Heaven-devouring Dragon Emperor - Chapter 6902 The new regulations shocked the audience!

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Chapter 6902 The new regulations shocked the audience!

The city lord Chi Xuntian sits high on the throne, a large red robe is burning like a flame, and the momentum is extremely powerful!

He looked at the injured old man below, and there was an icy light flashing in his eyes.

"I didn't kill you this time because of your life-saving grace back then, but Chi Heng's death has already offset the kindness of that year. Next, you owe the city lord more!"

The injured old man below is Mr. He!

Chi Heng, who was beheaded by Jiang Tian before, was one of the sons of the city lord Chi Xuntian!

The reason why Elder He has a high status is that he saved Chi Xuntian back then.

At that time, Chi Xuntian was chased and killed by a powerful enemy, and it was only with the help of Mr. He that he escaped.

After that, he invited Mr. He into the City Lord's Mansion and gave him extremely high treatment.

But all this changed because of Chi Heng's death!

The current Mr. He is guilty, and the kindness of the past has also been written off!

His injury was also caused by Chi Xuntian's shot.

At that time, the injury was very serious, but Chi Xuntian then gave him a secret elixir for him to take, which pulled him back from the brink of death.

With such a combination of grace and power, Mr. He has nothing to say!

In the past, in front of Chi Xuntian, he was a bit arrogant when he believed that he had meritorious deeds to protect the master, but after this time, he was completely knocked to the ground and reduced to an ordinary subordinate.

"Lord City Lord calm down, this old man has committed an unforgivable mistake, he should have punished himself for his sins, and it is all thanks to Lord City Lord's magnanimity that he can survive. Next, only by killing the enemy and avenging the young master can alleviate a little sin!"

"This person has successively set the ranking record of the Dao Palace's reward list, are you really sure that you will destroy him?" Chi Xuntian asked in a deep voice.

He Lao nodded his head: "Don't worry, Lord City Lord, that person's strength is very clear, even if he rewrites the ranking of the reward list one after another, it has not exceeded the previous estimate. Beheaded on the ring!"

"This is the selection of Xing Lei. If the Supernova Conference finds out about the situation, the city lord will be under enormous pressure!" Chi Xuntian frowned, obviously hesitant.

Although he couldn't wait to kill the enemy, he didn't want to incur criticism from the top of the Supernova Conference.

Although the opponent cannot directly govern him, his strength is greater than the sky. Once the opponent puts pressure on him, his life will definitely not be easy.

"Lord City Lord, don't worry, the warriors selected by Xing Lei come from all over the world and do not have a strong background, not to mention that he is still a junior in the middle domain. Even if the Supernova Conference knows some situations, it will never be for a trivial matter. Dead people, but insisting on embarrassing our Scarlet Moon City!"

Old He was very confident about this and was not nervous at all.

Chi Xuntian nodded slowly, obviously agreeing with this.

As long as it doesn't leave too much of a handle, it will not arouse criticism from the high-level supernova conference, and there is no reason for the death of a middle-level evildoer to make the supernova conference high-level angry.

No matter how you look at it, the risk is minimal, even negligible!

"He Xuan, all your judgments are based on a result. If there is a problem with the result, then everything will be overturned, and the city lord will also face enormous pressure. You'd better pray that nothing happens, otherwise the old man won't be able to spare you. !"

"Lord City Lord, please have a hundred hearts!" He Xuan was full of confidence and said confidently: "The arrangement of this subordinate is absolutely foolproof, and the subordinate dares to use his head to guarantee that he will never walk off Xing Lei alive!"

"I'm waiting for your good news!"

at this time!

On the Xing Lei outside the city lord's mansion, the eighteen evildoers from the large city and the more than one million warriors and civilians who came to watch the battle were completely unable to hold back their breath.

They all asked the elders of the red robes on the stage to announce the new rules and solve everyone's doubts.

Facing the urging of the audience, the elder Chi-pao said loudly: "This time, the Xing Lei challenge will no longer use the one-on-one single elimination system of previous years, but instead..."

Halfway through his words, his eyes glanced at Jiang Tian leisurely!

There was an intriguing smile on the corner of his mouth, and there was a chill in his eyes!

"...The whole field melee!"


"Full-court melee!"


When this statement came out, the audience was shocked!

Brush brush!

The faces of the seventeen evildoers from the large city all changed!

Jiang Tian frowned, his eyes became extremely cold!


Sure enough!

This rule change is obviously aimed at him!

The words of the red-robed old man caused an uproar in the audience, and even the warriors and commoners who came to watch the battle were deeply puzzled!

"Why change it this way?"

"This rule is a bit too cruel, isn't it?"

"Twenty-eight young evildoers are fighting in the audience. Compared with the single elimination system, it is not a little bit more difficult!"

"This is natural. The difficulty of the melee system is more than ten times higher than that of the single elimination system!"

"That's right, especially with so many people. In the chaos, no one knows which direction the opponent's attack will come from, and no one knows if someone will join forces to raid. The situation is so complicated that it is beyond imagination!"

"Such a rule is a huge test for any evildoer, so who will be the last lucky one?"

"I don't know, but there is no doubt that such a rule is more beneficial to the local evildoers in our Scarlet Moon City!"

"Yeah, although their pressure will increase sharply, after all, those with superior strength will have a better chance!"

Millions of warriors and commoners turned their attention to the ten local evildoers on the Xing Lei.

These ten people looked extremely excited, and their breaths were quite calm. Obviously, they had already been mentally prepared for this.

In other words, they are likely to know the rule changes in advance, so they can deal with the changes!

On the contrary, the eighteen people on the opposite side all had ugly expressions on their faces at the moment, and they were deeply shocked!

There is no other reason, just because this rule change is too bad for them!

"Look, these monsters from large cities are already panicking!"

"At the moment of the war, the mood is messy, and these people are afraid that they will lose before the war!"

"Needless to say? Their strength is not dominant at all, and if they are disturbed by the rules of the City Lord's Mansion, they have actually lost!"

"Hey, in my opinion, the City Lord's Mansion is nothing but nonsense. The old rules have been used for many years, and they have never changed. Why should they change this time?"

"It's really unreasonable, even we local warriors in Scarlet Moon City feel too unfair!"

Among the millions of spectators, there are too many people who fight for the 18 people.

They, who were already at a disadvantage, are even more difficult now!

"No way, they were originally just foils, but now they just lost more thoroughly and uglier, there is no difference in essence!"

"Yeah, the martial arts world is cruel and cold-blooded. Everything is based on strength. People without strength...don't deserve pity!"

"Aren't you convinced, isn't it fair? It's useless. If you want to break it, you can only use stronger strength!"

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