How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 627 The first step to becoming a holy emperor, Huofeng

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Chapter 627: The First Step to Become a Holy Emperor, Fire Phoenix

Why do these monsters have blood bars? Chapter 627 of the main text volume.

But since Li Jingping's domain completely covered the rift space, everything has been decided by him.

All the players who stayed in the crack space and the treasure hunters of Yelan City were immediately thrown out.

at the same time.

Since the rift space has fallen into the Small Universe Realm, its external exit has also disappeared.

No one would disturb Li Jing's refinement.

Chen Yuran can also go through the catastrophe without any worries.

There is plenty of time.


as time flows.

The rift space is gradually being eroded and refined, gradually showing a trend of assimilating with the Small Universe.


It changed from an endless horizon to a gray planet, with the blue planet transformed from the Small Universe as the parent star, slowly orbiting in the shape of a satellite.

During this period.

The blue planet and the gray planet resonate with each other.

The vigorous vitality exuded by the four trees of life has affected the gray planet that is almost barren in the eternal night because of the sleeping candle dragon.

In a blink of an eye, the ground is full of greenery.

Many weak creatures evolved and became the first batch of native creatures after the gray planet merged into the Small Universe Realm.

And the creatures that originally lived in the cracked space are also collectively undergoing transformation under the influence of the parent star.

Some transformed into spirit beasts, and some transformed into monsters and ominous creatures.

With one more star, the blue planet transformed from the Small Universe Realm has also undergone earth-shaking changes.

The first is the evolution of tidal rules that did not exist in the past.

Then there are many related rules presented.

Many native species in the Xiaoqiankun world have been transformed by this.

The most amazing thing is.

When the blue planet and the gray planet resonate with each other and produce various changes, the depths of the starry sky show a touch of fiery red.

Presented with this flaming red.

Originally, the sunrise and sunset were just illusory small universes, but there is a real sun.

With sunrise and sunset.

And the appearance of the sun once again caused changes like a butterfly effect in the Small Universe.

The already boundless starry sky quietly expands outwards, and has a tendency to develop into a vast universe.

The creatures on the blue planet and the gray planet who have just completed a wave of transformation, then ushered in a new change again.

Some creatures have evolved phototaxis.

sunrise activity.

Sunset sleeps.

Some creatures have evolved the ability to chase darkness.

Move at sunset.

Sleep at sunrise.

Corresponding changes are also evident in plant ecology.

This seems to be a change that makes everything more natural and reasonable, and brings more room for growth to many creatures and trees and vegetation.

A small number of creatures and trees and vegetation even transformed into brand new species directly through this change.

Focusing on all kinds of things here, Li Jing became enlightened.

Accidentally taking this step out of habit because of my habit, is the only way to become a holy emperor.

It's just that his way of walking may be different from others.

What kind of conditions are needed to become a holy emperor seriously.

Li Jing didn't know.

But he knows.

Apart from myself, there may be other beings who possess the Qi of Hunyuan, but it is not so coincidental that they have obtained the inheritance of Yaochi, possessing the Qing Qi born from the Longevity Method of the Supreme Purity.

Want to refine the outer world.

Both are indispensable.


He is the first and only one to walk out of the path of the Holy Emperor in this way.

Feeling all kinds of changes in the world of the small universe, Li Jing chose to gather his mind and end his meditation.

he doesn't know this

How long will it be.

But I'm afraid it won't be short.

It's time for him to wake up.

Can't continue.

Open your eyes.

Chen Yuran, who was in Transcending Tribulation, was no longer there.

next second.

Li Jing felt it, and then frowned.

With a movement of his feet, he teleported from the gray planet to a high-end apartment in Tianque City on the blue mother planet.

Just at this time.

There was a loud "boom" in the kitchen, and the moving door was lifted out of the door with a force that shouldn't have been blasted.

Seeing this, the corner of Li Jing's mouth twitched, and with a thought, he stopped the moving door that was about to hit his face.

at the same time.

Coughing, Chen Yuran quickly walked out of the kitchen where she had just been beaten, holding a girl in her arms in a puff of black smoke.

Seeing Li Jing head on, she froze for a moment and then burst into a dark smile.

Li Jing smiled, his eyes fell on the girl in his arms.

At first glance.

This girl looks 60% like him...

