God of Fishing - Chapter 2719 - 2719 The Trial Begins (4)

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2719 The Trial Begins (4)

Han Fei smiled casually. “I mean, with my strength.”

“With your strength? You’re only a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. Even if you have some ability, how can you shake the City of Scavengers?”

Han Fei grinned. “I’m the emperor of the human race. I’ll pick up my people myself. This is my trial and my path to prove Dao. Before I save the human race enslaved by the City of Scavengers, I don’t need anyone’s help. Of course, my strength is already equivalent to the Dao Proving Level. Therefore, anyone below the Carefree Level can attack me.”

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch sneered. “This is your so-called trial? You found so many people to pin down the powerhouses of our Ten Thousand Scale Race, but you went to kill our clansmen? Don’t you find it ridiculous?”

Han Fei shrugged. “Ridiculous? You mean it’s not ridiculous if I’m to fight an entire race alone? My trial is mainly about saving the human race, restoring the hope in the hearts of the human race, and letting them witness the rise of our human race. Therefore, from the beginning, this was not my trial alone, but the trial of the entire human race.”

Han Fei looked at the trembling void where the Sky Opening Realm army from the City of Scavengers had returned.

At this moment, these people finally returned. But what greeted them was so many Monarchs in the sky. This made these Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses dumbfounded. They had no idea what had happened.

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch said, “So, without using these external forces, how can you win? How can your human race win?”

The Ten Thousand Scale Race had a total of more than 150,000 Sky Openers. If it were the old Han Fei, he would have been dumbfounded.

The voice of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch sounded in the ears of every Sky Opening Realm powerhouse of the Ten Thousand Scale Race. “Now I order you to push out from the main city of the City of Scavengers and kill everyone who is attacking the city. If the other party retreats, don’t kill them.”

Then he looked at Han Fei. “As I said, if you want the human race, you can take them away. This matter ends here. As for whether there will be another war between us, that’s for the future.”

Although the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch controlled an army of hundreds of thousands, after witnessing the power of the Demon God, he didn’t want to start a war with the human race at this moment. He felt that there must be a trap.

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t negotiate with the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. He just smiled in disdain. “It’s not like I don’t have a Sky Opening Realm army.”

Behind Han Fei, the phantom of a city appeared.

When the words “Puppet City” appeared in everyone’s vision, when the 200,000-strong puppet army stood in front of the city in an orderly manner, The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch’ face darkened.

As for Gao Yuhuo, his expression changed slightly as he said in surprise, “Are you the master of the Emperor Sparrow?”

Suddenly, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch heard Gao Yuhuo say to him via voice transmission. “My lord, I remember now. The Infinite Mining Area asked us for reinforcements several times just for this Puppet City. In the end, the Puppet City was taken by a guy who called himself the Human Butcher. He seemed to have obtained the inheritance of the Great Monarch Mystic Martial.”

“Great Monarch Mystic Martial?”

Ten Thousand Scale Monarch asked, “Does it mean that his other trump card might be this Great Monarch Mystic Martial?”

Ten Thousand Scale Monarch and Great Monarch Mystic Martial were not from the same era, and they were far away and not familiar with each other, so he didn’t react at this moment.

However, the identity of the master of the Emperor Sparrow made him frown. This was difficult. This meant that he couldn’t kill this person.

It was said that whoever killed the Emperor’s Sparrow would die. Whether this rumor was groundless or not, he certainly wouldn’t kill him if he could.

But now, although he didn’t want to kill this person, the other party didn’t appreciate his kindness and wanted to fight to the death with the City of Scavengers. For a moment, he didn’t think of a way to break through the dilemma.

At this moment, Han Fei was pointing at the Sky Opening Realm powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Scale Race and ordering, “Kill them without mercy.”

Before these Sky Opening Realm powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Scale Race could take action, they were blocked by the puppet army that swarmed over like flying locusts.

The puppet army didn’t care who you were. Once the military order was given, they would kill whoever stood in their way. Therefore, they set up a military formation and arrows flew across the sky. A battle was about to break out.

While the Ten Thousand Scale Race’s Sky Opening Realm army and the puppet army were fighting each other, Han Fei was confronting the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch… in the major cities under the rule of the City of Scavengers, humans had already launched an official charge.

This time, the City of Wanderers had come all out.

In terms of head-on combat without any other external elements, the City of Wanderers was indeed no worse than the City of Scavengers or the City of Origin.

This was why Gu Tingnan had led an army several times to attack the two cities and even rushed straight into the City of Origin to kill.

Therefore, Gu Tingnan didn’t intend to hold back in this battle. He used all the trump cards he had accumulated for the last ten thousand years. This was because he knew that this was his only chance. Since Han Fei had thrown the hidden power behind the City of Scavengers to the table, he must be 100% confident that he could restrain the existing power of the City of Scavengers.

If the two Human Emperors couldn’t save the human race even if they went all out, so what even if he endured for another 100,000 years?

Therefore, in order to escape the fate of being a tool, Gu Tingnan had to try his best.

The reason why the humans had entered the official killing phase so quickly was that too many Monarchs had died today, one after another, each stronger than the last.

Although they didn’t know where these Monarchs were from, so far, no one had come to kill them. This meant that the Master of Silence and his men hadn’t been defeated.

However, under the stimulation of the repeated deaths of Monarchs, they didn’t dare to waste any time, so they launched such a crazy charge…

As for Han Fei, he stomped and disappeared from the confrontation of the Monarchs. The trail for him and the entire human race had officially begun from this moment…

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