House Dad’s Literary Life - Chapter 1299 We will come next time! (season finale)

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The carousel is really an attractive play project. When the children sit up, they don't want to come down. If Yang Lan tells them, there will be fireworks and light show, and the little guys are expected to play until tomorrow.

"Well, let's go see the fireworks!" 曦曦 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸The girl still called her scorpion a bit hoarse.

However, where do children care about their nephew?

After I saw the little girl coming down, I couldn’t help myself. I was excited to rush at the smashing Lan Xin and Yu Xiaowei and other small partners called: "Xin Er, Xiao Wei sister, let's hurry, we have to sit and look good. Location, go see the fireworks!"

Listening to the voice of the little girl who was already hoarse and not so sweet, Yang Lan said with a bit of pain: "Okay, okay, don't worry, no one is robbing us today, don't worry about not having a good position."

Murphy was infected by the buzz of the little guys. Today, she has always been smiling and happy. However, she took a small hand and prepared to leave the carousel with Yang Lan. She couldn’t help but stop. pace.

"Oh..." Murphy looked at the super-large carousel that looked more luminous in the night, sighing softly, and there was always a kind of regret that filled the clouds.

But at this time, the laughter of "嘻嘻" came over. When the little girl saw that her mother had not come over, she actively recruited and waved, and screamed hard: "Ma Ma, we are here!"

Hey, the little girl is still worried that her mother is left behind and can't find directions!

I have to tell stories with my friends, and I have to take care of the mother who is not reliable. But I am very tired!

Murphy heard her daughter's a little broken voice, and she came back. She smiled and took the hand of Xiaoyan. She went up and said, "My sister can't talk anymore, you said today. How many words? Look at the scorpion is dumb, brother, you also talked to your sister, let her not talk."

Xiao Yan just sat on the carousel, turned and turned, and turned a little sleepy. What's more, he had never had a rest today, and he played with his sisters with perseverance and interest. The body was already very tired. Therefore, when Murphy spoke to him, he was sleepy for a while before he looked up and looked at his mother in confusion.


Perhaps it was really tired. Nine children came to watch the best area of ​​the fireworks, and their mom and dad faced the castle. After sitting down on the comfortable bench, they all quieted down, although there were still 嘀The screaming voice, but compared to the afternoon when the castle was just down, it seems that each one has changed from a pimp shrimp to a baby.

But don't watch them play tired, Chen Guoqiang and Chen Shiyun said: "We will go back to the hotel after we finish watching the fireworks, and the mother can't walk!"

Chen Shiyun did not want to, she jumped out from her father and mother, ran to the side of the squat for a while, shouted: "Then you go back, I will play with you!"

"Hey, hey..." He bit his milk sucker and laughed happily.

At this time, suddenly there was a clear and sharp whistle in the sky: "biu..."

Yang Lan hurriedly greeted everyone to look at the sky: "Look, it's time!"

I saw a fireball cut through the sky. When I reached the top of the ice castle, it suddenly exploded. It was like a thousand trees and pear blossoms. The fireworks that bloomed suddenly lit up the whole sky!

"Wow!" Not only are the children amazed, but the adults have also admired them.

But this is only a small beginning, as if the prologue was pulled apart, more fireworks flew into the sky and exploded. For a time, the black night sky seemed to be illuminated by the light curtain, and it was changing, for a while It is warm and beautiful orange, and it is noble and elegant purple, green, orange and so on. It blooms in various angles and various forms!

Not only in the park, but also with her friends, moms and dads, who can enjoy this beautiful scenery, choose to stay at a nearby hotel at a high price, or visit the newly opened commercial street and snack street nearby. They also looked up in surprise and saw a silver tree silver flower mapped from the distant sky.

“There is still such an operation?” A tourist muttered to herself, and she turned to patted her trouser pocket with joy. There are tickets for tomorrow to enter. “It’s estimated tomorrow, it seems that the ticket has to be retired, I To play until the evening, wait for a close look at the fireworks show!"

Her side, there are many people who have taken out their mobile phones and photographed the sky.

Some are journalists, some are ordinary people, but it doesn't matter. Ordinary people want to get in the circle of friends in advance: "Look, tomorrow, the buddies are going to play, now it seems that there are still many surprises!"


But in fact, what I saw in the distance is far from the strong shock of Yang Lan and the children who are close to the distance!