Seeing this situation, Li Jing is more than a little confused?

The key girl is more than just like him.

Just looking at him, Li Jing felt the affection of blood thicker than water.

Intuition told him.

This is his own daughter.

So here comes the problem...

When did this girl exist?

Seeing the blood bar above the girl's head showing 4217, Li Jing couldn't help but think of Yu Lian.

There are health bars.

It certainly couldn't be the result of Chen Yuran's "study and practice" with him before.

It couldn't be Liu Sisi either.

It can only be Yu Lian...

If the question was from Yu Liansheng, would she feel at ease to hand over the baby to Chen Yuran, who would blow up the kitchen at any time?

Li Jing was looking at the girl, and the girl was also looking at him.

Suddenly, the girl smiled and stretched out her two little hands.


Li Jing.


He simply could not refuse.

Chen Yuran looked at the father and the father, and the girl called out to her father for a hug. With a smile on her lips, she came over and handed the girl out.

Seeing this, Li Jing subconsciously reached out to take it.

Then, he looked at Chen Yuran. Just about to ask, the latter smiled playfully.

? ? ?

Li Jing.

What the hell?

His birth?

Don't say he doesn't have this function.

In order to refine the rift space, he is always in deep meditation.

How can I have free time to have cubs?

While he was in a daze, Li Jing froze.

He knew that the fire phoenix eggs in the sea were gone.

With downcast eyes like a ghost, Li Jing and the girl in his arms looked at each other.

Catching attention, the girl blinked her jewel-like eyes twice, and suddenly gave him a head tilt.

With this action.

When Li Jing was poked, he also saw a sky fire imprint similar to Qingluan hidden in the Qi Liuhai in front of the girl's forehead.


It's Huofeng who has been doing this for a long time! ?

I am so surprised.

Li Jing didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and looked at Chen Yuran.

Chen Yuran responded, looked out the window and said.

? ? ?

Li Jing.

Good guy.

Is the situation so complicated?

The fire phoenix ran out of the newborn sun, so I am afraid that the appearance of the sun is actually related to this little guy.

Looking down at the little guy in his arms whose face was blown black and extremely cute, Li Jing subconsciously tightened her grip and at the same time asked Chen Yuran.

Chen Yuran responded, took out a wet towel and wiped his face.

Li Jing stared and said strangely.

Chen Yuran smiled and said.

Li Jing raised his eyebrows upon hearing this.

Just about to speak, Chen Yuran said.

As she spoke, she had a half-smile.


Li Jing made a question mark, then frowned.


Huofeng has been resurrected.

Where did Qingluan, who had been waiting for her to see the sun again, go?

Subconsciously sense the Small Universe.

Li Jing didn't find Qingluan.

Looking at Chen Yuran in doubt, he asked.

Chen Yuran shrugged.

? ? ?

Li Jing.

Before he could ask a question, Chen Yuran smiled and stretched out his hand to poke the baby's tender face.


Li Jing.

The reason is quite easy to understand.

So Qingluan is in a mood now?

But Li Jing changed his mind.

After Huofeng "settled" in his sea of ​​consciousness, Qingluan never left the Small Universe Realm for a moment.

Isn't it for the moment when the fire phoenix descends?


He should have known early on that the newly born Huofan had no memory of his previous life, and he would treat the first person he saw as his parents.

That's a little embarrassing, isn't it?

Once Huofeng is about to be born, Li Jing will notify Qingluan as soon as possible.

This was agreed between the two of them in advance.

When the problematic little guy came out, he was in a deep meditation.

Seeing Li Jing's stiff face, Chen Yuran chuckled and said.

"You take the little guy out to find Sister Qingluan first, I have to tidy up this kitchen, and I will come out to find you later."

Li Jing subconsciously should be good.

But looking at the kitchen that was still emitting heavy smoke, he silently chose to stuff Huofeng into Chen Yuran's arms.

Chen Yuran blinked when she heard the words, "Oh" and walked to the bathroom with her long legs and Huofeng in her arms, leaving a sentence behind.

Li Jing turned his head and watched her go away, raised his hand and rubbed his brows and walked into the kitchen.

Just entered the door.

He's straight up a good guy.

There is only one shelf left in the entire Lingqi stove.

The spiritual energy bottle on the side was directly disemboweled...

