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After tossing in the middle of the night, Tan Hong slept until the next day before waking up.

As soon as he got out of bed, his feet trembled slightly. Tan Hong's eyes narrowed, and he scolded the male dog in his heart, holding his sour waist to the toilet to wash.

The clothes were placed in the house, neatly stacked together. It was the set he bought with Hong Zhan yesterday and went to the mall.

Tan Hong took off her pajamas and changed them.

When going out to the living room, Hong Zhan's family were sitting in the living room at this time. It was obviously earlier than Tan Hong. Tan Hong remembered the deep lingering and unnatural ears slightly reddish last night. He heard footsteps near him. They all turned their heads, and then looked at Tan Hong's gaze, clearly like knowing why Tan Hong stayed in bed early in the morning until now.

Tan Hong's face was a bit unnatural for a moment. Hong Zhan's young nephew saw Tan Hong coming over, ran away from his mother, ran to Tan Hong, and hugged Tan Hong with two small arms.

"Good afternoon at noon." The young nephew Tong Wuyan was jealous, saying that Tan Hong blushed.

Yesterday, because of his mustard, the child was called Eryi, causing Tan Hong to lift a stone and hit his own foot.

According to the facts, the child called him by this name, which is indeed not wrong. His physical capacity was under the flood, and he was all killed by the flood. He could not really fight the flood.

Tan Hong took the hand of his nephew, smiling warmly: "Good noon."

On the sofa, Tan Hong politely addressed the family members of Hong Zhan. Everyone liked Tan Hong very much. Whether it was his looks or his temper, he seemed to be fine.

Hong Zhan answered a phone call and said something to the person on the other end of the phone. He noticed that Tan Hong woke up and sat with his family. They got along well with each other. Hong Zhan felt a soft heart.

Brother Hong Zhan asked Tan Hong if he was hungry. The porridge in the kitchen was always hot. You could eat something to fill your stomach first. Fasting for too long is not good for your stomach.

Tan Hong was really a little hungry. He wanted to stand up and say that he would go to a bowl.

"Don't go, let the son of war go." The people of the Hong family called Hong Zhan Xiaoming Zhanzi, and the older brother immediately stopped Tan Hong.

Just after Hong Zhan made the phone call, his elder brother asked Hong Zhan to go to the kitchen to give Tan Hongsheng a meal. To some extent, he was teaching Hong Zhan how to pamper his wife.

Regarding Tan Hong, everyone showed unreserved likes. For so many years, Hong Zhan, a bachelor, managed to turn home, such a handsome and young wife—the family knows that Tan Hong is still in college, yet It is necessary, so it is more tense than the flood war. I am afraid that the flood war is not good for Tan Hong and angers people.

It is a trivial matter to give your wife something to eat. There is a strong masculinity in the flood, but it is also occasional.

Tan Hong sat at the table and had breakfast and lunch.

People of their age usually don't stay at home. After Tan Hong had a meal, the two went out. It was not long before they were together. At present, they are still in love. They have similar ideas. As far as possible, two people are alone together, living through their two-person world.

Hong Zhan had prepared for a long time and was very confident that he could get Tan Hong. Before that, he had already gone to the car store to buy two sports cars. For this day, Tan Hong came to his house and drove him. Buying a sports car.

Speaking of Hong Zhan's personal hobbies, in this regard, he and his friends talk a little bit.

Therefore, the friendship between the two people has not changed for so many years, and people are gathered in categories, not without reason.

In Hong Zhan and Yan Yan, he did not find his lover's money. Most of his life was spent working and earning money, and there were very few places.

Now that I have a lover and a person who wants to spend my life, I feel like I have found a place where I can spend money. I just want to send the good things in this world to my lover.

Hong Zhan took Tan Hong to the garage, and the garage door opened upwards, with two black and red luxury supercars side by side inside.

Hong Zhan took his hands on Tan Hong's waist, and let Tan Hong choose one randomly, and they drove out for a while.

Tan Hong closed his eyes and stared at the fiery red sports car. He said, "I drive black."

Hong Zhan had a clear smile in his eyes, and gave Tan Hong the key of the black sports car, and he drove the red sports car.

Pulling the car door and sitting in the car, Tan Hong inserted the car key, the engine roared and fell in his ear, gorgeous and beautiful symphony, turned his eyes, Tan Hong looked over to Hong Zhan, his eyes rose slightly, followed He gave the Hongzhe a provocative look, but this look, which gave the feeling of the Hongzhe, was also very provocative, and the agitation caused the Hongzhe to rise.

Hong Zhan licked his lips, his eyes were as sharp as a wolf. He remembered the taste of Tan Hong's body. He held his steering wheel with his slender fingers. After Tan Hong ran the sports car out of the garage, he followed suit.

