Hi, My Adorable Sweet Wife - Chapter 2670 No. 1

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In the late spring of the second year after Li Junting and Lingxi got married.

Lingxi had a fetal attack, and in the late spring afternoon, she gave birth to a little princess with two bloodlines.

The newly born Lijia second-room little princess named Li Xixi, Li Junting said that this is Li Junting's cherishment of Lingxi, and took a homophonic sound.

Xiao Xixi looks so cute, white and tender.

A pair of black and white round eyeballs are more like Lingxi, but they are more lovely and cute.

And the small powder dumplings wrapped in the lotus roots revealed a delicate and compact face, not to mention that they caused the Junting couple to be affectionate, even Ruan Mengmeng looked at them with eyes.

Li Junting got this baby, he was really afraid of flying in his hand, and he was afraid of being melted in his mouth.

Holding her daughter all day, she rushed in front of Li Junyu.

From time to time, he would hear his unhealthy voice coming from Li Junyu's study—

"Brother, look ... are the pitiful noses and eyes born delicate and cute? Hey, this is my birth, my daughter ..."

"Brother, do you say that our family is more sensible than your three sons. They all say that the daughter is the mother's small jacket, and I think it should be the father's small jacket, when I see her little face, My heart is going to melt.

Oh, I'm sorry I forgot, your family has only sons and no daughters. To the three troublesome sons who can only grab your wife from you all day long, surely don't have this feeling? "

"Brother, you see ... Xiqi's skin is white and tender, this is the skin of a girl, different from your three little bean sprouts. Hehe, such a lovely daughter can only be born by Li Junting ..."

Since Li Junting had a daughter, he took three meals a day and approached Li Junyu.

He used to be lonely, eating his own dog food from Big Iceberg and Ruan Mengmeng every day.

But it doesn't matter now.

Li Peacock feels that every day he wakes up is a new and beautiful day.

He was accompanied by the woman he most wanted to have.

Take Lingxi with her every day and watch his loved one hold a smaller version of her daughter in her arms, which is the happiest time for Li Junting.

And all of that brother in his family couldn't appreciate it.

Because the elder brother of his family is born of a son who is more uneasy than one, what looks like him is not a hit.

In my lifetime, give birth to the most annoying baby!

On that day, Li Junting was the same as usual, holding the small Xixi of his family and approaching Li Junyu.

"Brother, you see ... what is this?" Li Junting blocked Li Junyu's path and sent the small powder dumplings in his arms forward.

"Have you seen this? This is my family's little pity, my daughter, I was born, is it like a smaller version of Lingxi? Hey, look at your son, one by one, just like you, no fun at all "What looks like me, my daughter looks like a mold carved out of my wife."

Li Junting loves Lingxi, so he loves their daughter more.

Because Xiao Xixi's pink face is a reduced version of Lingxi, and this is why Li Junting loves her daughter most.

The man who had always ignored Li Junting from beginning to end stopped for the first time.

Li Junyu's lazy figure leaned casually on the handrail of the staircase, and condescended to face his brother, who had been stupid for a long time.

"Oh? Daughter, will look exactly like my wife?"

Li Dashao has not been very willing to take Li Lishao recently.

But this time, it is an exception.

Li Junting didn't find the deep undercurrent of Li Junyu's eyes at all. He just felt that his elder brother was finally stimulated, and he wanted to envy him.

Li Peacock nodded like a pounding garlic: "Yeah, yeah, look at my family, isn't it like a miniature version of Lingxi? Is my daughter pretty? Is it cute? Is it beautiful?

Isn't it more beautiful, cute and beautiful than your three sons! ? "

Li Junyu ignored the questioning of Li Junting indifferently.

This is the dark frown of Mo Mei, using an unprecedentedly serious look to judge his little niece up and down.

It seems that the daughter of the second child's family really looks like a reduced version of Lingxi.

An unprecedented idea gradually took shape in Li Junyu's mind.

Perhaps, he should go to Bo's house and ask Bo Hanyuan to arrange another operation for him.

For many years, he had concealed his young wife's contraception. For the first time, Li Dashao had a daughter for petting, which was also a good idea.

After all, a smaller version of Xiaojiao's wife is much better than three **** sons who disobediently compete only with him.


So, one month later, Ruan Mengmeng, who returned from filming, suddenly found that her family tyrant had changed.

It's not getting cold, strange, and alienated, but becoming a hundred times more enthusiastic than in the past.

The most obvious change is when you are in bed.

Poor Ruan Mengmeng, just returned from the filming, and before he had enough rest and time to meet the three little guys, Li Junyu was put into bed.

The bedroom door was slammed shut by a tyrant, and the three little peas were isolated ‘cruel’.

Ruan Mengmeng was dragged onto the bed by a tyrant who hadn't been seen for many days. She hadn't let her out of her bedroom for five days.

Five days later, Li Junyu left the bedroom with ease.

Ruan Mengmeng, who was lying on the bed, bit her quilt: "Wow, Li Jun, the big bad guy, you bully people!"

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