What's more, in addition to the fireworks show, you can see the light show that you can't see outside the park at close range!

There are countless controllable light bulbs on the exterior of the ice and snow castle. With the rhythm of the fireworks show, the ice and snow castles are constantly changing its color.

At its most beautiful time, the whole castle seems to be covered with purple and white and gradual colors. It seems that the castle is inlaid with countless amethysts and diamonds!

"Wow! So beautiful!" Hey, his eyes were blurred, and the two little hands were held in front of him, unconsciously admiring.

It seems to be a princess like Aisha's sister, and then I can live in such a beautiful big castle!

The little girl looked at this unprecedented grand scene, and the active thinking began to turn. She was imaginative and her heart was filled with joy of happiness.


However, when the performance of the beautiful beauty was over, I saw that the fireworks show had passed through the most splendid peaks, and gradually began to weaken and close, and everyone felt a sense of insufficiency.

I couldn't help but look up, and my bright, big eyes looked forward to my father: "Hey, let's play later, okay?"

"Well, as long as you want to come, Dad will accompany you to play." Yang Xiao smiled. "We can come infinitely, and then there will be more fun, like the opposite island, after we have finished developing, we can Take the boat and take the cable car in the past, there are more exciting things you can't think of!"

"I want to come... Yang Dad, I have to play with you, okay?" Lan Xin actually heard the dialogue between Yan and Yang Lan from the noise of the fireworks. She ran over and squeezed in In Yang’s arms, he smiled at him.

"Of course, how can we drop our most lovely lover?" Yang Xiao smiled and pinched Lan Xin's little face.

曦曦 曦曦 偎 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸Ma Ma, younger brother, Xiner, Lu Weisha, Xiaowei sister, Chen Shiyun... and grandparents, grandparents, little aunts..."

The little girl counted her own relatives and friends. Suddenly, she remembered something. She quickly pulled her a bit hoarse voice and added: "And, there are! Xiao Guoshushu and Ding Xiang sister, and they The little baby, when the little baby grows up, we have to bring the little baby to play together."

Yang Hao listened, and the more he loved and licked his small head: "That must be, we must call everyone, everyone together, always happy!"

"Hey!" 曦曦 曦曦 撒 撒 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸

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Returning to the hotel in the evening, Otaru had already been sleepy in his father’s arms, and he was also, after taking a shower, tiredly kneeling on the bed and playing the "Glutinous Chicken", hit After a while, after asleep, she did not wait for her mother to wipe the body, and she fell asleep.

"I am so sleepy, I am tired today..." Murphy covered the quilt for two very sweet little guys. She was a little pitiful on the bed and looked at Yang Lan.

So tired, you must be comforted by your husband!

However, Yang Lan smiled mysteriously: "I still can't rest, I still have a surprise to give you! Get up, put on the clothes, we will come back when we go out!"

"Ah? Going out?" Murphy's mouth slammed and rolled up in bed.

She still didn't want to get up. In the end, she still wanted Yang to hug and kiss, and then she got up lazily.


"Where are you going?" Murphy sat in the car opened by Yang Lan, and asked some doubts.

But Yang Lan does not say that he has been laughing mysteriously, so that Murphy is like a hundred claws scratching his heart, hating teeth itching.

Only the building in front was getting more and more familiar. Murphy recognized this road fool. She was surprised to ask: "Is this not the way to the amusement park?"

Of course, I went to the amusement park. Yang Lan had already arranged everything. When his car arrived, the staff opened the door and Yang Lan drove the car directly to the carousel ride!

The ice and snow castle has been turned off, and other projects have been turned off. The entire amusement park is dark and only waiting for tomorrow's trial operation.

But in the carousel, it is like the scene in the movie. It is the only place where the lights are lit in the night, but it is bright and bright, just like the galaxy!

Now, where does Murphy still understand what Yang Lan wants to do?

She looked at Yang Lan, who had just stopped the car, with a look of her face. Her soft heart was filled with happiness and joy at every corner!

Yang Lan wandered around and opened the door of Murphy. He put a very gentleman's posture and said with a smile: "My queen is kneeling, please get off, let's take the carousel!"

Isn't there a sentence?

If she is not deeply involved, she will take her to see the prosperity of the world; if her heart has been vicissitudes, take her to a carousel.

