Hunter × Hunter: The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 719 planning

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【The Seven Deadly Sins of Hunter x Hunter】【】

The king city was captured on the first day, Boreas was captured on the second day, and the remaining three major cities were successively captured on the fourth and fifth days.

During the week when Yin Lumi captured Boreas, he was not idle. He took Hailin back to the king's city, announced to the people the news that the eldest prince died in the war, and at the same time announced his support for the fourth prince Charlo to become the king. king.

Seven days later, follow-up troops from Balkimore arrived, and Balkimore government administrators began to take over the city system.

On the eighth day, the third princess, impersonated by Enwei, and Hai Lin, one of the four nobles, announced that Impeandora had officially become a subsidiary country of Balkimoa.

At this point, Impeantola was completely defeated, and it took fifteen days from the departure from Balkimoa to the declaration of the enemy country as a vassal state.

During this period, good news came from the three battlefields of Brizet, Oceananas, and Arquitatees, and Kaine, Bastian, and Sasha conquered three neighboring countries respectively.

On the sixteenth day, seven people including Yin Lumi, Praed, and Kim Bradley gathered in the king's room on the ninth floor of the palace, including Hai Lin who had just joined the group, making a total of nine people.

Yin Lumi was sitting on the couch, and on the coffee table in front of him were three dozing off white phone bugs, and a black anti-monitoring device was attached to the shell of the phone bugs.

Praed was sitting on the single sofa on the left with a book in his arms, flipping through it quietly.

Kim Bradley was sitting alone on the single sofa on the right, his hands folded and his fingers folded in thought.

Rast and Glatoni stood behind Yin Lumi, while Sloss sat on the ground in a daze.

Glid and Enwei were leaning against the window, Glid looked at Hailin sinisterly, while Enwei focused on the city outside the window.

"Hey, it turns out that Your Excellency Yin Lumi has so many outstanding subordinates."

Hai Lin sat on the sofa opposite Yin Lumi with a smile, glanced around, all these people exuded a sense of oppression similar to Yin Lumi, Hai Lin silently remembered them all in his heart.

Boo boo boo boo...x3

Suddenly, three dozing white phone bugs on the coffee table woke up at the same time, bringing everyone's attention together.


Three black silk threads protruded from Yin Lumi's body to form three arms, and they grabbed three microphones at the same time, lifted them up, and placed them on the coffee table.

"I'm Kaine."

The phone bug in the middle spoke first, followed by Sasha and Bastian.

"Then, let me tell you about the follow-up plan."

"For the next ten days, you will stay in Impeantola to stabilize the situation." Cain said: "Ten days later, the Navy's supply ship will arrive in Balkimoa, but it will be caught by pirates pretending to be from the Ministry of Science. Cut it off and draw the attention of the navy and the world government."

"It will take a month for the second supply ship to arrive in Balkimoa."

"During this period, Balkimoa's Geist agents will pretend to be naval base personnel to maintain contact with the Navy headquarters. At the same time, the Balkimoa government will build a naval base at the port of Organ Island, allowing Balkimoa's troops to pretend to be g9 The Navy at the base receives supplies from the Navy Headquarters."

"If someone wants to meet the tea dolphin, then your subordinate Enwei will turn into a tea dolphin to deal with it."

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【The Seven Deadly Sins of Hunter x Hunter】【】

"In this way, the navy and the world government can be concealed from the navy and the world government for a long time. During this period, Balkimoa and the four neighboring countries that have just been occupied must strictly control the information, and no information can be leaked, so that the navy and the world government Get the message."

"According to our calculations for the intelligence gathering capabilities of the Navy headquarters and world governments, as long as there are no unexpected circumstances, we can block the intelligence until the end of the year."

"That means we still have seven months to accumulate strength and resist the first wave of anger from the world government."

"The first wave of attack must come from the Navy Headquarters. According to the usual practice, the Navy Headquarters will dispatch the Demon Slaying Command fleet to deter them."

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"If the demon-slaying order cannot solve the incident, the admiral will be dispatched. This time is an ultimatum."

"If even the admiral can't solve it, then we will officially face the world government, and there will be an unprecedented war."

"This is our general plan. Do you have any suggestions?"

Kain's steady voice echoed in the room, and both Consul Bastian and Finance Officer Sasha had no objections. They should have communicated with each other before contacting Yin Lumi.

"Hey, why do you people like to wait for others to hit you?" Suddenly, Glid, who was standing in front of the window, said with a look of disdain, "Why can't we take the initiative to attack?"

"Or... are you afraid?"

Glid's questioning made the room fall into silence, and a heavy atmosphere spread in the air.

"What do you think?"

After a while, financial officer Sasha spoke to break the heavy atmosphere.

"Drawing the ground as a prison is the worst policy. The best defense is to attack. We will take the initiative to attack them by surprise and weaken the enemy's effective strength to the greatest extent."

Kim Bradley spoke.

"Your delaying tactics are really clumsy. Whether the success depends on whether the intelligence organizations of the world government and the Navy Headquarters have the ability to penetrate into Balkimoa."

"And in less than a year, can you really accumulate the strength enough to resist the army and the three navy generals of the navy headquarters?"

"So, we have a plan."

Pledge, who hadn't spoken all this time, closed the page with a snap, looked up at the three phone bugs, and said:

"We already have a general understanding of the information about the world government and the Navy Headquarters. UU Reading During the time when you are accumulating strength, we will develop an independent organization."

"The main task of this organization is to infiltrate the world government and draw the attention of the Navy Headquarters, share the pressure on Balkimoa, and we will take the initiative to provoke war if necessary."

"But the relative condition is that the development of this organization needs all the support from Balkimoa, whether it is capital or technology, and we will solve the membership issue by ourselves."

"is that OK?"

Pride asked, although it was a question, but his tone had an unquestionable vigor.

"Is it an independent organization? Although we have the support of doctors and can create a powerful army that doesn't have to fear the navy, the background of the world government is a mystery after all."

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【The Seven Deadly Sins of Hunter x Hunter】【】

"Having an organization that specifically draws the attention of the world government and shares the pressure for us will indeed allow Balkimore to develop and accumulate strength with more peace of mind."

The white phone bug played by Cain nodded and said:

"Yes, I agree with your conditions and proposal, and Balkimore will fully support the organization you have created."

"I agree."

"I agree."

After Caine agreed, the consul and finance officer agreed one after another. With the support of Dr. Vegapunk, Balkimoa's dominance was concentrated on Technical Officer Caine.

"Then, the cooperation is reached."

Hearing this, Yin Lumi, who had never spoken, straightened his upper body, and the corner of his mouth raised a sinister arc.

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