Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1329 subdue the blood elves

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Remember [New] in a second! Back to Lake Wintergrasp, the magic power here has subsided, and the blue and red dragons are dealing with the remaining magic power of the Hell Abyss; in the middle of the lake, Anveena's body and the remaining magic power of the Sunwell are suspended in mid-air, and Kaelsa His face was ashamed, and he knelt there quietly.

"It's not your fault." Anasterian's soul reassured him, "You've tried your best, my son...Fortunately, the magic power of the Sunwell is still there, and we are not without chance. "

Kael'thas quietly looked at the magic power under the watchful eye of the blue dragon, his expression didn't change at all because of his father's words.

This disaster has already broken out, there is no chance for him to obtain that magical power, and the blood elves are the same!

When Shen Chen arrived, the final battle had just ended. After the guardians chased Galakrond and left, the black dragons hiding in the treasure house naturally knew that something was wrong and fled one after another.

They happened to encounter the Longmian Alliance Army and the Alliance Air Force that came to support them. The enemies of the two sides met and immediately fought together.

Nefarian was terrified. The failure of his own plan was secondary. The key point was that the guardian dragons had realized that he was playing tricks. It would be fine if they could recover Galakrond and kill Loken, but if they couldn't...then The responsibility will definitely be attributed to myself!

He didn't even care about his subordinates, so he ran away first. The luck of the remaining adult black dragons was not so good. Fortunately, they were able to escape part of them by relying on the advantage of physical combat. The remaining youths and dragon beasts were all gone. All of them were intercepted by the furious red dragon and blue dragon, leaving no one behind!

Ignoring the captured black dragon, Shen Chen went straight to Kael'thas, then stretched out his hand, and the magic power core of Sunwell fell into his hands.

The blue dragon didn't stop them. They already knew the ownership of the magic essence from Malygos's magic communication. Although they had some doubts in their hearts, it was the order of the king of magic after all.

"The blood elves were once proud?" Shen Chen said, but looked at Anasterian. Compared with the prince, this former king of high elves is more worthy of his win.

Kael'thas didn't respond. His mind was on the verge of collapse at this time. Presumably in the memory of his previous life, when the battle of Storm Fortress failed, he was defeated by Kil'jaeden in the same way.

Anasterian saw Shen Chen's intentions, "The high elves will not submit to other forces. If you want to use the essence of the Sunwell to make my son submit, I can only say that you have found the wrong person!"

"It seems that Anasterian was wrong, or he overestimated Kael'thas..." Shen Chen pursed his lips and smiled. Of course, he would not do "that" to take advantage of others. thing.

"I can help you regain sufficient magic power. You can go to the alliance to inquire about it. Tomorrow, I and the Order Group are definitely more honest and orderly than the 'partners' you chose before." Shen Chen said.

Anasterian shook his head, and he emphasized again, "The high elves..."

"Father, please let the lord of tomorrow continue." Kael'thas interrupted Anasterian's words at this time.

Shen Chen nodded. He knew that the reputation and goodwill he and the Order Group had established in Azeroth were now taking effect.

The Order Group never oppresses, enslaves, or discriminates against other races. It is full of sincerity to cooperate with various forces. It is also a vanguard against evil and a good player in protecting its own people.

After cooperating with Yin Lidan and Nefarian, although Kael'thas consciously failed, he has also accumulated a lot of experience, one of which is: no matter how nice the words of the chaos or evil camp are, they are unreliable, but even if the paladins To deceive you, in the face of the Holy Light, you will never violate the inclination of the good order!

And tomorrow, since he has taken in the trolls, helped Lordaeron rise again, and let the orcs gain a habitat; then even if he wants to become a vassal of the order group, at least he and his clan can survive, see hope, and not Endure the pain of addiction again.

Anasterian took a step back. He was already a soul, and he shouldn't have disturbed the order of the real world. The reason why he could survive was also because of the magic power of the sunwell essence.

"I have two plans, rebuild the Sunwell... or go find your real relatives—the Son of the Night!" Shen Chen said sincerely.

"Rebuild the Sunwell again?" Kael'thas carefully weighed the pros and cons, and then turned his attention to another word, "Nightborne!"

In the tomes of the high elves, such a possibility was once described.

The high elves did not completely perish in that tragic war, there is another magic well to supply these lost high elves forces, and bless them to survive in the magic enchantment in the long time after the destruction of the well of eternity down.

But this is a legend after all. The high elves once traveled far to the eastern kingdom and searched for their compatriots in the endless sea, but they did not find any traces.

