Heaven-devouring Dragon Emperor - Chapter 6947 The final odds, a loss of 30 million!

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Chapter 6947 The final odds are 30 million for one!

"Are you crazy?"

"Do you really think that Jiang Tian will have the last laugh and get the final top spot?"

"Stop dreaming, didn't you see that this is only the first round, so he can only deal with it and avoid it?"

"We really can't bear to take such an outrageous bet!"

"Listen to my advice, you are a mortal, here are all warriors, no matter if you have so many spirit crystals, don't be so hoarse!"

"Let's go, or you can make a bet with another person, so we really can't bear it!"

Everyone was shocked, and even wanted to persuade this strange scholar.

"Hahaha, there is still a reason to give money and not make money in the world. Are all of you gambling houses, business houses, families, sects and individual gold owners all brainless idiots?"

"What did you say?"



"A mortal who dares to yell at us strong people, who gave you the courage?"

Boom... boom boom!

The violent roar sounded one after another, and everyone was angry!

"If it weren't for you being a mortal, we would have slapped it in the past!"

"Don't think that it's amazing that you are a mortal. If you are so rude and provocative, we won't get used to you!"

"It annoys us, mortals fight!"


A burst of spiritual power just scraped forward, and this was the result of everyone's deliberate restraint.

If it is released directly, the strange scholar may have been crushed into meat dregs!

But even so, the aftermath of these spiritual pressures caused quite a violent storm.

Seeing that the strange scholar was about to be blown off the top of the mountain platform and smashed to pieces, an old man in the starry sky at the gaming table in front had to hold him down to prevent the tragedy from happening.

But just when he was about to make a move, he was suddenly stunned!


The old man looked at the opposite with a shocked face, and was stunned by the scene in front of him!

I saw the strong wind from the aftermath of the spiritual power swept through, and could only slightly flick the green shirt on the strange scholar, other than that, it had no effect!

"how is this possible?"

The old man was shocked, and a trace of horror flashed in his eyes!

Even if it's just the aftermath of spiritual power, the strong wind is quite violent, not to mention a thin scholar, even a strong man of 300 pounds can lift off the top of the mountain.

That's why he had to shoot and hold the opponent down.

But now the fact is that the strong winds from these aftermaths of spiritual power have no effect on the eccentric scholar!

too weird!

"Body protection magic weapon?"

The old man instantly thought of this possibility!

But when his spiritual sense swept over, he didn't notice any signs of magic weapon activation!


The old man was shocked again!

At the same time, the people at the other gaming tables were also releasing their spiritual thoughts to look at the strange scholar.

After a while, everyone was stunned!

"He...isn't he mortal?"

"Why can you withstand the impact of the aftermath of spiritual power?"

"There is no magic weapon to protect the body, and there is no sign of the magic talisman being inspired. What is he relying on?"

"Maybe he's a body cultivator?"


Everyone once again released their spiritual thoughts to sense it!

If it is physical cultivation, it is indeed not very likely to emit spiritual power fluctuations.

But body repair also has physical power, and this power will also form a kind of coercion, one of which is the body protection qi.

This kind of qi can indeed resist the impact of spiritual power!

But they were disappointed in the blink of an eye!

No qi, not body repair!

This strange scholar is a genuine mortal!

Everyone is more and more shocked, since they are mortals, why can't they blow?

"Forget it, what is there to care about with a mortal!"

"Forget it, since he wants to bet, let him bet!"

"All right!"

Everyone withdrew their spiritual thoughts and gave up this fruitless investigation.

At the same time, put away the coercion of spiritual power, and no longer use this method to intimidate the opponent.

"Tell me, what are the odds of the final winner?"

The strange scholar asked calmly.

Everyone was silent for a moment, then spoke solemnly.

After the strange phenomenon just now, they were no longer as contemptuous of this strange scholar as they had been at the beginning.

"The last game of the last round, and it is still the winner, the odds are indeed very high!"

"The odds for Jiang Tian to win the final duel are 30 million for one!"

"Yes, 30 million for one!"

All the gaming tables offered the same odds, 30 million to 1!

In other words, the strange scholar bet a spiritual crystal at this moment.

After Jiang Tian won the final victory, he will get 30 million spirit crystals!

One piece, 30 million times more!

The premise is that Jiang Tian can really win, if not, the spirit crystal he bet on will be lost!

"Thirty million for one loss, to be honest, it's still a bit small, but it's okay!"

The strange scholar seems to be a little disappointed, but in fact his heart is already blooming with joy.

He fumbled for a while in his crotch and took out a small black bag.

Under the astonished eyes of everyone, they reached into the bag and took out more small bags.

Step forward and throw these little bags on the first gaming table in each row.

"There are a lot of spiritual stone bags in it, each bag is 100 million spiritual crystals, take it yourself, and pass it on to me!"

The weird scholar walked forward, throwing a small bag every time he reached a long row of gaming tables.

There are hundreds of thousands of gambling tables on the top of the mountain, and he has no time to register them one by one, so he can only place bets in this relatively convenient way.

The warriors at the gaming table opened the small bag suspiciously, and were shocked the next moment!

"There are really so many!"

The old man at the first gaming table took out a small bag and counted exactly 100 million spirit crystals!

The best spirit crystal!

After a moment of shock, he left the bag of spirit crystals and passed the black bag full of spirit stone bags to the right.

Every gaming table takes out a spirit stone bag, no more, no less, just 100 million top-quality spirit crystals!

The strange scholar went to the last row and completed the bet in this way.

"Register slowly, don't let me miss it!"

The strange scholar sat down directly on the big rock next to the last row and began to observe the duel in the God-creating Void Realm!

The attention of a large number of spectators turned away from him at this time, and continued to pay attention to the contest in the virtual realm.

At this time, Jiang Tian's Baizhang airspace is still there!

The red-robed monster launched a crazy bombardment again and again, repeatedly blasting the void, and countless space cracks raged.

It has never been able to break through the hundred-zhang airspace!

"Is this really the space domain created by the space hegemony, how can it be so strong?"

The red-robed evildoer's face was full of horror, he couldn't believe his eyes!

Despite the continuous bombardment of countless space cracks, Jiang Tian's hundred-zhang airspace has always remained motionless, standing like a mountain!

It seems that it is just a void that is independent of the Void Realm, and is not affected by the rules here!

"It makes no sense, what exactly is this method?"

The red-robed evildoer couldn't wait.

He doesn't want to wait any longer!

It would be a great shame for him if he couldn't even break through a hundred zhang airspace!

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