How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 629 Inherited by bloodline

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The next evening.

Small Universe.

At the bottom of Hidden Dragon Lake, the resting place of human saints.

Li Jing sat on the ground beside the crystal bed where the saint was placed, with a gloomy expression on his face.

This time yesterday.

He was hit by a wave of human-fox mixed doubles from Chen Yuran and Yu Lian.

The reason, of course, was because of his whimsical request.

It's nothing.

Just beat it, what's the big deal?

Not to mention his rough skin and thick flesh.

At least the two women finally fulfilled his little wish half-heartedly.

However, what Li Jing didn't expect was that.

him today.

It's really a little fast.

But not that fast.

It's that the improvement he brought to Taoist companions through double cultivation is a bit faster.

First of all, he was beaten for an hour.

After wishing.

In less than two hours, Yu Lian passed the catastrophe...

At that time.

Li Jing felt that it was because of his high cultivation base and sanctified body, Yu Lian could absorb more from the racial talent of a fox demon.

Then there was the reason that the difference between the two realms was too large, which caused Yu Lian, who had just stepped into the eleventh realm, to step into the twelfth realm at a speed that was even more outrageous than a rocket, ushering in a catastrophe.

But he didn't expect it.

Only three hours after Yu Lian, Chen Yuran also passed the tribulation.

And it's the kind of life that can't be held back...

This certainly cannot be related to his realm or the sanctification of his body.

Yu Lian is a fox demon.

Has a racial talent bonus.

Chen Yuran did not.

And she doesn't have a special physique like Liu Sisi.

Previously, she was promoted with the help of double cultivation, it was purely because she was enough to "study hard and practice hard".

Chen Yuran also stepped into the twelfth realm so quickly, isn't that a bit unreasonable?

Li Jing thought about it and finally determined the problem.

The reason why the promotion of the two women can be so incredible.

It's not that he has a high realm, or that his body is sanctified, or that there are hidden bonuses for three people traveling together.

The key factor.

It is mixed.

Li Jing has six origins.

There was no Hunyuan Qi before.

The six origins are distinct and complement each other.

After having Hunyuan Qi, it is not the case.

him today.

Under the influence of Hunyuan Qi, the six origins form a complete whole.

No matter what he does.

The six origins are all synergistic, working together and exerting force together.

Originally, Li Jing didn't think too much about it.

It wasn't until yesterday that he realized that this had affected the efficiency of his dual cultivation exercises.

think carefully.

The dual-cultivation technique that has no sense of existence on weekdays is not just that simple to use, the second source with Feijian Qingfeng as the main body is produced because of this dual-cultivation technique.


It's a bit tricky to tell the truth...

The dual-cultivation technique that should have only one source of support suddenly has six sources of support...

The accumulation of these six origins is not as simple as one plus one equals two.

Due to the extreme BUG effect of Hunyuan Yiqi, there is also an evil spirit equal to about 30% of the total power of his six original sources mixed in it.

Calculate it with a not-so-clever algorithm.

Conservatively calculating the efficiency of his exercise with Hunyuan Qi, it is at least nine times that of the previous single-source operation.

nine times...

It's a bit hard to think not to be outrageous!

Not to mention that this is the calculation method obtained by Li Jing's clumsy method of accumulation. In fact, the effect of his exercise must be far more than nine times.

The key you have to know.

He not only has

Hun Yuan Qi.

The level of the Immortal King of the Fifteen Realms and the sanctified body also have a lot of influence on this.

That's embarrassing, isn't it?

It is a good thing that one's own Taoist companion can be improved at an unimaginable speed.

Li Jing doesn't mind "making" his Taoist companions into half-step Guiyuan one after another, or even immortal kings in a short period of time.

But this.

Has it seriously hindered his "happiness"?

You see, he was beaten by a man and a fox, and he finally got what he wanted, but he was forced to end before he started seriously.

He raised his head and took a sip of the top-grade wine brewed by Li Lingyin, Li Jing exhaled heavily.

"Saint, sage, do you know my current difficulty?"

Of course, it is impossible for the human saint at this time to say that there will be any movement.

Not to mention she fell into a deep sleep.

Before Li Jing was in danger in the crack space, she was the one who induced the Great World Heavenly Dao to stay behind her. During this period, she was half dead and must have paid a heavy price.

You don't have to think about it.

At this moment, the state of the saint of the human race is even more worrying than the original half-dead state.

Li Jing naturally understood the truth.

But he was suffering in his heart and had nowhere to say it!

this kind of thing.

