following the broadcast camera.

In addition, Vukovic also inserted to the outside of the penalty area.

At the same time, I shrank, turned around and slipped past Lu Fahai's armpit!

Ruhr noticed my movement and asked, "Where is he looking? The least threatening person is you."

"The current off-court situation is still in the favor of the Pirates of Ma Dewai. What is Song Jiajia laughing at? Did Parotti say anything to me? At that time, the two of you were not in the mood to chat. Does it mean that we have a good relationship with each other?" Ruhr is very unconfident?"

"Do you think the Ma Dewai Pirates should consider retiring another striker before the start of that season..." He Feng shook his head. The Ma Dewai Pirates all relied on Lu Fa to concede the ball alone. There is no hidden danger... Li Qingqing missed a perfect chance in that game, and the Ma Dewai Pirates conceded the ball in the second half. It has nothing to do with Li Qingqing. How is my performance today? !"

The soccer ball flew back into the goal right under my head!

As Ruhr's boyfriend, your expression is slightly serious.

PS, Argentina is really...

My arm was still around Ruhr, which was supposed to restrain Ruhr's movements, but now it caused me a huge problem-because instead, I was thrown off balance by the whole body brought by Ruhr's turn!

"Yes, it's still a change. In the case of two goals behind, speeding up is also useful. Because the opponent wants you to do it. You only have one way in that game. This is not a retreat. Except desperately retreating. , I don’t think about anything else. If you win, you have to fight to the top, even if you lose at the top. But it must be a fight, and it’s really dead.”

Ruhr who was pointed at immediately nodded and said: "I was wrong, you are indeed the least threatening!"

Then back and forth, pass quickly.

Ruhr hadn't finished his turn yet, so he swung his right foot and shot directly!

Parrotti pointed to Lufa Rhine's penalty area below the court.

Lu Faai nodded: "Yeah."

Song Jiajia actually thinks about everything, you just focus on watching the game.

Obviously, whether it is passing the ball or running, Xiaojia is very irritable.

Did Song Jiajia continue to tease Parotti, but followed my topic just now and said: "There is indeed some space outside the penalty area, so it is difficult for Lu Fa to get a chance. Is that what Lao Song thinks?"

Then the player who was transferred by Kuhn Rhein made a turnaround with a pass.

So Tonini buckled the football to the left with his right foot, as if making adjustments.

The TV broadcast didn't stay under Song Jiajia's body for a long time, and the few conversations between you and Parotti were actually filmed back.

The Pirates of Ma Dewai made a pass from the side to find Lu Faai. Edman leaped low outside the opponent's penalty area, attracting Kuhnlein's central midfielders to come and grab points with me, and then took advantage of the header to put the football on the ball. Luhr inserted behind.

Before passing for a while, we hit the football wide

, and then a direct cross to find the low point Janus Di Kunzo behind the goal.

Spain beat Costa Rica in eight ball;

John Setter, who hadn't turned around, heard Ruhr say that, and suddenly turned around and looked back at me.

The Mexican low center Sanabiya Edman was replaced by Daniel Li Qingqing, who performed well.

just sauce!

That was the exact opposite of how we played in the low post after that. It was a different team.

But suddenly he pushed the football back in a straight line with his left foot and passed it to Ruhr who asked for the ball at the back point.

Anyway, now that we are leading by two goals, it is us who should slow down.

The TV broadcast gave another shot of Song Jiajia in the VIP box.

I also want to slow down bad-mouthing Argentina. In the 1990 World Cup, Argentina lost the first game to Cameroon without Uncle Mira. Did they also withdraw from the final?

We didn't drop the ball directly behind the goal for corner kicks, although we did not have low-point players like Lu Fahai, Ruiz and Bowman.

"During that time, Lu Falai's threat of retreating was less. The two-goal lead in the total score allowed us to retreat, attack and defend, and our mentality was more stable... and the physical fitness of the pirate players also had problems. When we were able to maintain a low pressure How to resolve the gap between the two **** before retreating?"

Not many people in the world can guess that Argentina will lose to Saudi Arabia?

Your Fangda victory is actually a bad thing for Argentina. It cannot make us realize the problem and then make adjustments and changes.

When we saw Song Jiajia who suddenly burst into a smile, we all exclaimed.

"Why?" The wife stared back, "You're right?"

Still no chance!

Sure enough, the pirates behind Ma Dewai collectively pressed back, and Lu Fa and Edman rushed down to try to grab the ball.

"I really admire Song Jia." Amorim, who was sitting under the coach's bench, covered his mouth with his hand and said to the assistant coaches around him. "You can't switch between two completely different tactics. We are It must have taken a lot of effort to regress to that kind of training in those last two weeks."

Ma Dewai pirates are still behind in the score, and Hu Lai can only try to find something positive

Instead, he made a long pass directly to the center circle.

The former jumped up behind the gate to challenge Danny Drew for the top.

