Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall - Chapter 1225 Mr. Huo, who is seriously ill, pays homage to marriage

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  Mr. Huo was seriously ill and bedridden, and the people in the Huo family's mansion were panicked. The doctors who came in and out every day showed serious expressions, and shook their heads at the county magistrate who was full of expectations.

  Although they didn't say anything, their words and deeds expressed the same meaning, allowing the government to prepare for the funeral earlier.

  The magistrate of the county naturally understood what they meant. His hair turned gray overnight and he aged more than ten years.

  Fox Xiaobai lay beside Mr. Huo's pillow without eating or drinking since he fell down. The voices from his mouth went from low at first to unconcealable grief. Hearing the ears of the servants in the house, they burst into tears.

  Animals have spirituality, and they all thought that the young master would not be able to pass this test.

  The turning point appeared on the third day.

  Emperor Dagan sent more than a dozen imperial doctors from the imperial hospital just to save Mr. Huo's life.

  The medical skills of the imperial physicians in the palace are naturally not comparable to those of the folk doctors, but all they can do is to delay the time of Mr. Huo's death, and they cannot pull back his foot that stepped into the gate of hell.

  Mr. Huo was born weak, and every day he lived was consuming his vitality.

  He usually looks fine, but his body temperature is much lower than normal people. Once he gets sick, he will not only cough up blood, but also take longer than ordinary people to heal.

  After the imperial doctor took the pulse and prescribed the medicine, the servants of the mansion fed the medicine to Mr. Huo, and he opened his eyes that night.

  The moment Mr. Huo opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Bai lying on the pillow with sad eyes. He raised his weak and weak arm, and gently rubbed its dull hair.

  Xiao Bai sensed the familiar touch, and immediately raised his head, human surprise appeared in those sad fox eyes.

  She rubbed her head against Mr. Huo's pale, bloodless clear face.

   There was still a whimpering sound in his mouth, as if he was crying or acting like a baby.

  Xiao Bai’s movement alarmed the servants in the house. Seeing that the young master lying on the bed had woken up, the other party exclaimed: "My lord doctor! You are awake! My young master has woken up!"

   Soon the imperial doctors poured into the relatively spacious master bedroom. There were too many of them, making the room seem a bit cramped.

  During the next incense stick, the imperial doctors took Mr. Huo's pulse one by one. They all looked serious, without the slightest joy.

  Mr. Huo's body is rapidly depleted, and he is at the end of his strength, and he will not survive ten days at most.

  The magistrate of the county heard the bad news and passed out due to excessive grief. When he woke up, the servants below reported that Liu Yuanwai came to visit and said it was an urgent matter.

  The county magistrate was not going to see Mr. Liu, but wanted to see his son who was seriously ill in bed, but was changed by the servant's next words.

  The servant only said one thing, Liu Yuanwai's visit this time has something to do with the young master.

  The magistrate of the county went to the front hall to meet Liu Yuanwai who had been waiting for a long time.

  As soon as they met, the other party directly explained the purpose of coming. In order to save Mr. Huo's life, he was willing to let his daughter enter Huo's house to celebrate Mr. Huo, even if it was a small one.

   It can be said that Liu Yuanwai put his posture very low, and everything is considered by the county grandpa.

  The county magistrate, who was more than ten years old because of his son-in-law and wished to replace his son with his own body, was moved by Yuanwai Liu and promised on the spot that Ms. Liu would be his son's official wife, but the marriage would be simplified and fulfilled within three days.

  Yuanwai Liu immediately assured that there would be no problem, even if he got married tonight, his daughter would be obliged to do so.

   The matter of congratulating Mr. Huo is considered to be settled.

  By the time the parties knew about it, it was already the wedding day.

   Mr. Huo, who knew that time was running out, even though he was against the marriage in his heart, he did not refuse it out loud.

  As a son of man, he has few days left to live, so why should he make his family sad.

   Mr. Huo was supported by a servant to stay on the bed, groomed by several servants, changed into a festive wedding dress, opened a clever little fox, and lay on the corner of the bed watching this scene, eyes full of grievances.

  She knows what marriage is, and she also knows that there will be a hostess in the house in the future, and she also knows that she is very, very unhappy at the moment.

  A strange emotion rushed into her heart unexpectedly, making her feel uncomfortable. There were all kinds of tastes, all kinds of sadness, and all kinds of sadness. It was something called possessiveness that was at work.

  The little fox looked at Mr. Huo, who had a jade-like face and picturesque eyebrows, and who looked better in the wedding dress. She felt hot all over her body, her blood seemed to be boiling, and her emotions were even more uncontrollable and irritable.

  Mr. Huo inadvertently lowered his eyes, and saw the little fox lying on the pedals trembling all over, and worry appeared in his eyes: "Xiaobai?"

   "Aww..." Xiao Bai, in anger, let out a howl like a wolf.

  Master Huo, whose pale complexion reveals his sickly and broken beauty, smiled lightly when he heard this, got up and walked towards Xiaobai.

   When he bent over and stretched out his arms to hug her, the little fox rushed out. She stared at Mr. Huo with burning eyes, whimpered in pain, then turned around and rushed out the door.

Mr. Huo in the house sighed softly, and ordered the servant to find Xiaobai. After a moment of silence, he told the servant: "After I leave, you take good care of Xiaobai, and feed him three meals a day as before. The little guy has a bad temper and is squeamish, if he loses his temper, don't yell at him, just be patient and coax him..."

  In the middle of speaking, Mr. Huo coughed, and he pressed his sleeve to his lips lightly, and a sweet blood rushed in. The sleeves of the wedding dress, which were originally bright red, were stained with blood, but it was not visible at all.

  The moment Mr. Huo lowered his arms, the servant saw a smear of color on his pale lips just now, which was clearly blood.

  He exclaimed: "Young master!"

  Mr. Huo raised his hand, telling him to be quiet, and said in a weak tone, "Did you remember what I just said?"

  The boy wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, choked up and said: "Remember it!"

   Firecrackers sounded outside one after another, the bride was picked up, and it was the auspicious time for worship.

  Mr. Huo's body was crumbling at this moment, and his complexion turned pale at a speed visible to the naked eye.

  The magistrate of the county came in, saw the situation, and quickly ordered his servants to carry the young master out to pay homage.

   Just like that, Mr. Huo, who was weak and supported by a servant, married Miss Liu.

  Everything went very smoothly without any accidents.

   It was only at the last stage, when he was sent into the bridal chamber, Mr. Huo casually raised his head and glanced at Miss Liu who was wearing a red hijab beside him. He always felt that there was something wrong with this person, as if he was a little taller.

   Without waiting for him to think about it, his weak consciousness and the tingling pain at the heart and mouth of his body made him faint.

Late at night.

  The dragon and phoenix candles were burning in the wedding room, Mr. Huo was lying on the bed breathing evenly, at the end of the bed was a petite body in a wedding dress, and the other party's head was resting on the edge of the bed, looking drowsy and sleepy.

  At this time, there was a sound from under the bed.

The drowsy person leaning against the bed immediately sat up straight when she heard the sound. She lifted her red hijab, first glanced at Mr. Huo on the bed, and saw that he hadn't been woken up, then got up and lay down on the ground, looking under the bed. go.

  Ms. Liu, who was wearing a thin underwear, was **** and thrown under the bed. The other party's exquisite makeup was crying with tears all over her face.

  Third Lord and Ruan Ruan's tenth life is slightly longer than the first life.

  Tomorrow, this life will end, and the rest will probably be skipped, and it will end as soon as possible~

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