It's not just someone you can talk to.

Just as he was about to say a few more words, Li Jing suddenly felt something in his heart.

He got up and left the wine gourd in his hand beside the saint's pillow. With a movement of his body, he teleported to the island in the middle of the lake.

At this time, Qingluan just came in with Huofeng in his arms.

Seeing someone head on, both of them were taken aback for a moment.

Then Huofeng pouted her mouth high to show her dissatisfaction with her own father.

Qingluan spoke softly.

"You came just in time, I have something to tell you."


Li Jing nodded, looked at Huofeng, who was pouting her mouth, who didn't want to see her, took a look, pinched her chubby face with a smile, and sent her to the pavilion on the top of Hidden Dragon Mountain with a thought.

Huofeng was sent away suddenly, Qingluan was stunned for a while, and then looked over.

"It seems that you have guessed a little bit?"

"It is expected to be a little bit, but I don't know the details."

Li Jing responded, took Qingluan to teleport to the gazebo on the top of Hidden Dragon Mountain and sat down, took out Qingxin tea and poured two cups.

"This tea has an excellent calming effect, drink some to calm your mind, and then we will talk."

Qingluan nodded silently, picked up the teacup and took a sip.

Qingxin tea into the stomach.

Her mood suddenly calmed down a lot.

Putting down the teacup, Qingluan pursed her red lips and spoke in a low voice.

"It's true that Huofeng was reborn, but her strength, personality, memory, and blood were incomplete. To be precise, most of the things that should have been gradually revived after her resurrection were left behind to allow her to descend. in the living sun."

Hearing such a narration, Li Jing frowned slightly.

Most of the power, personality, memory, and blood of Huofeng are contained in his newborn sun, which he really didn't notice, nor could he notice. Because in his feelings.

This is a sun that meets the rules of thousands of things and brings vitality and temperature to the earth and all things.

Looking up at the hot sun hanging high in the sky, Li Jing asked.

"Is there any way to solve this situation?"

"I don't know."

Qingluan shook his head and said.

"Perhaps she can be recovered by taking back what she once owned, but she obviously doesn't have that ability, and if she really takes back everything, it will probably affect your Small Universe."

Li Jing was silent.

This problem is indeed a bit difficult to solve.

With the current strength of Huofeng. Not to mention that it is impossible to get back what she lost.

What she lost seemed to have become a part of the Small Universe.


Even if Li Jing himself wants to divide

It is impossible to leave.

Whether it will affect the Small Universe Realm is another matter that needs to be discussed at all.

Just that family affection that blood is thicker than water.

If it can be done, Li Jing will be able to be ruthless even if he destroys his small world and starts over from scratch.

The problem is he can't do it.

Qingluan knew Li Jing's character.

The partnership contract has little effect on her now.

But her trust and dependence on Li Jing never changed.

With a slight sigh, Qingluan spoke.

"For the time being, we can only take one step at a time."

As she spoke, she spoke softly.

"Strictly speaking, Huofeng is no longer a phoenix lineage but a half-demon. For her who was born as a divine beast, this is equivalent to being knocked down countless levels. But her half-demon posture is no worse than being a phoenix. Poor pulse."


Li Jing made a question mark.

"How do you say that?"

"She is a natural saint."

Qingluan's red lips parted slightly.

Li Jing frowned upon hearing this.

"Can we use this 'technical term,'?"

"It is her birth that sanctifies the flesh."

Qingluan responded, saying.

"It's just that she is young now, and the Holy Eucharist has not yet been clearly manifested."


Li Jing took a breath and said.

"So, Xiao Huofeng inherited my physique?"


Qing Luan.

"Your physique?"

"You didn't move your hands, you shouldn't be able to see it."

Li Jing shrugged and smiled.

"Actually, I have been sanctified in the flesh, and the little fire phoenix is ​​a natural holy body, which is probably inseparable from this."

Receiving this response, Qingluan was stunned again and again.

How did Li Jing become a saint in the flesh?

When did it happen?

With a confused face, Qingluan hesitated to speak out.

"Huofeng also said that she doesn't seem to have only one source in her body, she seems to be born with three..."

"Is there such a thing?"

Li Jing was surprised and said.

"This is probably also influenced by me. I have six origins."

? ? ?

Qing Luan.

"Don't believe it."

Li Jing smiled and said.

"You should have already seen that the power I can use in the corresponding realm is several times greater than that of my opponents in the same realm. This is the reason why I have six origins. Linglong and the others can have cultivation as artifacts, because Because their bodies represent one of my origins."