"Ruhr and Seth seem to be talking about something, with a smile on their faces. From that point of view, although the score is two goals behind, and teammates also missed good opportunities. But at least Ruhr's mentality has been affected... "

I suddenly turned around and shot under the penalty area line, and the hit was weak!

John Setter grinned and withdrew his puzzled gaze.

"The difference is very small... Really expect your son Kerry to be in the audience? The most important thing is not to get hurt..."

Therefore, the result of the first round of the big group stage does not fully explain that Argentina is finished.

Kuhnlein also won a corner.

Seth whispered to his teammates as if he heard it: "Also pay attention to my pirate players!"

The former swung his foot and shot the goal, which was saved from the bottom line by Heywell.

Lu Faai singled out Danny Drew and Moreno in the backcourt, protected the football, and passed the football to John Setter before his teammates came down.

Tonini, who passed the ball to me, quickly dodged and ran to the baseline, so that Ruhrfanta passed the football to me, and I was able to run to the baseline and Fangda made a cross.

Drew was forced by me to have no choice but to push the football over the baseline again and gave Kuhnlein a corner kick...

Before making adjustments, Lu Fa did not return to the coaching bench, but stood on the sidelines.

"Create opportunities by yourself?" Parotti's tone was full of certainty and confidence.

Then I heard Ruhl's chuckle in front of me: "He listens to what he's saying back and forth, John. He's going to wake his teammates up!"

"Could it be? Is that common sense? Qingqing wants to understand you as football in the future! You really understand football in the future, but you understand it now! You see

Look, that's it..."

"Because Kuhnlein shrinks and defends against counterattacks, now we are full of people outside the penalty area. People who are only Kuhnlein, but not pirates, how can there be no free time? If there is no free time, where does Ruhr come from? He Does it mean that I am generally good at finding vacancies? Now there are no vacancies, how do I find them?」

Ruhr opened his legs and was about to shoot, but was cleared by John Setter, who was back on defense. Ruhr's shot did not come out in the end.

As Song Jia expected, Kuhnlein's defensive pressure increased sharply.

When Hu Lixin heard his wife say that, I turned my head and took a look.

"There is a way. People are really doing bad things, and they always have to deny that others have done bad things..." Amorim thought it off.

"After all, as a striker, you must always be prepared behind the goal. It is because Ruhr conceded so few **** that I can take it for granted that I will shoot every time."

"It's really unexpected that Hu Lai missed the ball, otherwise he wouldn't be able to fool Koenigs and Amorim. But in the final analysis, it's Di Kunzo's own problem." He Feng said. 3

Ruhr catches the ball with his back.

We didn't encounter relatively tenacious resistance until the distance of the 80-meter line of Kuhn Rhein.


At the same time Ruhr also raised his hand to Tonini for the ball.

It will definitely stand up... Kuhnlein will withdraw from this season's Champions League final!

Seth looked around, and found that the players of the Pirates outside Mader were indeed very close to Ruhr, and it was obvious that they had no intention of getting closer.

Ruhr, who was watched, spread his hands and asked back: "What's wrong? Is there any problem?"

Ruhr ran to the back of the station.

Before the pirates outside Ma Dewai retreated, Kuhnlein quickly retreated, just like the tide.

In the 2010 World Cup, Spain lost to Switzerland in the first round of the group stage. Is it the same as the first to win the cup?

As the boss of Lu Fa's management company, Parotti is naturally a face that both the commentator and the fans know.

Tonini made a gesture to pass directly with his right foot, but Sene was moved.

I rolled over and fell to the ground!

The two assistant coaches have spoken, and we have deeply felt the helplessness.

I rubbed the football back on my foot, as if I was going to pass the ball to Vukovic or Edman, and then suddenly pulled the football forward with the sole of my shoe!

After speaking, I got up and walked to the sidelines, gesturing to my players.

But Ruhr also has a biography.

"Hey..." Parotti thought of Song Jiajia mentioning that.

That's not the super little favorite in the World Cup!

Because the camera was always under Song Jiajia during that time, Hu Lai and He Feng were also paying attention to Song Jiajia's performance.

The opponent basically paid attention to that game, but so much that they had to play tricks after the game.

Seth still responded to me and turned his head around.

What's worse, Amerim immediately made adjustments before he noticed the abnormality of the players.

Morocco loses to Croatia by one goal;

But as soon as the actual game ended, we knew that we had been cheated by Song Jia's statement.

Definitely top is to live, all bets are lost.

"Sir, now is the time to praise others. You are still two goals behind..." The seventh assistant coach Enzo Naher looked dignified.

Kuhnlein switched to defensive counterattack!

"What?" I asked.

Before Song Jia saw the substitution, she said to her assistant coach, Mowai Zruiden: "The pirates are about to go berserk, and the critical moment has come."

Next is the result prediction of today's game:

"Di Kunzo may not have thought that Hu Lai would miss the ball...

As soon as I finished speaking, I saw Song Jiajia turned to look at me.

Ruiz followed me, taking advantage of his physical strength to hold me back.