Around the kitchen, there are various kitchen utensils that were torn apart during the explosion.


How did you do it?

Li Jing thought deeply, but then put the question behind him.

Chen Yuran already had a good reputation on Blue Star.

That's why she never went into the kitchen.

To clean up the blasting site, Li Jing did not use the power of the world in the small universe, but chose to do it himself.

He is omnipotent in the Small Universe.

But what moves those too convenient forces,

Not a good thing.

After cleaning, Li Jing and Chen Yuran, who had been waiting in the living room with Huofeng, left the Small Universe Realm and returned to Chen Yong Pass.

half a year.

Chentangguan has changed a lot.

First of all, there are too many people.

People who come and go are no longer the only ones from Xianle Palace and Taxue Shop.

on the way.

Many fresh faces can be seen well-groomed.

Most of them wear school uniforms.

In front of the placket, there are badges with or with the word "or".


These new faces are the disciples recruited by Star God Hall and Qingyuan Immortal Palace from a fresh start.


During his absence for half a year, Sikong Lu and Long Xiang worked very hard to rebuild their family.

Take a look at the past.

Although the cultivation bases of these new faces are generally not very good, and many of them are even beginners with only one level of cultivation base.

But that's really a lot of people.

There are people.

What else is bad to say? Give them time and sooner or later they will grow up.

Except people.

There have been many expansions and reconstructions at Chentangguan.

There are many modern buildings on the ground that have been constructed, and there are also traces of reconstruction in the sky city suspended above the clouds. It is worth mentioning that.

The remnants of the ancient gods have grown well in the past six months.

Originally, they had become Xiaodouding because they had stepped into the eighth realm, but now they have the ninth and tenth realms respectively, and at the same time, their bodies have also returned to normal after reaching the corresponding level of cultivation.

This time.

Really pleasing to the eye a lot.

Looking at the many changes visible to the naked eye, Li Jing was sincerely moved.

After hearing the words, Chen Yuran nodded in disbelief, glanced over, and said mercilessly.

Li Jing was dumbfounded.

Although this is true.

But he is the sect master after all, isn't he?

Anyway, give me some face!

Looking at Chen Yuran who was walking beside him, Li Jing said cautiously.

Chen Yuran paused, and suddenly made a small face.


Li Jing.


He was wrong.

Looking at someone who was dumbfounded, Chen Yuran chuckled.

While speaking, she stopped and pushed Huofeng who was dozing off in her arms.


Li Jing.


He admired Chen Yuran for saying such things without blushing.

He didn't say anything about the wheel of the car.

She had been blushing and shy for a while even holding a little hand, and her skin was getting thicker and thicker.

Liu Sisi and others have practiced in closed doors for nearly a hundred years, so she has to work hard.

How can she say that?

Is she addicted or something?

Wu Yan looked at Chen Yuran who looked at peace of mind, Li Jing really didn't know what to say for a while.

Since there was still a child, Li Jing coughed lightly.

Chen Yuran pursed her lips a little reluctantly when she heard the words, but in the end she reluctantly complied, and gave him a sweet kiss very naturally, then turned and walked away.

Li Jing watched her go away, and walked into a nearby bar with a light breath.

Qingluan is here.

With his primordial perception, he can easily sense it.

However, as soon as he entered the door, a waiter came over and stopped him.

? ? ?

Li Jing.

who is he?

Lord of Chentang Pass.

Are you still not allowed to enter the bar on your own land?

Just about to say, do you know who I am, the waiter pointed to the sign beside him.

Li Jing subconsciously turned his head.

Seeing such a slogan, Li Jing twitched his mouth and looked down at Huofeng who was already sleeping with his thumb in his arms.

What to do?

My heart is so tired!

Exhaling heavily, Li Jing stuffed the fire phoenix into the small universe, and then smiled.

When the waiter saw this hand, he naturally realized that Li Jing was an emperor, so he nodded and turned sideways to get out of the way.

He gave in.

Not because of Emperor Zun's face.

Today's Chentangguan. It's really nothing rare for Emperor Zun to come and go.

Emperor Zun, which is rare to see in other places, has ten digits in Chentangguan.

And all of them are very close to the people.

Several of them prefer to go to entertainment places and have fun with the public.


Some things also faded in Chentangguan.