Hearing such words, Qingluan's face was filled with disbelief.

The power that Li Jing can use in the corresponding realm is surprisingly large, and Linglong and other artifacts have cultivation bases.

These unreasonable, she has seen in the past.

Unexpectedly, the reason is that no matter practitioners, monsters or aliens, there should be only one origin.

Looking intently at Li Jing, Qingluan whispered.

"May I ask, are you human?"

Li Jing was dumbfounded, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"Whether I am a human being or not, don't you, who signed a partnership contract with me, not know?"

Before Qingluan could respond, Li Jing thought about it.

"I didn't think it was right before. The fire phoenix came out of the sun, but when I saw her, I felt very cordial. There was a feeling that blood is thicker than water. She inherited so much affection from me."

While speaking, he spread his hands to draw out a trace of colorless Hunyuan Qi in his palms.

"She, can she have this power?"

Seeing Hunyuan Qi in his eyes, Qingluan Mei stared and said.

"She does have some of this special power, but it's pitifully weak. She doesn't know how to increase it, thinking it's due to her own natural sanctity, which grows with age."

Li Jing nodded when he heard the words, and said.

"Tell her that what is needed to increase this power is not practice or aging, but that she has been involved in enough practice."

Hearing someone's words, Qingluan frowned slightly.

"Wouldn't it be more appropriate for you to tell her yourself about this kind of thing?"

"Qingluan, you now know a lot about Blue Star culture."

Li Jing opened his mouth and said.

"What are the consequences of having a baby with a father, do you understand?"


Qing Luan.

father with baby...

That's all as long as you don't die.

Of course this is just a joke.

Qingluan didn't think Li Jing would be so outrageous.

But when someone said that, Qingluan really felt a little worried.

After all, it is a fire phoenix...

Even if she can no longer be called the Phoenix lineage, she is still her.

With a slight cough, Qingluan made a sound.

"Huofeng is now a half-demon. She can follow the path of a demon's cultivation body, or she can practice a human cultivation system and learn various spells."

As she spoke, she bit her red lips lightly.

"You Blue Star people often say that elite education should start from an early age. In order for Huofeng to grow better, I need super access to the training data of the Tianque City server."

"You can tell Xiaoyi about this and it's over, she will give you permission."

Li Jing smiled and said.

"In a way, you are also a mistress of our old Li's family."

Qingluan was slightly taken aback when he heard the sound, and then spat lightly.

"I'm not married yet, and I'm still innocent, don't talk nonsense!"

"Didn't I say something? I didn't say you were innocent or anything."

Li Jing winked.

Greeting someone like this, Qingluan's pretty face was a little blush, she gave him a look and said "I don't care about you", then turned and walked to the back pavilion to find Xiao Huofeng.

Seeing that Qingluan showed the side of her little daughter, Li Jing smiled secretly and didn't say she wanted to show off.

Some jokes, just talk about it.

Excessive and inappropriate.

Even with the "bonus" of the partner contract, it was impossible for Qingluan and him to take that step.

Don't talk about other things.

Qingluan's thoughts are always on Huofeng.

It has been from the beginning.

With a light breath, Li Jing got up and left the Small Universe.


After a while.

Zhenyuan Tower.

Qin Jing quietly touches Liu Jiajia, the Jing'an ants who are retreating, the casual courier always stops the small and big swelling.

Not only Liu Sisi was alone in this quiet room, but also Ya'er.

After all, this is a retreat with a baby.

Entering the door, seeing one big and one small cross-legged, Li Jing looked at his cheap daughter Ya'er, waved a wisp of Hunyuan to "isolate" her aside, and then called out carefully.


Liu Sisi is currently in deep meditation.

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to wake her up.

But it goes without saying how special Li Jing is to her.

This is not.

Li Jing only called softly, causing Liu Sisi to twitch her eyebrows.


She slowly opened her beautiful eyes and finished meditating.

Opening his eyes, Liu Sisi frowned when he saw someone approaching like Tiao Erha.

"What's wrong? Are you looking for something with me?"


Li Jing nodded, took her little hand and said.

"It's a bit troublesome to explain in detail, let's go to Xiao Qiankun Realm and I will instill the memory in you."

Without waiting for Liu Sisi to respond, Li Jing took her away quietly, leaving behind the cheap girl who was still "quarantined".


into the small

Qiankun world.

Li Jing was unambiguous, and instilled all kinds of brains about his recent encounters with Chen Tangguan into Liu Sisi.

