How to Survive As a Villain - v2 Chapter 223 Riding a horse outside Xiaofan (1)

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As everyone knows, President Xiao talked about the people's livelihood and got gossip. He won the family's usual mahjong, and he was able to negotiate a few hundred million yuan. He could slap a bargain at the price, and the people in front of the suits and singers laughed and laughed.

So versatile and excellent Xiao President.

Not riding.

Although it is impossible to control the most basic means of transportation in ancient times.

But this thing, for Xiao Yuan, can it be a thing?

Of course not!

Because he has a clear river!

What kind of hunting, what to travel, what to play, and the Qihe Qing to ride together, and then sing a red dust to accompany the lively and splendid, show a group of old and young ministers, generals, nobles directly numb.

However, not long after, Xiao Yuan discovered one thing.

Nanyan Country likes to hold hunting activities in the autumn, which symbolizes the prosperity of the Taiping and the second is to celebrate the autumn harvest.

This kind of activity Xiao Yuan naturally does not want to take a carriage, always ran to ride with the river.

The two like to go to the front of the team, talk and talk about the chat, Xiao Yuan did not notice anything at first, until a small hunting not long ago, Xiao Yuan is preparing to ride with the river, Chen Song suddenly bow Take the arrow, wear a cloud and shoot at the front of the team.

The wind whistled, the arrow fell into the grass, and a rabbit slammed out in front of him, rushing to the depths of the forest.

Before the river was cleared, the bow was full of bows and the arrow was calm.

The long arrow cut through the sky, and the humming sound was magnificent, and then the body of the prey was pierced accurately.

The team made a burst of cheers and sighs. There were guards who went to pick up the prey. The river was returned to the river, and the clothes were smashed. He gently hung his mouth and his eyes were full of joy.

Xiao Yu’an looked at the Qihe Qing, who was in high spirits.

He found one thing. When he was riding with himself, Luhe Qing never hunted. It seemed that every time he was hunting in the autumn, he was talking to himself and talking to him. Xiao Yu Anben thought that Luhe Qing had no great interest in hunting, but It seems that this is not the case at all.

In order to confirm his guess, Xiao Yuan went to Chen Ge.

When Chen Song finished listening, he screamed: "My mother, you can find it!"

Xiao Yu'an: "Hey..."

Chen Ge began to sneak out: "You don't know how much the emperor likes hunting. When the emperor is young, the emperor will hold a competition every autumn when he is hunting. Every year is the first emperor. Those emperors and generals have a small thumb. Can't compare with him! But now, the emperor is going to ride with you. If you ride with you, you can't take the horse and you can't chase it. I don't know how the emperor resisted it."

Xiao Yu'an: "Hey..."

When Chen Ge finished speaking, he felt that he had made a mistake and quickly said: "But it may be that the emperor feels that talking to you is more fun than hunting."

Xiao Yu'an: "Hey..."

Chen Ge: " you have a toothache?"

Xiao Yuan: "I feel bad."

Chen Ge: "Hey..."

Xiao Yuan: "You are also distressed?"

Chen Ge: "No, I have a toothache."

"I got a sore tooth."

Seeing that the last hunting day of the fall was getting closer, Xiao Yuan made an important decision.

Xiao Yuan said: "Hey, I don't want to ride with you."

Luhe Qing watched the hand of the fold.

Sometimes the government is too busy, and Luhe Qingxin is thinking that Xiao Yu'an can't sleep without his companionship, so he will bring some simple trivial things to the palace for treatment, just in case he returns too late, he just finished the last book. After the memorial, I heard Xiao Yuan suddenly came to such a sentence.

At the end of the autumn, the weather became colder. Xiao Yu’an was in a thick bedding, and the whole person was wrapped up in a group. He just finished the sentence, and Luhe Qing put down the memorial and walked to the bedside.

Xiao Yu'an smashed the river into the hot quilt, and the whole person stuck to him. He took the hand that was blown by the wind because he reviewed the memorial. He put it on his chest and said, "Hey, you taught me to ride. Let's go."

"Horse riding? Why do you want to learn to ride horses suddenly?" Luo Heqing worried that the coldness of his body rushed to Xiao Yu'an and wanted to take back his hand. He knew that Xiao Yu'an was tight, and he would not be hot for a while.

Xiao Yuan smiled and pulled up the hand of Luhe Qing on his lips: "You hunt a rabbit today."

The sound of the river was clear, and it was guessed that Xiao Yu’an had a strange feeling. He explained: “It’s just the right time, so there’s nothing to be happy about.”

Xiao Yu'an smiled even more: "Hey, I still have nothing to say."

Luohe Qing: "..."

Xiao Yuan embraced the waist of Luhe Qing and praised it sincerely: "Hey, your hunting posture is so handsome, so in order to see your heroic position, I want to learn to ride horses! Hey, you teach me!"

Luohe nodded and said: "Good."

At the end, he said: "It is not easy to learn by horse riding and it is easy to get hurt."

"I know, I will be careful." Xiao Yu'an smiled, and he suddenly noticed something. He looked at his posture on the body of Luohe Qing and leaned over to say something in the ear of the river.

