Game of Thrones: Wrath of the Sleeping Dragon - Chapter 21 imperial clan

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When the convoy entered the potholed cave, darkness engulfed the sky above.

Almost at the moment when they entered, everyone couldn't help shivering slightly, especially Daenerys who was sitting in the third car.

"what happened."

"It's cold."

Everyone in the car couldn't help muttering, and even the federal soldier sitting in the front row moved his shoulders a little uncomfortable.

They were the soldiers who were deployed later, and what they were facing were the monsters that were already dying. They had not experienced the cruelty of the first batch of wars, so the fear was not that deep, but every time they came, they would still cause some discomfort.

However, Daenerys squeezed into the seat on the edge of the back row of the vehicle is slightly different from everyone's feelings.

Darkness engulfed people's vision, but it quickly recovered.


Temporary electric lights illuminated the darkness here, and besides these lights, there were many dragon-claw-shaped torch stands on the walls of the ruins, with flames burning on them, providing some light.

"these are..."

Daenerys looked around, this is the outer area of ​​the ruins, the walls are full of bullet holes and creepy claw marks, and there are even some bloodstains that haven't been wiped clean...

Just looking at these scenes, it is hard to imagine what has been experienced here.

"A bit permeable."

"very scary..."

"Hard, grab my hand..."

The students began to whisper, and the excitement before leaving seemed to have become a lot weaker, affected by the low atmosphere here.

And Daenerys was a little dazed looking at all this, because she felt an inexplicable familiarity.

"This is what I dreamed about."

"This... actually exists?"

"How is this possible?"

Daenerys felt her heartbeat speed up again, her hands were clenched tightly, and her breathing was a little short.

As early as a certain day a few months ago, she suddenly started to have this kind of strange dream, and she had seen such a scene several times in the dream.

This made her even want to turn around and run away now.

However, reason made the silver-haired girl stand still.


"Calm down, girl."

Because running away is a very strange behavior anyway, not to mention that it is her own business, running away will not solve the problem, these nightmares will always haunt her.

However, the others focused all their attention on the surrounding environment and made all kinds of exclamation sounds, not noticing the strange expression of Daenerys.

But there was a person in the crowd who focused his gaze on her, narrowing his lavender eyes slightly.


"She is the so-called 'son of prophecy'."

"No wonder those old guys want me to protect her."

Theon Targary noticed the strangeness of the girl, playing with the wolf badge in his hand, his heart was clear.

He came from one of the two branches of the Targary family, known as the 'Moon Spirit', or the northern branch of the Targary family called 'Wolf Spirit' more commonly.

The earliest ancestor of this bloodline is said to be traced back to Diana, the goddess of the moon.

At the same time, they also have a special ability that combines the blood of the Stark family, that is, the 'shape changer'.

The aliens can manipulate the bodies of animals such as wolves, dogs, cats, birds, etc., and do things that ordinary people cannot do.

In today's era when magic has disappeared, the abilities of skinchangers are even more precious, even after the rapid development of technological civilization.

And Theon is one of the few skinchangers in the Targary family in the north, and he is also the best among them. He can not only control animals with his thoughts, but even humans.

This is why "Ms. Xu" sent Senen to protect Daenerys.

But in fact, this is not from her order, but from the current patriarch of the Targary family, the old man who appeared in the video conference before.

This is what he means.

And the assassin who was sent by the Faceless Organization to spy on Daenerys suddenly fell to his death from the third floor of the station, and naturally it was also written by this silver-haired young man.

"She is the 'Child of Destiny' in the prophecy, Theon, you have to understand that she is more important than your life, even if you die, you must protect her safety."

"Do you understand?"

Theon slowly recalled what the gray-haired patriarch Inar Targary said to him back then, continued to stroke the badge with his fingers, and took a deep breath.

Whether it's Targaryen or House Targaryen.

Although endowed by this noble surname, it is high in front of people and holds a huge power unimaginable in the world. The "His Royal Highness" in the mouth of General Desmond...

But in fact, in front of the real royal family, the status of the branches is not much higher than that of ordinary people.

The Targaryen family traces its roots back to the legendary second emperor of the Valyrian Empire, Aemon Targaryen, the "Lord of the Gods".

According to legend, he used the most unfavorable way back then, as a younger brother, he reversed the game and defeated his powerful brother and sister to aspire to the Iron Throne, opened a new era, and became a generation of legendary emperors.

There is even a legend that records that Aemon Targaryen personally killed a lion **** in the In order to protect the country and the people, he was a "god slayer" and was honored by the descendants of the empire. The endless incense sacrifice.

The orthodoxy of the Targaryen royal family, which ruled the Valyrian Empire for thousands of years, actually came from the line of Aemon Targaryen.

Therefore, the bloodline left by Aemon became the main family of the Targaryen family, and also the orthodox royal family of the Valyrian Empire.

The three children of Viserys back then, the eldest daughter "Moon God" Diana, the eldest son "Sun God" Heros, and the youngest child Aemon.

They respectively created three bloodlines of the Targaryen family that have been handed down to this day, namely the "Sun Spirit", "Moon Spirit" and the royal family.

And the royal family has the absolute right to speak within the Targaryen family, occupying a strong ruling position, whether it is resources, power, etc., completely crushing the "poor relatives" from the north and the desert.

Because only the main family is the orthodox royal family of the Valyrian Empire, the difference between the main family and the branches is actually the difference between the monarch and his ministers, and the difference between master and servant.

And it's because only the Targaryen royal family survived the turbulent tide of that era when the ancient empire collapsed ten thousand years ago, preserving most of its strength and heritage.

However, the branches of the Targaryen family from the North and Dorne were severely damaged in the catastrophe and lost most of their heritage.

It even survived by relying on the helping hand extended by the family at a critical moment.

However, there is almost no record of what happened in history back then, and there are many people who speculate with the greatest malice.

However, for 10,000 years in the post-imperial era, the Targaryen royal family still used a strong wrist to suppress its two restless branches, making them obediently obey the will of the royal family.

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