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【The Seven Deadly Sins of Hunter x Hunter】【】

A month later, in the western city of Impeandora, Oxonden.

At this time, Oksinden has returned to its former calm, but the streets and residential buildings are still being rebuilt.

Although they had just experienced a war, fortunately the war ended quickly enough, and civilian casualties were minimal. The other three major families also chose to join Balkimoa under the leadership of the Hailin family and the new king.

Yin Lumi and his team were driving three black cars slowly on the streets of Oksinden, attracting the attention of many citizens on the street. This was the first time they had seen this kind of transportation.

In the first car, Yin Lumi and Hai Lin sat in the back seat, Kim Bradley drove, and Pledge sat in the passenger seat.

"Hohohoho, it's really a great honor to choose Okeshinden as the headquarters of the organization."

Looking at the peaceful scene on the street outside, Hai Lin smiled kindly.

"It's just a temporary base, and it will be moved to a sparsely populated island when it develops."

Yin Lumi was also looking at the street outside, and replied indifferently.

Oukxingdeng is the city managed by the Hailin family. Yin Lumi chose this place as the organization's temporary foothold because Hailin has joined him and the city's control is relatively firm.

"It's a sparsely populated island. I know of an ancient island with few people. Because of the strong magnetic field, you need to stay there for at least a year." Hai Lin said kindly, "Your Excellency Yin Lumi, do you want to go on a field trip?" ?”

"Look at the location and decide."

Yin Lu said mysteriously, not every island that is inaccessible to people can be used as the headquarters of the organization, it must be an island that is located in a remote location and is not easy to be found.

After all, the World Government has air strike means. Once the headquarters is found, as long as the organization poses a big enough threat to the World Government, Yinmu will use the power of the suspected [Heavenly King] to destroy the island where the organization headquarters is located.

Thirty minutes later, three cars stopped outside a forest in the northern outskirts of the city, and nine people got out of the car together and walked into the forest.

After walking in the forest for forty minutes, Yin Lumi and his team came to a hidden bay covered by a large forest. This place can just be transformed into a small port as a temporary shelter for the organization.

"Very well, here it is."

Yin Lumi looked around and nodded slightly.

Immediately, everyone returned to the forest and took a car to the Hailin family's manor castle.

Yin Lumi and others determined the location of the ancient island mentioned by Hai Linkou through the sea chart. The ancient island is named [Ai Ke Ai Kush], which is located on the western edge of the channel, near the windless zone.

Since the waterway where Balkimoa is located is the westernmost one among the seven waterways in the first half of the great seaway, and this island named [Ai Ke Ai Kush] is also close to the windless belt, it can be described as an 'excellent location'.

"Leaving in a week."

Yin Lumi made a decisive decision.

A week later, a large three-masted sailing ship flying the flag of the Hailin family departed from the port of Oxon, accompanied by three **** warships.

On this trip, Yin Lumi took Pledge and Greed with him, and the others stayed in Impeantola.

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【The Seven Deadly Sins of Hunter x Hunter】【】

Kim Bradley was in charge of creating the organization, Rust and Glatoni were in charge of recruiting members, Sloss was in charge of overseeing the construction of the temporary headquarters, and Envi returned to Balkimoa to temporarily be in charge of the liaison between the naval base and the Navy headquarters.

On the deck of the main ship, Yin Lumi and Hai Lin stood in front of the ship's side, looking at the endless ocean ahead.

"I haven't asked Your Excellency Yin Lumi, what is the name of the organization?"

Hai Lin stood on the left side of Yin Lumi, half a step behind, and asked with a kind smile.

"The name of the organization, indeed, I haven't figured it out yet."

Yin Lumi replied that he really hadn't decided on the name of the organization yet, and originally wanted Pride and Kim Bradley to come up with ideas together, but it was delayed because of too many things.

This trip to the Primordial Island for field inspection will take at least two months. Since Hai Lin mentioned it, let's make a decision now.

"Look at the sea under our feet, no matter when you look at it, it is blue."

"Countless people yearn for the sea because it is wide and represents freedom. Because it is magnificent, it represents adventure and passion."

Yin Lumi looked at the blue sea ahead and said:

"However, when you plunged into the sea and dived under the surface of the sea, you found that there was only darkness below."

"Silence and despair surround you. At this time, you can't feel any freedom and passion. The extreme darkness is whispering to you, and it wants you to surrender your life obediently."

Hai Lin listened quietly, with a kind smile still on his face.

"As for this sea that has been ruled by the World Government for 800 years, how much darkness lies beneath the surface of the sea? Let us find out."

"The name of the organization is [Blackwater International] ()."

"We are the darkness under the surface of this sea. Whether this sea is calm or majestic is all in our mind."

Yin Lumi spread his arms, raised the corners of his mouth, and smiled lightly.

"Hohohoho, it's indeed a good name."

Hai Lin praised that the name and the idea it represents are very suitable for the current situation of the world. UU Reading is calm on the surface, but undercurrents are surging in the dark.

Ever since One Piece King Goel D. Roger was executed, the world situation has become increasingly chaotic. He can even predict how chaotic the world will be ten or even twenty years later.

That's why he wanted to board the big ship Balkimoa.

But after real contact, he discovered that Balkimoa was just a three-masted sailing ship struggling to maintain its existence in a storm, while people like Yin Lumi were a real steel warship.

In this way, the ship he wants to take is not Balkimoa, but Blackwater International.

This group of people of unknown origin has ambitions unimaginable by ordinary people and matching action and strength. As long as enough time is given, they will definitely become a big ship of the new era.

"Your Excellency Yin Lumi, I have a question." Thinking of this, Hai Lin turned to look at Yin Lumi, and asked kindly, "Are you planning to overthrow the World Government?"

"Am I not being obvious enough?"

Yin Lumi still looked at the sea in front of him, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said.

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【The Seven Deadly Sins of Hunter x Hunter】【】

"No, no, it's just...after hearing what you said just now, this old man couldn't help but make a decision in his heart."

Hai Lin smiled, Yin Lumi withdrew his gaze after hearing the words, turned to Hai Lin on the left behind him from the corner of his eyes.

"The Hailin family decided to fully support [Blackwater International]."

At this time, Hai Lin put away the kind smile on his face, and turned to a serious expression, and the leisurely demeanor on his body also became dignified.

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