A huge amount of information was stuffed into her head, and Liu Sisi felt a little dizzy for a moment, and subconsciously leaned sideways in Li Jing's arms, and then tried to digest the information.


She looked weird.

Nothing else.

Li Jing was wandering outside, and there were always a lot of moths that came out of him.

If Li Jing is okay, she never asks, as long as Zifan is okay, she asks the last cloud.

For the sake of offending the top forces in the upper three realms, Liu Sisi didn't say anything wrong.

Mainly in the memories Li Jing gave her.

A certain person has grown to the point where he can stand alone against such forces.

can compete.

That's fine, isn't it?

But when Chen Yuran sneaked out of the customs, and then went to the twelfth realm for the second time, things were a little bit wrong.

It is clear.

She and Li Jing hit home plate.


A little fast!

I thought it would be quite difficult for Li Jing to truly "succeed and become famous" with Chen Yuran's character as a straight girl of steel.

I never thought that I just closed the door, and things will be done. Then there is. She had discussed it with Li Jing beforehand.

The effect of the double cultivation method should not be much better with Chen Yuran, but this does not seem to be the case?

Regarding Chen Yuran's "study hard and practice hard", Li Jing did not instill the corresponding memory in Liu Sisi.

She finds it weird, which is normal.

this kind of thing.

It is also impossible for Li Jing to instill memory into the past.

So far, nothing.

further down.

Yu Lian is also crossing the catastrophe this time, and is also going to the twelve realms.

Liu Sisi couldn't help but not care about it.

She understands the truth.

Li Jing is simply an upgrade treasure for the few of their Taoist companions.

Following him, they don't need to spend too much time improving their cultivation, they only need to spend time on strengthening themselves and proficient in various spells.


Why did Yu Lian and Chen Yuran cross the tribulation at the same time?

Liu Sisi is not such a young girl, she never was.

When she didn't establish a relationship with Li Jing, she was already a qualified and successful woman.

I know everything I need to know.

I understand what I shouldn't understand.

Looking at someone like a ghost, Liu Sisi was surprised.

"You, Ayu, and Yuran..."

Before the words came out, Li Jing coughed softly.

"There are some things that don't need to be paid attention to, so don't pay attention to them."


Liu Sisi.

Is this unnecessary?

Being speechless, Li Jing said.

"If you want to retreat, put it aside in advance. In order to deal with the threats that you may encounter in the future, you may need to make a quick break, my wife."


Liu Sisi.

Good guy.

It's all here!

The corner of her mouth twitched twice, Liu Sisi was speechless.

"Ayu and Yuran can't feed you enough? As for me, who is in retreat?"

"Sisi, what you said is wrong."

Li Jing has something to do, said.

"I have already transmitted the corresponding memories to you, and there may not be much time left for me in Chen Boguan. Not only Chentangguan as a whole, but I also need to find ways to improve myself as much as possible. Before that , I want to do everything I can do.”

Liu Sisi was anxious when she heard the words, she grabbed the soft flesh of his waist and gritted her teeth.

"Isn't it a good-sounding reason for you to find it?"

How skinny is Li Jing

Rough and thick?

Hehe smirked and grabbed the slender hands around his waist, his expression was a little sad, and he pointed at Liu Sisi's eyebrows again.


The latter gets his now faster memory.

Obtaining this memory, Liu Sisi was stunned again and again.


Someone who used to be able to toss for several days or even half a month in a row, now can't do it for a few hours?

Although it's not that he can't do it, but the one he endured can't do it, but this time Liu Sisi really likes to hear it.

as a wife.

While feeding your own men, you can also meet your own needs.

It is only right and proper.

The problem is that this one in her family can't get enough to feed!

Although she was willing to accept her husband's pampering, it was really torture for ten days and a half months.

You don't even bring your legs down to the ground, do you think it can be done?

Turning her head to look at the distant sky where the sound of rolling thunder could be faintly heard, Liu Sisi turned her head and smiled like a flower.

"Elbow! Husband, let's go into the house! I'm the eldest wife, UUReading Book can't be weaker than the two younger ones, otherwise how will the throne of this family be maintained?"

As she spoke, she hugged Li Jing's arm and laughed.

"To be honest, I haven't seen you for several months, and I still miss you."


Li Jing.

If this had been put before, he would definitely "favor" Liu Sisi a lot.

But now...

This is honestly a bit of a joke.

The key is that he is not powerless.

It's about being strong and determined, but without that condition.


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