House Dad’s Literary Life - Chapter 1297 Old driver Xiao Yan (2/3)

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Watch the float parade, don't pay too much attention to it, sing and dance, lively! The children's thoughts were very simple. They started chasing the floats happily. Then, under the invitation of the cartoon characters, the girls were hesitant, but they finally joined the team they danced.

Don't look at the twists and turns of the East. The bonfire dance is just a group of people pulling their hands around the circle. The children are held by their favorite cartoon characters. They dance very happily with the beat of the music. They licked the red face and looked at them to their parents. They are obviously happy.

Of course, because it was near noon, the rest of the sunshine was very blazing. The parents took photos and greeted the children back to the shade, or they walked up with an umbrella.

"Would you like to take a float? Now is the only chance to sit on it and experience it. It will be more difficult in the future. After the opening of the park, visitors are not allowed to stand up." Yang Lan’s laughter came from behind, the little girls Surprisingly looking back, they found out that the original Yang Shushu had taken Lanxin and Xiaoyan to the small train.

Lan Xin sneaked out of the small head and waved with the friends.

Xiao Xiao played the role of driver at the moment, he was sitting in the cab of the train (of course not the real cab, in order to look more realistic, the real controller's cab was hidden), the little guy is still very serious, I couldn’t help but greet my sisters. He was busy twisting the loose steering wheel as if his father was driving, and his red mouth was shaking and he made a sound.

Of course, if he doesn't have saliva and bubbles, the driver is still quite qualified.

"I have to sit too!" The children rushed over, and the little face shouted excitedly.

"But there is no place on it!" Lan Xin squeezed in the window of the small train, saying it was difficult.

is not that right? Yang Lan must go down to let him go to take care of his younger brother.

"I want to take the boat behind!" Lu Xiaoyu cheerfully pointed at the float behind him and called.

"The fish is hungry, I am with you, okay?" Lu Weisha also tried to speak Chinese.

"Of course!" Lu Xiaoyu smiled.

"Wait for me, I will go to the big ship!" He stayed with his brother for two seconds. When he heard the movement of the little friends outside, he screamed briskly and squeezed out.

Nan Zhaoyu took a fancy to the Chinese-style carriage. He called out: "Who wants to go to the carriage with me?"

However, no one cares about him.

Chen Shiyun is calling the last one to Xiao Wei to a float full of notes.

"Well, let me go!" Nan Zhaoyu scratched his head and climbed the big horse.


The floats didn't last long, but the little ones were very happy. After the end, in order to avoid the hot sunshine, everyone moved their positions and came to the ice castle where they sang a morning!

Everyone walked into the gate about four or five meters high, and the scene in front of them made the little guys excitedly called up: "Wow!"

"It's so beautiful!" Yu Xiaowei looked enviously at the blue in front of her eyes and whispered.

is not that right? Although it is not really ice, it is only a wall paint with blue tone, with a hollow blue glass brick with a gap, using the light diffuse, made the effect of the ice palace!

Not only that, but the ground is also covered with snow-colored tiles, combined with snowmen, snow treasures, and the ice and snow stairs that are everywhere, this hall gives a feeling of real ice and snow palace!

"This is where Aisha’s sister lived, all made of ice!" He couldn’t help it. She took Lu Weisha and Xiao Yan’s hand and walked in the middle of the little friend, introducing passionately. "I told you, oh, that is, before the Spring Festival, my brother and my mom and dad went to Lu Weisha's hometown to play. We also lived in such a big hotel, all made with ice! Evening It’s cold, then it’s blue...”

In the introduction of Yu, the children seem to follow her memory and walk into this wonderful world of ice and snow!


At noon, everyone's lunch was eaten in a western restaurant called "Royal Feast" on the third floor of this ice castle. Listening to the name is very domineering.

In fact, this restaurant is also very domineering. It feels like a palace. For the time being, it does not say the independent dining tables for the ordinary tourists. They are sitting directly in the center of the hall because of Yang Lan’s relationship. The pattern of the church-like top, huge chandeliers, although fake candles, but dozens of candle lights are also bright!

Red lacquered solid wood long table, orthodox western food, a row down, the chair has a red velvet pad, looks quite high-end!

“I feel that we have experienced a feeling of being invited by the Queen of England to attend her dinner!” Yu Xiaowei’s mother, Yu Ying said.

"This is also the blessing of the two bosses!" Chen Guoqiang smiled, and Yang Lan, Lanzhou Kay raised a toast, "I did not see the price, but I guess, such a table, after starting business, want Enjoy it again, it’s estimated that it’s thousands more! Is it? Lan boss?”

"Haha, don't care about these, eat, I think the steak here is doing well, very tender!" Lanzhou Kai smiled and opened the topic.

"But the cake is not good, I still like Yang's father, Ding Xiang's sister also likes it, but Ding Xiang's sister now has a baby, and there is no cake." Lan Xin is on the side, blinking and starting to comment. .

Lan Xin's mouth is still very embarrassing, so good, she has a scale in her heart!

"Yeah! Xiner, we waited for Ding Xiang’s sister to have a baby, and then we will go to play with Ding Xiang’s sister?” Emei said, “There is finally someone smaller than my brother!”

Xiao Yan heard her sister seem to be calling herself. He raised his head in his busy schedule and looked at his sister a little bit worried.

However, he found that the two sisters had a hot discussion, but did not mean to bring him.


Ice and Snow Castle will be the tallest building in the entire Dream City Park. Its height is not only reflected in the appearance, but also in the inside, there is also a feeling of endless!

Each floor has different attractions, such as Aisha’s childhood room, Anna’s childhood room, Xuebao’s bedroom, etc., as well as some fantastic rooms that can be accessed by taking 3D eyes with modern technology!

The children are happy to play in one room and one layer. The adults are so tired that they are too tired to go directly to the elevator, waiting from the bottom floor to the top floor.

But climbed to the top floor, walked out of the dark room, came to the spacious and bright castle balcony, walked around the spire at the balcony with the protective net, looking at the surrounding landscape, watching the sunset glow before sunset, as if The hard work of this afternoon is worth it!

The children are not high enough, they must be picked up by the fathers, in order to cross the high stone wall and look out.

Other children are okay, Xiao Yan also has a mother to hold, but Yu Wei and Lu Weisha are a little embarrassed, Lu Weisha's father did not come, and Yu Xiaowei is also "no" dad... these two "Large" girls who are not light weight, their mother can not afford them!

"Come here, Uncle Yang comes to protect you!" Yang Lan let her hold her neck and kneel on her back, then his left hand is in Xiao Wei, the right hand is a Lu Weisha, and they are all easily hugged. stand up.

"Ah!" He was happy again, and excitedly screamed and giggled.

"Ah!" Yu Xiaowei whispered shyly, and was also a little excited to grab Yang's thick arms.

"Hey, your father, it's amazing!" Lu Weisha laughed happily, and she said with a word.

Behind that "very good", she has listened to countless times from the 曦曦 and Xiao Yan, naturally it is not too smooth.

"Hey!" Hearing that Dad was praised, it seemed that she was boasted, and she was proud of her dancing.

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