Although Murphy has no vicissitudes of life, sometimes he is as stupid as a child, but Yang Lan still knows that Murphy still has a little burden in the past six months. Yang Lan thinks that she is happy to be like a child, forgetting those unpleasant things. thing.

Sure enough, without Yang Yu’s expectation, Murphy held a sigh of relief and smiled. She reached out and let Yang Lan pull, and then came down from the car.

“Does the staff not have to rest? We are so a bit too disturbing to others?” Murphy and Yang Lan walked hand in hand and walked into the ticket gate of the Carousel Recreation Area, and could not help but whisper.

"It doesn't matter, I have already said it." Yang Hao comforted.

Entering the pool of the carousel, Murphy's smile is more invented, white teeth, charming smiles, filled with joy, and her love for Yang Lan.

Yang Lan helped her to help the "reindeer", and Murphy couldn't wait to get Yang Lan to sit up, and it was safe to have a hand on her waist.

"Tonight, I want to sit with you on a carousel." Murphy grabbed the pillar with both hands, leaned back and leaned in Yang's arms, and said with joy, "just 曦曦 and 曈曈Let us get out of the way."

"So now is the best time!" Yang Xiao smiled, and he slammed the outside staff.

Finally, the carousel began to turn. Murphy just wanted to wave his hand and cheered happily with the little girls tonight, but the music from the ear suddenly made Murphy scream.

There are songs?

And it’s not lettgo that I’ve gotten tired this evening!

Just as the Trojan was spinning and the melody changed, Yang Lan slid gently in her ear, accompanied by rhythm: "Looking at the face, sitting on the wooden horse, listening to music, talking about wishes..."

Yes, Yang Lan, this guy, in order to respond to the scene, is to change the very good song "The most romantic thing" into the current lyrics.

But he sang softly, and a soft breath came from his ear. Murphy couldn't help but feel a little frenzy. A kind of romance that couldn't be said began to smash in his heart.

"You want me to be more and more gentle, I hope you put me in my heart..."

Listening to the lyrics that Yang Lan sang, Murphy suddenly had an inexplicable feeling. It seemed that she had returned to the time when her relationship with Yang Lan began to ease.

is not that right?

At that time, Yang Hao was fierce, and Murphy had never seen him full of grievances. Naturally, he was cold-faced. But in my heart, Murphy didn’t want Yang Hao to be gentle... okay, she didn’t miss it, Yang Lan was getting more and more gentle, and she opened her frozen heart.

Think of it this way. Perhaps, at that time, Yang Lan, as he sang in his lyrics, hopes to put him in his heart?

"Sorry, husband, I used to be cold to you." Murphy couldn't help but grab the hand of Yang Lan holding his belly and said with apologies.

However, Yang Lan paused and pulled out his hand. The index finger pressed on Murphy's lips and did not allow her to apologize.

He continued to sing softly: "I can think of the most romantic thing, that is, grow old with you, collect a bit of laughter along the way, stay in the future, sit on the rocking chair, talk slowly..."

Murphy was touched by this lyric. She sat on a rotating wooden horse, and her two arms were gently opened, so that she completely embraced Yang Lan’s arms.

I was saddened and moved, and I made a tearful crystal. They all made a happy smile on her lips. As the Trojans rotate, they seem to be swaying in the night wind!

When the full happiness retreats from the mind, and gives Murphy a little room to think, Murphy hears Yang Lan singing the last paragraph: "I can think of the most romantic thing, is to be with you. Gradually grow old, until we can't go anywhere, I still, treat you as a treasure in your hand..."

She lay happily in Yang's arms for a while, then turned around in a mischievous manner, smiled at her favorite person and said, "No, no, I can't grow old so soon. I will come here to continue playing." Now! We will do this next time, secretly!"

"That must be!" Yang Xiao smiled and reached for a scrape on her nose.

The two embraced each other, and the happiness took a while to spin the horse, but after gradually getting happy, the thought returned to reality.

"That... husband, you said, we will leave our children in the hotel, will it be a little bad if you come out of the waves?" Murphy asked a little worried.

"It seems to be a bit bad..." Yang Lan scratched his head.

He also thought of giving Murphy a romantic expression, did not think so much!

They smiled and quickly jumped from the carousel.

Murphy took Yang Lan’s hand and laughed with a silver bell. The two started to run outside like a child: “Oh, that can’t stay too long, fast, go back and see child!"

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