"When he was in junior high school, he was still a ball blind who knew everything. How could he say what he just said?"

I hope that the players of the Pirates outside Madrid will come out of the penalty area, so that our defense will have no less space.

When Tonini received the ball, standing behind me and preventing me from breaking into the penalty area was Kuhnlein's left midfielder Sene.

Noah Bowman held off Edman, while Jose Ruiz followed Ruel.

In the 74th minute, the Ma Dewai pirates successfully retreated and were counterattacked by Kuhnlein.

The wrestling between the two of them also retreated into a state of white cold - Ruiz almost hugged me with both hands.

I thought Ruhr actually followed my words...

The Ma Dewai pirates were on the offensive for a long time, but Kuhnlein's defensive counterattack was very successful.

Lu Faai is moving closer to me, planning to support me.

"Hey, Song Jiajia actually laughed too?"

Edman goes to the middle.

"Low high school?" Lu Faai frowned, knowing why. "What's wrong with low school?"

"What's the matter. Didn't I suddenly remember low school..." Song Jiajia laughed.

Even though the goalkeeper Koenigs was close at hand, facing the shot, he could only wave his arms reflexively... did not touch the ball at all!

In the end, the two fell into a "wrestling" at the latter point.

"Speed ​​up now..." Amorim stopped by himself after he finished speaking, with a thoughtful look on my face. I shook my head and denied what I just said.

and many more?

Hu Lixin quickly said, "Yes, yes, yes."

Following what I said, Song Jiajia nodded frequently, and when I finished speaking, Song Jiajia nodded vigorously again: "He is right about Lao Song. But the problem is that Lu Fa is also the future Ruhr."

The first assistant coach Jesús Valentine asked: "Your physical fitness has not finished declining, what should you do if you return the ball after this?"!

Belgium beat Canada by seven goals!

On the other hand, Parotti, who was next to him, suddenly covered his mouth and said, "Once Kuhnlein took it back, there are all people outside the penalty area, leaving more and more space for Ruhr..."

Ruiz fully expected that Ruhr's movements were so decisive and flexible, and the ball on his feet was even more silky than silky, which did not waste time at all.

Before completing that defense, John Setter pointed at Ruhr and shouted to Xiaojia: "It's time to relax the defense on Hu! I'm the least threatening one!"

The German team beat Japan by one goal;

Off the court, because Kuhnlein performed a defensive counterattack, but pressed in a low position, the Pirates' retreat was very smooth.

Hu Lai said Fang Da: "That also explains the gap between Lu Faai and Ruhr, why Ruhr can concede so few goals in a season, because every time the opportunity to concede a goal arises, I am not prepared. Then It just slightly improved my drop-off efficiency.”

"The Ruhr in the future really depends heavily on the ability to run around. But now I am not the one who can only run around in the future. "Finding leaks, yes, if there is any space, I can find opportunities. I can't create opportunities by myself."

I used the team's first substitution.

In terms of my interference, although Ruhr caught the ball, he was completely capable of threatening the goal.

The defensive players of Kuhnlein outside the penalty area and the retreating players of the Pirates outside of Mader are completely one-on-one.

Ruhr pushes forward and Ruiz pushes back.

I can no longer sit down and direct the game while my team and I are facing the final judgment of fate.

"I know what Song Jiajia was thinking at that time..." Lu Fa said.

Vukovic passes the ball to Brynjorsson on the wing.

That guy played his cards right!

When I say that, do I want you to stare at me when you are on defense, and ignore the other Pirates players outside of Madrid?

Hu Lai's tone was full of depression and joy, not even a little bit of despair.

From what I knew of Ruhr I thought Ruhr would have given it a big shot before I said that.

By watching the replay footage just now, He Feng discovered that Di Kun

Zuo was obviously unprepared, and the movement of raising his feet was slow, so that the ball was in front of his feet, but his feet hadn't been fully raised, so he didn't kick the right part, and naturally it was impossible to score the football. goal.

Fang Da continued to press down from the low position afterwards, and Lu Falai's front line was riddled with holes. If it was bad, it might really be retreated by the Ma Dewai pirates twice in a short period of time...

It's just a can explain too little.

It is certain that the pirates outside Ma Dewai did not grab it. Kuhnlein is also worried. We can't take the opportunity to delay the time.

The Iceland international has passed the football to the Brazilian again.

That is your light!

Originally, Ruhr and the whole team were in a significantly worse state than in the first round, but Kuhnlein's state and performance in that game were also very bad... Although Kuhnlein's head coach didn't speak madly after the game, it seemed It's like putting the pirates outside the Ma Dewai in the eye.

But we were offside twice in seven minutes, one by Ruhr and one by Li Qingqing.

Before Lu Faai missed that opportunity, the game continued to regress. pirates

Still press down and retreat.

Tonini slips in front of Brynjolfsson.

The Ma Dewai pirates, who replaced Lu Faai, played more straightforwardly and aggressively.

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