Genius Summoner - Chapter 1229 - 1229 Yun Xiang Appears (2)

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1229 Yun Xiang Appears (2)

Jiang Jianping nodded and walked to the side to sit down. The Master of the Jiang family asked someone to close the door. Then, he waved his hand and immediately sealed the space. The young man opposite Jiang Jianping chuckled when he saw that. “Master, you even used the space blockade. You also called us all here. You must have something important to say.”

The Master of the Jiang family nodded. “Just in case. We have to be careful.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile after hearing this. They were careful, but it was in vain, wasn’t it?

“Master, just say what you want to say.” A rigid voice came. The Master of the Jiang family nodded and finally said, “Just then, the content of the selection convention this time was out. There were some changes.”

“Changes?” Jiang Jianping looked up. The others were also a bit confused. “Master, the content has never changed in the past. This time, not only has the time changed in advance, but even the content has changed. What exactly is the Inner Region playing at?”

“Be careful with your words.” The rigid voice sounded again. The young man who spoke just then glanced at him and didn’t say anything else.

The Master of the Jiang family sighed with impatience flashing through his eyes. “The Inner Region said that they want to measure the overall strength of the family and not focus on any aspect, so they changed the content.”

“Why are they so pretentious? Do those big shots in the Inner Region have nothing better to do? Wouldn’t it be better to deal with them by force? Of course, whoever has the strength will enter. Isn’t it obvious?”

“Alright, Jiang Wu! Remember not to let anyone hear you!” Master Jiang immediately scolded. Jiang Wu breathed out angrily with his nose, still furious.

“Master, what exactly changed?” Jiang Jianping asked slowly on the side. A hint of viciousness flashed through the eyes of the Master of the Jiang family before he said, “The strength arena, the potion arena, and… the Magic Beast arena!”

“The Magic Beast arena?!” The few young people present were all extremely surprised. Yun Feng and the others in the Dragon Palace were the same. The Magic Beast arena? It was easy to explain strength and potion, but what… were they competing in the Magic Beast arena?

“The Inner Region didn’t tell the details of the Magic Beast Arena, but it must be related to Magic Beasts… Not only that, but you’ll have to hand over a hundred ultimate ores if you want to enter the selection this time!”

“A hundred ultimate ores! Are the people of the Inner Region so poor that they’re taking advantage of us?”

The Master of the Jiang family didn’t say anything, but his face was extremely gloomy. They wanted ultimate ores! A hundred of them! Even though the Jiang family could afford them, their hearts ached! How much effort would he have to put in to get back a hundred ultimate ores? It seemed that those people in the Inner Region would suck blood from them this time!

“A hundred ultimate ores?” Qu Lanyi smiled playfully. Yun Feng frowned. A hundred ultimate ores was an astronomical number for the Yun family right now! The other cities had exploited the citizens. Even if they didn’t take a lot from each individual, it would be enough after such a long time. As for the Yun family… However, with her here this time, ultimate ores certainly wouldn’t be a problem!

The Master of the Jiang family glanced at the few young people. “There’s less than half a year to go. Nothing can go wrong in this half year! We must make a breakthrough in every aspect! It’s fine to give them a hundred ultimate ores. If we can enter the Inner Region, we’ll be able to get them back sooner or later!”

After saying this, the Master of the Jiang family asked the few young people to go back first. Yun Feng, who was hiding in the Dragon Palace, was a bit frustrated. She couldn’t see the scene outside and could only hear voices. These few people should be the candidates of the Jiang family for the selection this time. It would be easy if she could know their names.

“Wait a moment.” The few young people were about to disperse, but Jiang Jianping stopped them. At this moment, they had already walked far away from the main house. Yun Feng sneered. Jiang Jianping, you gave me a good opportunity. She flashed out of the Dragon Palace. Yun Feng was in her own space blockade. She saw clearly that there were only four young people in front of her, including Jiang Jianping. These four people were all comparable in strength and were all at Grade 5 of the Emperor Level.

Grade 5 of the Emperor Level should be a good result for them. That was why they could become the best among the young people of the Jiang family and also the candidates that the Jiang family’s master valued. Hearing what Jiang Jianping said, the other three people all turned around with an unpleasant look. “Jiang Jianping, what’s the matter?”

The person who spoke was a young man with an unusually fierce tone. Yun Feng recognized this person. His name was Jiang Wu.

Jiang Jianping raised his eyebrows. “There’s certainly something.”

“If you have something to say, say it quickly. I don’t have time.” A cold and stiff voice sounded on the side. Yun Feng looked over and saw that it was an extremely ordinary-looking young man that couldn’t be found in a crowd. The only difference was that there was a very strong aura of herbs around him. Yun Feng knew that he was a pharmacist of the Jiang family.

Jiang Jianping glanced at the ordinary-looking young man coldly. “Jiang Cheng, did your three-star master potion succeed?”

Jiang Cheng glanced over with a stiff gaze. “If you weren’t here to waste my time, I think I would’ve already done it.”

Jiang Jianping’s face couldn’t help but darken, but he didn’t say anything. He glanced at the next person. “Jiang Jianping, don’t look at me. I don’t have anything for you to worry about.” The person who spoke twisted the ring on his hand with his finger. Yun Feng glanced at him and her black eyes darkened slightly. That person was a summoner!

Jiang Jianping gritted his teeth so hard that they made creaking sounds. “Jiang Shenyu, don’t think that I won’t dare to do anything to you just because you’re the only summoner of the Jiang family!”

“Hm, I’ll wait to see what you can do to me!” Jiang Shenyu glanced at him mockingly. “If it weren’t that my Magic Beasts aren’t of the highest quality, the master wouldn’t have looked at a tamer like you at all, transvestite!”

“You…” Jiang Jianping unconsciously curled his finger again. It was obvious that the outstanding members of the Jiang family were having internal strife. Yun Feng saw everything on the side and couldn’t help but sneer in her mind. It was simply wishful thinking to talk about unity in a large family that was scheming against each other.

Yun Feng flipped her wrist gently and the Golden Cauldron Fluid appeared. A smile flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes as she took out a few more things and added a drop of Golden Cauldron Fluid to each of them. Yun Feng opened one of the bottles and threw out two drops of red liquid. Looking at the bright, round red ball, Yun Feng moved her finger gently. The Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid with the addition flew out of Yun Feng’s hand like lightning and directly pounced on the skin on the back of Jiang Wu and Jiang Cheng’s necks!

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