Hi, My Adorable Sweet Wife - Chapter 2671 Xiaofanwaier (touch the car CP + Li Jun Yu Ruan Mengmeng finale)

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Chapter 2671 Xiaofan outside the second (touch the car CP + Li Jun Yu Ruan Mengmeng finale)

Ever since Li Xisha ’s family was born, Li Yuan suddenly became more lively than before.

At this time, Xiao Chongchong, small talk, small delivery, that is, Li Xiaoshen, Zhan Mojun, and Wartime Han three little peas, have reached the age of five.

As a big brother, Li Yanshen has a steady and precocious personality. In addition, this little guy may be able to hold God because he has experienced strong winds and waves from a young age, and he can see the shadow of Li Junyu at his young age.

Instead, they followed the twins of Ruan Mengmeng's maiden family to fight Mo Jun and Han Han.

One day I was thinking about sweets, the other was a giggling giggling, only to make the old President Zhan Kai laugh and angrily, clamoring to take Xiao Lizhen back deeply and exchange with these two silly little guys.

Of course, the old president just talked about it.

To him, the palms and backs of the hands are all flesh. Although the two little guys are stupid, Dazhi is stupid.

The tiger father has no dogs, not to mention the blood of their warriors. He doesn't believe that these two little guys will grow up with nothing.

President Zhan Kai thought about it. The three children are not too young, and some of them are going to kindergarten sooner.

His three great-grandchildren of Kai can't be delayed. He wants to take the three children around and teach them for a while.

In the end, President Zhan Kai learned a lesson from Zhan Yang's affairs. He must not only care about his children's studies, but also care about their lives and thoughts.

Before, he was too busy to spend time with the next generation.

Now that he is retired, he should spend more time with these little babies.

In the second place, President Zhan Kai is also old and wants his grandchildren.

It is said that old children and old children, the three little grandchildren Mengmeng gave him are all cute little boys.

Dignified man, it's time to play with a knife and a gun from an early age. He is going to take three children to the war team.

Xiaochong is calm and sure, no problem.

You need to train a little more and talk a little, and change their chubby little round faces, and smirk at every turn.

However, the old president also has concerns.

He knew that Ruan Mengmeng hurt three children, and he was afraid that his granddaughter would not be separated from his great grandchildren for too long.

Who knows, when he rubbed his hands and made a phone call, he told Li Junyu about this plan.

At the other end of the phone, the man's magnetic lazy voice came lightly: "It's convenient for us ... then bother with Grandpa."

President Zhan Kai: "..."

Li Junyu actually agreed with this bite without thinking! ?

He didn't even think about it, how could he suddenly become so good at talking?

President Zhan Kai still hadn't digested it. On the other end of the phone, Li Junyu had already heard the voice of Li Junyu instructing Ling Bei to pack three small beans.

President Zhan Kai: "Granddaughter, that, would you like to ask Moe first ..."

"Grandpa, I have instructed Lingbei to send them over. Please pay attention over there. It will take up to forty minutes."

"..." President Zhan Kai opened his mouth and shook his beard.

Why did he suddenly have the illusion that Li Junyu was packing and delivering the courier.

However, now that arrangements have been made there, thinking of the three great-grandson's small or delicate faces, President Zhan Kai swallowed the words to his mouth again.

Rarely, Li Junyu, the granddaughter gave face, worried that Li Junyu repented, and President Zhan Kai immediately hung up.

At the same time, the top floor of Yumeng Group headquarters building.

Li Junyu, who sat on the sofa to answer the call, hung up the phone lazily, fastened his fingers to the coffee table, raised his long black eyes and looked at the man sitting opposite.

"My proposal, what are you thinking about, eh?"

At the other end of the sofa, the man wearing an expensive custom suit has always been a little indifferent to the handsome face without a smile.

Only at this time, when he heard the words of his brother-in-law, Zhan Mo's cold eyes were moved.

He stared at Li Junyu, with a cautious tone: "What you just said is true?"

Li Junyu's proposal is too tempting.

It is tempting that Zhan Mo has begun to consider whether to sell his sister.

"Of course ..." The man's knuckle fingers tapped lightly on the sofa arm.