The mouth of the river was not noticed, and he reached down and held Xiao Yu’an’s waist: ‘‘You can try it first. ”

Xiao Yuan held his hand on his chest and squinted: "Really try? Try it, wait for your hand, are you not the one to be riding? You can lay down, don't move."

Then the next morning, Xiao Yu Anzhen did not get up, and the plan to learn to ride horses had to be postponed.

In the next few days, even if he was busy, he would take time to teach Xiao Yu'an. In the north, there is a vast grassland at the foot of the Temple of Heaven. It is suitable.

Xiao Yu'an learned seriously. He mastered the basic skills in less than a week. He was able to control the gentle horses alone. Xiao Yu'an also felt that the progress was slow. When Luohe was busy with politics, he taught him to teach himself.

Chen Ge is not a river, but it is not as protective as a river. It is extremely careful, and I am afraid that Xiao Yu will have a little bit of a scorpion.

Chen Ge directly let Xiao Yu'an sit on the horse, then patted the horse's **** and shouted a drive. The horse ran with Xiao Yu'an and then Chen Ge drove the horse behind him and shouted: Pull the reins! Don't panic! Stabilize and stabilize! Clamping the horse's abdomen, smashing again, is the protective gear worn out? Broken for another one.

Xiao Yuan climbed up and looked up: "Come back!"

Although it is rash and direct, it has to be said that it is very effective. After the training, Xiao Yuan can already master the horses.

However, something went wrong that night.

The cause was that Luo Heqing saw the injury on Xiao Yu'an.

It is not a small passage, but a large piece of bruised bruises and scratches that are deep and shallowly rubbed with sand. It is terrible.

When Luhe Qing was in the face, it was dark.

Xiao Yu'an always feels that Chen Ge will be a little lifeless tomorrow. He quickly screamed at the river and said that he learned very quickly today. He will soon be hunting in the autumn, so he wants to learn more.

"Hey brother, they are all small injuries, nothing, there is no trace in a few days." Xiao Yuan said with a smile, holding the Qihe Qing began to ask for joy.

In the past few days, he learned that he was hard and didn't touch him at night. Xiao Yu'an also had a bit of thought on this day, and he planned to take this opportunity to make it happen.

However, at the moment of being pressed on the bed, Xiao Yuan suddenly understood why these days, Luhe Qing did not touch himself.

Legs! ! His legs! !

Do not! ! That is not his leg, no!

Riding a waste leg!

Muscle soreness made Xiao Yuan dying to live, Xiao Yuan wanted to endure it, but when Yuhe Qing grabbed his leg and folded it to the chest, Xiao Yuan directly instinctively began to shake his legs.

President Xiao suddenly felt too **** and shameful!

Luohe Qingyi looked at Xiao Yu'an with a look of expectation, and pressed his legs in a light color, so that Xiao Yuan couldn't help but shrink.

"Hey, my brother..." Xiao Yuan said with a voice, "Change, change your posture?"

This way face to face, the next day his legs and waist really can not be.

Luohe Qing asked: "You tell me, what position can you stand?"

Xiao Yuan thought about it and found that he was unable to withstand the endurance of the river.

Speaking of being unbearable, Xiao Yu'an was aware of the anger of Luhe Qing, knowing his guilty conscience, and quickly serving softly: "Hey, I am wrong, I don't secretly learn to ride a horse."

Luohe Qing looked at him without saying a word, and did not mean to deflate.

Xiao Yuan thought for a moment and said, "I will be careful next time, I will not hurt myself anymore, hey, hurt, brother, really hurt."

It is said that it is sincere, but I don’t know if this is the first hundred times and the promise of Qihe Qing, and I don’t know how many times there will be.

Naihe Heqing is unable to bear to listen to his service.

Luohe Qing loosened Xiao Yu'an's leg, and put the two people's desires together, and kissed Xiao Yuan to solve the problem with two people.

Xiao Yu'an was suffocated by the Weihe River, and the moment he thundered in the depths of his body, he couldn't help but gnaw a bite on the shoulder of Luhe Qing. After simply cleaning up, Xiao Yuan lazily nestled in the clear arms of the Weihe River, and he said that he was able to experience the horse riding today.

When he was listening to the side of the river, he gave him a sore leg. He groaned and found that the person in his arms did not speak. He looked down and fell asleep because of sleepiness.

The Luhe Qing action blows out the candlelight very lightly, and after kissing the forehead of Xiao Yu'an, the squatting person gradually entered the dreamland.

The last hunting in the fall is just around the corner.

Xiao Yu'an did not wear protective gear for the first time. He was driving fast and slow when driving the horse. He was both excited and excited, and he also played with Chen Song’s bow and arrow.

Beside him, for fear that he would be lost.

Xiao Yu'an didn't say much when he was on the road. When he went to the place where he was hunting, Xiao Yu'an did not hesitate to start rushing.

Luohe cleared the guards and followed Xiao Yu'an, and he was proud of the swords, and a group of generals who could finally hunt with the emperor were excited.

the amount.

A female deer accidentally bumped into this group of people, and it ran into the depths of the forest, but the generals had already chased them.

The general saw the timing just right, leaning over and pulling the bow, aiming at the doe.

Just as he let go of the next moment of the arrow, the river was filled with a bow, and the arrow followed the whistling.

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