"You know them!" Kael'thas was very surprised, because as a human being, Shen Chen could say this noun that only the high elf royal family and upper nobles could know, which meant...he might Really know the existence of this family.

Shen Chen nodded. His memory clearly showed that these Nightbornes were still hiding under the barrier of Suramar. Before the Burning Legion formally invaded Azeroth, there was no need to worry about them.

"Can you help us find them and borrow that power?" Kael'thas then asked.

Shaking his head, Shen Chen expressed that he was helpless, "That place is still blocked by terrible magic power, and it is difficult for alliance ships to get close to the sea area near the maelstrom, so I can't help you get there for the time being."

Kael'thas was a little disappointed, but so to speak...

Shen Chen picked up the essence of the Sunwell again, "But the Sunwell, I definitely want to rebuild it. During this period, the Heart of Order welcomes you! I believe that both the inheritors and all races will be enthusiastic about it." entertain you, and help you find your way."

The meaning of these words is already obvious, and Kael'thas would not be able to understand the hint, "It would be very good if we follow the Lord of Tomorrow to temporarily solve the problem of magic addiction, and then send people to find the Children of the Night. "

"Okay, if you rebuild the Sunwell, my mages and I will join you for the time being." Kael'thas agreed.

As for where the blood elves will go after finding the Nightborne, Kael'thas can't think of that far; compared to the night elves who believe in nature and repelling magic, these nightborne at least respect the power of spells. On this point, Kael'thas Just full of hope.

But Anasterian, with his sophisticated political skills, saw Shen Chen's plan.

Using the sunwell to absorb the blood elves, at least let mages who are troubled by magic addiction find a safe place. To enter the heart of order, consumption is bound to be required, and because of regaining magic, the art and luxury buried in the bones will reappear come out.

Then, the blood elves who have lost their roots need to produce on the land of tomorrow's lord to maintain consumption, and what they can manufacture is naturally the most high-end of the demand chain, such as the manufacture of enchantments, inscriptions, and magic props.

Not only that, Anasterian also knew the situation of the order elves;

Some high-handed means have allowed many elves who worship magic to stay temporarily. Kael'thas originally wanted to use the Sunwell to attract these elves back to Wintergrasp Lake and to his side. Now if the Sunwell is established by the Heart of Order , these will naturally be attracted to that city and become the power of the order group.

As for the Nightborne, Anasterian is not as optimistic as Kael'thas.

The blood elves have lost their source of magic power. From the perspective of the Nightborn, they are like "poor relatives" in the countryside, who come to pray for the protection of rich people like them. repel.

Those who are troubled by magic addiction are mostly elf mages with wealth and knowledge. Ordinary high elves, most of them become rangers, either staying in Quel'Thalas, or being incorporated into the Farstrider by the alliance.

If these elves have a choice, the thriving force of the Order Group, which has opportunities and opportunities, is naturally better than the tens of thousands of years, and the noble and civilian systems are close to stagnation; what will happen if they finally find the Son of Night, more people will surely Stay and become the force of the order group.

It's just these words, Anasterian believes that Kael'thas will be able to see it, but he still chooses to seek refuge tomorrow.

The reason is also very The blood elves rebuilt the Sunwell, which was originally no problem for the Alliance; but now they have revived Galakrond, causing a series of consequences.

Although it was fundamentally a conspiracy between Loken and the ancient gods, what would the alliance think? Many people would definitely blame the blood elves. It was they who rebuilt the Sunwell and cooperated with the black dragon to cause such consequences.

Then the current situation of the blood elves in Azeroth is quite delicate. Taking refuge in tomorrow, the hero of the alliance, is a way to temporarily resolve this kind of enmity; and tomorrow must understand, so this is an open conspiracy, even if He is the leader of the blood elves, and he is the best choice at the moment!

Seeing that Kael'thas expressed surrender, but Anasterian had no objection, Shen Chen naturally smiled and pulled Kael'thas up, "Don't worry, elves, humans, trolls, even orcs or other races, As long as they live orderly and peacefully in my territory, I will welcome them in the Heart of Order!

The blood elves were also the closest allies of the alliance. Although there are some misunderstandings, I believe that everything will move forward! "

Shen Chen's heart is also full of joy at this time. The essence of the Sunwell creates an infinite and powerful energy source, while the remaining mages of the blood elves are the world's most high-end mages and magic system engineers. The combination of the two creates order. The shortcomings of Xinxin were filled in one go!

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