"As long as you agree to my conditions, I will let Jun Che come back and assist you personally. Personal personal assistance, how about this position?"

Li Junyu's deep and dark ink pupils stroked through the dark awns.

He sold his brother, but he did not show up.

When he used the magnetic lazy voice to say the words `` close personal personal help '', he did not miss the obvious undercurrent of Zhan Mo's eyes.

one two Three……

Three seconds later, Zhan Mo did not hesitate to say, "The deal."

Li Junyu's thinned lips evoked a pleasant arc.


Forty minutes later, three Meng Baos from the Li family were delivered to the address of President Zhan Kai by the ‘Li Jun Royal Express Car’.

An hour and 20 minutes later, Li Junche, who moved into the school research institute due to the cold war with Zhanmo and did not return home, was sent by his elder brother to the top floor of Yumeng Group headquarters.

Li Junche has been soaking in the laboratory of the institute these days, his hair is still messy, his face is sleepy and he doesn't wake up.

He was sulking because he was fighting the cold and cold war, and after eating several cheesecakes in a row, he just plunged into the laboratory.

The coupling turned for a few nights, and I just fell asleep today during the day.

However, after only three hours of sleep, the big man Ling Nan himself ‘please’ out of the laboratory.

"Lingbei and you are next to my elder brother. Why did he ask me to be a personal personal helper?" Li, the third master Li Junche, knew nothing and was invited by Lingnan to the top floor of Yumeng Group Building.

Standing outside the president's office, Li Junche turned back and asked Lingnan who was tall and big.

Muscle BOY Ling Nan scratched his head, I don't know how to explain to the third master.

Just to say nothing, as soon as the door was opened, Li Junche was pushed in.

"Wait, Lingnan ... you ..." Wearing a messy hair, but still clear and handsome Li Sanshao, saw the familiar figure sitting behind the desk, his voice suddenly caught in his throat.

War desert?

How could it be him!

Thinking of a few days ago, Li Junche's handsome face suddenly pulled down.

He didn't want to be in the same room as Zhan Mo, turned and twisted the doorknob to leave.

Who knows, the office door was motionless, and Ling Nan actually locked the door from the outside.

Li Junche :! !! !!

He is still not the master of Li's family, even Ling Nan dare to trick him!

"Ache, where do you want to go?" Behind him, Zhan Mo's cold, familiar voice came deep.

This is the indifferent magnetic voice of Zhan Mo, listening to Li Junche's ear, making his ears hot.

The throat knot rolled, Li Junche raised his handsome face and turned away.

He pretended to be indifferent: "Let Ling Nan open the door and let me go out. Zhan Mo, you concealed the man who bought him, and lied to me in his name. This thing ... if the big brother knows, even if On Mengmeng's face, he won't spare you easily. "

Li Jun Che Li Li Nei said these words, and her clear eyes were a little bit biased, and she didn't dare to look directly at the deep and deep eyes of Zhan Mo.

He always felt that Zhan Mo was going to eat people.

"Oh ..." Who knows, Zhan Mo laughed softly, got up from his desk, and walked towards him step by step.

"Ache, the person who lied to you was not me, but your brother." The indifference of Zhan Mo's eyes turned into spoil.

He walked to Li Junche, and his big hand caught Li Junche's hand dangling from his side, and their long fingers intertwined.

Zhan Mo raised Li Junche's right hand and buckled it above his head.

The other big hand clung to Li Junche's jaw, and held the man who thought about it day and night on the door.

"My elder brother ... betrayed me?" Li Junche's light eyes suddenly widened.

He didn't believe that his elder brother had never been right with Zhan Mo, how could he betray him for Zhan Mo.

Zhan Mo looked down at his boyfriend's stunned eyes, and his dark eyes were full of smiles: "Well, whoever made him want to abduct my sister always wanted someone to stay and help him with company affairs. You know, these years Yumeng Group is developing rapidly. "

After that, Zhan Mo's tall body pressed down and kissed Li Junche, who was still stunned, and had not yet responded.

His little boyfriend has been away for too long.

It seems that Ache must be given a 'deep pain lesson' in order for him to remember that he must not run away from him.


