Hi, My Adorable Sweet Wife - Chapter 2669 Happy end

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Chapter 2669: The Final Chapter Of Happiness

The man standing outside the gate of the banquet hall was no one else.

He is Li Junting.

It was Li Junting who completed the operation with a 30% success rate from the operating table of the Redington Medical Center in Europe.

It is the Li Junting who has been working hard to rehabilitate during the recovery period after the surgery. He did not waste a minute and a second, endured the friction and pain between the leg bones and the leg bones.

According to the person in the rehabilitation center, his recovery rate is the fastest and closest to the miracle since the center was built.

But those people don't know. The reason why he is so anxious, so fast, and firm is that he has someone who must be recovered.

His woman, his Lingxi is cute.

He Li Junting, will never watch his woman, take his child to marry.

The man's slender fingertips touched the edge of the outer door, followed by the wide palm, and gradually pushed hard—

The door of the heavy banquet hall painted white and gold was opened little by little in front of Li Junting.

What he had expected to see.

Maybe it was a scene full of high friends, or it was the scene of the man named Wei Luo holding his Lingxi, or he might see Lingxi's miserable look in his eyes.


When the door was opened little by little, Li Junting's expected prosperity did not appear.

There should be no crowded scenes of high friends, fragrant clothes, and lanterns at the engagement banquet.

Throughout the banquet hall, let alone the Huadeng Shengge, there was no light at all ...

The dark banquet hall is only faintly visible on the innermost stage, with a silver light scattered.

Under the silver beam, there seemed to be a familiar shadow.

Li Junting outside the door narrowed his dark black eyes.

The door was still a long way from the main stage of the banquet hall. He could not see clearly, and was not sure whether the familiar figure on the stage was the woman he thought.

No longer hesitating, Li Junting pushed in and closed the heavy banquet hall door behind him.

He moved forward step by step, approached step by step, walking calmly and urgently.

The closer you get, the faster your heart beats in your chest.

Flutter, flutter ... clearer than ever.

What did he see!

He saw his Lingxi.

Approve a white veil and a fishtail wedding dress, and stand on the only stage in the whole banquet hall where the silver light falls.

Holding the bridal bouquet in her hands, she stood on the stage just like that, staring at him with unprecedented gentle eyes like water.

As if everything was waiting for him.

Li Junting's breathing was slightly chaotic.

He didn't understand why the media preached Zhentian's engagement banquet.

There were no guests in the entire banquet hall, no figure of Wei Luo, not even the lighting arrangement.

The only one, his Lingxi, was lonely and lonely standing on the dark stage.

"Lingxi ..." For nothing, Li Junting's heart tightened.

He quickened his pace, called the name of his beloved, and just wanted to immediately give Lingxi a hug.

He was too scared and panicked. I don't know why Lingxi, who was standing alone on the stage, was so scared and panicked.

It was as if she was going to disappear the next moment.

Li Junting didn't know who arranged this **** engagement banquet, and actually left Lingxi alone on the stage.

At this moment, he couldn't care less about the thought, other things, just wanted to hold his woman immediately.

The stride meteor approached the stage, and the man's long legs easily collapsed onto the stage, and then pulled Ling Xi, who was standing under the light, holding her full.

Li Junting held the small woman in her arms tightly, her arms were as strong as she was afraid she would lose her.

His jaw rested against her neck, sniffing snugly at the familiar aroma in her hair.

"Lingxi, why are you ..."

"Master Second, you are finally here ..."

Before Li Junting's words were finished, he was interrupted by Ling Xi's moving voice.

His Lingxi seemed to be crying.

He heard the soreness in her nose.

"Lingxi, you ..."

"I am waiting for you, Master Er, I am waiting for you ..."

If you don't come, I will always stand here waiting for you.

Ling Xi's small face clung tightly to Li Junting's chest. She whispered: "Before that, I didn't know if you would show up ... Although they all said that you would definitely come, I was lost by you I have no confidence.

I've been standing here waiting for someone to open the banquet hall door. I hope that person is you, not to inform me that you will not come.

Fortunately, I waited ... Master Er, look, does my wedding dress look good? Would you still marry me?

Do you appear, does it mean that your legs are good and your body is good, after you no longer need me, will you still choose me? "


What is Lingxi cute?

Li Junting's pupils shrank, and he froze for a moment.

A few seconds later, he cleared his mind from Ling Xi's informative words.

The man loosely hugged his arms and grabbed Lingxi's two arms: "Lingxi ... lovely ... you said to marry you? You ... you don't like that Wei Luo, do you still want to marry me?"

You're standing here in a wedding dress, not for Wei Luo, but for me ... you're waiting for me! ? "

Li Ershao had been in love for a lifetime, and couldn't believe what he saw in his ears and what he heard in his ears.

He thought that when he returned home in secret, he had to face the opposition of the whole family, the disappointment of everyone, and an engagement banquet that must be destroyed.

But I didn't expect that there was no one waiting for him, only ... only wearing a wedding dress, standing here, waiting for Lingxi to appear.

Li Junting, He Deheng, how can you still be so lucky after doing so many willful things?

"Well ... no one except you." Ling Xi snorted softly and nodded blushingly. "I and Mr. Wei Luo, he only accepted Mrs. Young's request to cooperate with me in acting.

I've been waiting for you. The divorce agreement is fake and the divorce certificate is fake. Everything in those media reports is deliberately spread false news.

I just do n’t know, will you still want me ... When I heard Uncle Zhao said that when you went abroad overnight, I thought you would just leave like that and never return ... I ... "

Ling Xi's voice choked.

She was really distracted at the time, thinking that Li Junting was over-stimulated and she was going to let go of her like that.

She almost thought that everything she had done was futile and she was deceiving herself.

Fortunately, no ...

Her second master was only stubborn and arrogant. He had her in his heart. He returned well and walked in front of her and hugged her.

She did not pay wrongly.

No time to wait.

"You ... you ..." Li Junting was so smart, but in a few moments, he understood all this.

Unexpectedly, there was the handwriting of his grandmother in his house.

Li Junting laughed, laughed, and laughed deeply.

He embraced Lingxi, and tried hard to rub her into his own blood.

Many, many words, and thousands of words have gathered at this moment into this silent, forceful hug.

Between them, they have walked for so long, walked for so long, and finally at this moment, have each other.

"Wait, wait a minute ..." Ling Xi's small hand, at this moment, arrived at Li Junting's chest and politely pushed him away.

Li Junting stared at Lingxi slightly, his handsome face showing dissatisfaction.

He just held her in less than two seconds and was suspected of being abandoned?

Ling Xi raised a pair of black and white eyes and looked at him, her face crimson, "Although everything is fake, but ... but I'm pregnant. You ... you be careful, you've squeezed your baby ..."

Li Junting: "..."

What, he thought even pregnancy was a scam.

The elder brother should know that he will never let his woman marry a child with his child. He thought that this was also a scam, just to motivate him to have surgery and urge him to return.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be ... all true ...

The next second, the ecstatic Li Junting hugged Lingxi again and hugged her around the air.

White fishtail wedding dress, draw a beautiful arc.

The whole quiet and dark banquet room, under the silver beam, is a happy newcomer.

And, Ling Xijiao's shouting and flustering.

"Master Two ... Don't do this ... Quickly, stop ..."

"What's his second name, husband?"

The sound of happiness is long in the banquet hall.

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