Ordinarily, when meeting Emperor Zun in the outside world, who doesn't respect him at a respectful distance, for fear of being offended and being killed?

There is no such thing in Chentangguan.

First of all, there are only Chentangguan people in Chentangguan.

This is one big family.

it's here.

It's good that the strong still need respect, but they don't need too much awe.

Li Jingyou saw the waiter's bland reaction, smiled and nodded.

The situation in front of him was exactly what he hoped for.

Although it is unrealistic for everyone to be equal, he hopes that at least in Chentangguan, there will not be too much power constraints.

In a relatively relaxed environment, go hand in hand.

This is not higher than your cultivation level, so I have to go around or lick you better?

Into the bar.

Li Jing quickly found Qingluan who was playing video games in a private room deep inside.

When he entered the door, he saw someone playing vigorously with a handle in his mouth, and the corners of Li Jing's mouth twitched again and again.

This scene.

It seems that what Chen Yuran told him are two different things?

the other side.

Qingluan froze when she saw Li Jing coming in, silently put the handle on the table, her eyes wandered twice and she made a guilty sound.

Li Jing responded.

Sitting down, he took a look at the handle that was slightly soaked in sweat, and turned his head speechlessly.

Before finishing speaking, Qingluan coughed.

"At first I was a little

I'm happy, but I'm not a child, how can I always be worried about this kind of thing? Besides, Huofeng just has no memory recovery for the time being, sooner or later she will remember everything. After a while, she will think of me. "

After rambling on and on, she showed a serious face.

Li Jing hesitated, scratched his head and said.

"To be honest, I don't know too well. It can be speculated that the appearance of the sun is closely related to the resurrection of the little guy. During this period, the conditions should be met."

Period receivables are two certain conditions.

Qingluan had no choice but to make a sound when he heard the words.

Li Jing shook his head and said.

While speaking, Li Jing touched the sleeping Huofeng out.

Qingluan's eyes lit up when he saw this, but he wanted to reach out but didn't dare.

Li Jing frowned.

At this time, Qingluan smiled wryly.

As she spoke, she twitched a little.


Li Jing.

Good guy.

Has all the threats and temptations come?

How much does Qingluan want to take advantage of Huofeng?


If Qingluan hadn't told her in person, Li Jing really couldn't have imagined that she would have such a side in her normal life.

Shaking his head without laughing, Li Jing stuffed the fire phoenix into Qingluan's arms.

Hearing someone say that, Qingluan smiled.

Li Jing hates iron but not steel.

Qingluan felt aggrieved, and then spoke out as if humbly asking for advice.

Li Jing smacked his lips.

But he doesn't know how to coax the child.

After thinking about it, Li Jing spoke seriously.


Qing Luan.

Li Jing here. UU reading

Can you be more perfunctory?

Just being speechless, a weak child's voice sounded.

Qingluan was taken aback when he heard the sound, then lowered his head in astonishment.

Li Jing was also stunned.

Huofeng, are you awake?

So the little guy pretended to be asleep from before?

For a moment, both of them looked weird.

pretend to sleep.

This is second.

The key is that Huofeng called Qingluan directly.


It shows that the little thing does remember Qingluan, but he doesn't recognize it on purpose.

Li Jing was a good guy at the time.

Qingluan was stunned for a moment, Liu Mei raised her hand and pinched Huofeng's little girl.


Huofeng took a deep breath, and said in a milky voice.

Qingluan gritted her teeth, and twisted Huofeng's buttocks 180 degrees.

Huofeng even only has the cultivation base of the late stage of the third realm, how can it withstand the attack of Qingluan, an emperor-level divine beast?

The little guy was screaming in pain at that time, and hurriedly cast a pitiful look at Li Jing asking for help.

But then.

She froze for a moment.

in front of you.

Where is Li Jing?

her father...

It has slipped away without anyone noticing.

Qingluan also quickly found out that Li Jing had already slipped away, and silently let go of Huofeng's butt, she let out a sigh of relief.

Huofeng made a sound, and said in a milky and old-fashioned voice.

After that, she snorted again.

Qingluan rolled her eyes when she heard the words, and said dumbly.

As she spoke, she gritted her teeth and pinched Huofeng's **** again.

Huofeng was embarrassed, and suddenly turned her head to the door.

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