Five hours later, at 7 pm, Ruan Mengmeng, who was playing on the set, returned to Liyuan.

As soon as she entered the door, she noticed something weird.

Li Yuan tonight is scary and quiet.

With the exception of a few maids, few others were visible.

Ruan Mengmeng knows that there have been many things in the group recently. Li Junyu is so busy that Li Junting takes Lingxi and his children to fly to a foreign branch to sit in town.

She can't see them, she's not surprised, but what about the others?

At this time, she would surely see three little guys running towards her, asking her to hug.

Otherwise, you will also see Zhan Mo and Li Junche ushered in with three or three, and ask her if she is tired or not to eat.

But tonight ...?

Just when Ruan Mengmeng was slightly weird and was about to take out her cell phone to call War Desert.

A large hand holding a white handkerchief suddenly covered her mouth from behind.

Ruan Mengmeng, who has great strength, has been struggling for the first time, but the other party was able to suppress her, but within 5 seconds, Ruan Mengmeng lost consciousness and fell into a broad embrace.

Time passed by ...

When Ruan Mengmeng woke up again, she felt a little bit heavy and her body soft.

She was about to sit up and see where she was. When she lowered her head, she found that her clothes were missing, and she was lying on a water bed so naked.

Before it was too late to scream, a tough, wide chest was affixed from behind.

"Little milk cat, do you like the surprise I gave you?" Li Junyu's familiar voice came low behind her ear.

Ruan Mengmeng's high-hanging heart suddenly fell to the ground, but the next instant, she almost turned red.

"What a surprise, this is all fright, Li Junyu ..."

Ruan Mengmeng's eyes were red, and she was about to turn around to complain, but the man grasped his little hand and fell back on the water bed.

"Wife, here is a private island in the South Indian Ocean. When I was on the island, I had already ordered that unless the wife was pregnant, you would never be sent to pick us up."

"What ..." Ruan Mengmeng's eyes trembled, and I couldn't believe Li Junyu would make such a crazy decision.

However, men don't care so much.

He just kissed his little lip of his little **** cat fiercely, and did not want to miss the intimacy of a minute and a second.

There weren't three small bean sprouts that always grabbed his wife.

No annoying work chores.

No one is bothering ...

Li Junyu only wanted to give birth to new life with Ruan Mengmeng on this private island.

He also wants to have a little daughter who looks exactly like his favorite woman.


One morning half a month later, Li Junyu, just like the previous few days, was hugging his young wife who was just awake and was about to do a morning exercise.

Who knows, Ruan Mengmeng who woke up stiffly, just opened his eyes, but suddenly covered his heart and began to retaliate.

Li Da rarely saw that the young wife's body had a problem, her face suddenly gloomy.

But more than an hour later, when a private doctor rushed to the island and checked out Ruan Mengmeng, a tyrant's face turned cloudy immediately.

Mengmeng is pregnant, his baby cat is finally pregnant.

The doctor told Li Junyu that Ruan Mengmeng had been pregnant for more than two months, that is to say, she was pregnant before she could turn someone to the island.

However, at that time, Ruan Mengmeng didn't care about menstrual periods because her filming was reversed day and night.

So ignored the arrival of this little baby.

The tyrant lord immediately took Ruan Mengmeng to fly back to the S city, and raised his baby in peace.

More than seven months later, Ruan Mengmeng gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital, and her mother and son were safe.

The arrival of this child is undoubtedly Li Junyu's long-awaited treasure.

When he was protecting his wife, looking at the cute little girl who slept unknowingly in Ruan Mengmeng's arms, Li Junyu's always cold heart almost melted.

This child is as petite and soft as when he and Ruan Mengmeng first met.

Her small face resembled the sly cute little **** that used to be.

"Husband, what name do you want for this child?" Ruan Mengmeng held her soft little daughter, and her apricot eyes were full of tenderness.

"Baby ..." Li Junyu's eyes moved from his young daughter's face to his wife's still soft and delicate face, "This child is called baby, Li baby ... she is our baby."

Just like when I first saw you, that baby.

This child, in honor of our first encounter-

The sight of her reminds me of you.

Slim girl, baby as ever.

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