When the capital opened, Tan Hong still had some convergence. As soon as he came out of the bustling area, the speed of the car was raised instantly, and he took a few turns. Tan Hong glanced at the outside mirror and saw no shadow of Hong chariot.

When the car drove to another intersection, Tan Hong changed lanes and parked the sports car to the side of the road. He looked down at the pointer on his watch. Twenty seconds later, he didn't come yet. He really left first.

Tan Hong hooked his lips and counted the time. When he reached eighteen, the roar of the sports car engine came from his ears.

A fiery red sports car quickly drove in the mirror. Tan Hong pulled the handbrake and drove directly to the front before Hong Zhan caught up.

The back road Tan Hong ran before. He has a good memory and is familiar with the road. He drives a sports car in front of him. Although Hong Zhan is older than Tan Hong and physically stronger than Tan Hong, he is not as good as Tan in racing. Hong, at some point, Tan Hong had to deliberately slow down his car to avoid losing him in the flood.

When we came to the mountain road that had been run, this mountain road went straight to the top of the mountain and there were no other forks. Tan Hong no longer controlled the speed of the car and completely let go. The speed passed the curve without too much deceleration. The car roared. Echoing in the mountains, startled by the countless flying birds in the forest.

The black sports car rushed to the end, the brakes were harsh, and the wheels scratched clear marks on the ground.

The sports car stopped and Tan Hong pushed the door and got out.

Just as soon as the mountain breeze blew up, the air conditioner was turned on in the car, and the sudden drop in temperature caused Tan Hong's body to be agitated. He buckled the two buttons on the neckline.

With both hands in his pockets, Tan Hong opened his long legs and walked towards the cliff. The mountain wall was steep. Tan Hong was a little bit afraid of heights. But when he stood by the mountain wall, he suddenly had a weird idea and didn't know how to jump. What will it feel like going down.

It took a few minutes for Hong Zhan to drive over. Far away, Hong Zhan saw Tan Hongjun's body standing on the edge of a cliff.

He got out of the car and walked quickly, reaching out to pull Tan Hong back a little.

The wind on the mountain is a bit strong, and the flood war does not expect any accidents.

"Is there a smoke?" Tan Hong asked Hong Zhan.

Hong Zhan nodded: "Yes." Then he took out the cigarette case and a lighter, and pumped out money to Tan Hong. Tan Hong was in his mouth, Hong Zhan lit the fire and lit the cigarette.

After taking a sip, when the wind blew, Tan Hong was stinging.

Keke cough, Tan Hong coughed slightly moist and red.

Hong Zhan patted Tan Hong's back. Tan Hong threw the cigarette under his feet and crushed it.

"Stop smoking in the future, quit smoking together." Tan Hong said suddenly.

Hong Zhan had n’t smoked much, and he could n’t talk about addiction.

Nicotine is not good for the human body. Hong Zhan grabbed Tan Hong's smoke and bowed his head and kissed him.

After a brief kiss, he smiled: "Okay."

Tan Hong just said casually that he did not expect that Hong Zhan had promised to be so easy, but instead he was a bit smoky, and Tan Hong immediately wanted to take it back.

After thinking about it, smoking less, staying alive longer, and less lingering is not a bad thing.

The two stood side by side on the cliff and watched the rolling green forests.

Hong Zhan has a private theme theater in his hand. Before, he was single and had never been to that theater. At that moment, Tan Hong was now around. It happened to be a good movie. Hong Zhan drove Tan Hong to his Private theater, there is a dedicated theater for him, there will be no other

The author has something to say: When others go, Hong Zhan lets people clean it up in advance. In the past, he and Tan Hong watched in the screening room alone.

The sofa was wide, and it was perfectly fine to sit and lie. The movie was played, and the light in the projection room was dark. Tan Hong was watching the movie intently, while Hong Zhan stared at Tan Hong's face, his eyes were not affectionate, but Tan Hong didn't seem to feel there.

Tan Hong knew that Hong Zhan was watching him. When the movie was about halfway through, Tan Hong turned his head and was generally very aggressive towards Shang Hong Zhan Wolf.

He smiled slightly at the corner of his lips. Before Hong Zhan took action, Tan Hong stood up and crossed his legs. The next moment Tan Hong sat on Hong Zhan's leg.

With both arms hooking Hong Zhan's neck, Tan Hong leaned forward and kissed.

In this life, it is a happiness to be able to meet the people you like and love yourself at this suitable time.

This kind of happiness, Tan Hong believes that it will last.

The two kissed affectionately and had a good time.


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