Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (My Hidden Wife is Sweet) - ~ The new article "Don't fall in love with the giants will die"

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The new article "Don't fall in love with the giants will die"

"The big sweet-skinned sweet-wife" has come here, thank you all for your help.

The new article "Don't fall in love with the giants will die" will open the pit, cure the sweet pet, welcome to the pit, have a chance to gather.

Nanxun CP specialties: face and sprinkle dog food.

We not only hit other people's faces, we even beat our faces.


In the first place, Nan Qiao was born again as a small singer of the 18th line in China.

On the first day of rebirth, the giants Huo Yunwei sent them to the door to help them.

The **** stick told her that if she does not fall in love with this man, she will die.

Nan Qiao did not believe in evil, and he refused to die.

Even if Huo San has less than one hundred routines, the upper position becomes a boyfriend.

Nan Qiao also put the human head on the green grassland and divided it with people.

After breaking up for a month, Nan Qiao suddenly became ill and became dying.

It turns out that... not falling in love with the giants will really die.

So, Nan Qiao went to the ex-boyfriend to continue his life.

"Da, big, let's compound."

"I don't want to compound."

"If you don't want to compound, you can get married."



Huo Yunwei: "Are you still breaking up?"

Nan Qiao: It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it breaks up.

Huo Yunwei: "Is it still divorced?"

Nan Qiao: Never leave, don't leave, you can't live without you.

[Cure sweet text, dog food is full]

The new book is released, the baby please support me a lot, love you, than??

(End of this chapter)

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