I Can View Character Attributes - Chapter 443 Target: Black State

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In a semi-enclosed training ground, thunderous roars continued for half a day, like gongs and drums, but they resounded through the sky and became more dull.

If you really draw your eyes closer to it, you can find that the sound comes from a terrifyingly strong giant.

This giant is probably over 2.5 meters tall, and the muscles on his body are even more horribly knotted.

At this moment, he was venting his brute strength indifferently, and the object of venting was a metal wall about ten feet high.

The roaring sound was the sound of punches and elbows, flesh and metal colliding again and again.

The giant was expressionless and indifferent, as if he didn't care about everything around him. He just punched one after another, and his shoulders, elbows and knees hit him one after another.

After all, flesh and blood are not as heavy as metal, and the metal walls have left obvious bloodstains and sweat stains from the violent impacts.

However, the giant's face still didn't show any waves, but the impacts became more violent every time.

"Director, your exercise intensity today has exceeded the standard, according to the training plan of the expert team..."

A young man who looked like a subordinate came to remind him, but finally retreated helplessly in the giant's selfless training.

"Director, your exercise intensity has seriously exceeded the standard..."

"Director, it's time for you to replenish water..."


The young subordinates came again and again, and left helplessly in the giant's silent silence.

"Director Zou, the task of the group, the transfer order issued by the boss himself."

Youth is here again.

He has returned without success countless times and repeated it for countless days. In fact, he has become somewhat accustomed to the madness of his boss during training. Most of the time it is just a routine, and he does not expect a response.

But he knew it was different this time.

"Tune me?"

The giant's expression was finally moved, and the violent training came to an abrupt end, with surprise, joy and disbelief on his face.

"There are also Team Zhou, Team Cheng, and Team Meng. They have all received transfer orders."

The young subordinates added a reply.

However, the giant who had already received affirmative response from it no longer cared about listening to him, with only joy left on his face, he rushed out of the training ground in a hurry.

And this giant is none other than Zou Jin, the current security director of Xinghai, Xia Xu's subordinate who can be called a dead man.

Because he is not a K-protein carrier, he missed the second heart transformation before. Instead, Zhou Mingjie, Meng Ji and Cheng Hui came from behind.

Because of this, he has always been a little depressed about his lack of ability, and even wanted to carry out the giant gland transplant that was not perfect before, but was dissuaded by Xia Xu.

And after he successfully obtained the complete technologies of Gardner's organization and compiled the [Heavenly Soldiers] project, he finally got his wish.

Knowing that he has congenital deficiencies, he did not choose to use artificially regulated hormone injections when he accepted the engineering transformation of [Heavenly Soldiers], but resolutely implanted real giant glands, and even increased the power of special glands under his repeated begging. modulation type.

There are reasons why the Gardner Organization developed giant glands instead of using artificial hormone injections. On the one hand, the automatic regulation of the glands can save costs, but on the other hand, it is also because the glands themselves also have a beneficial effect.

The real giant's glands are not simply to increase the size, but also have the effect of increasing the density of the muscles and bones. Even if they are of the same size, they possess far more strength than ordinary people.

This is also the reason why many giant test subjects before Hong Yan were classified as failures. For the Gardner organization, simple deformities are not failures. The real failure lies in the fact that those failures are just pure body shapes Increase.

In addition, the giant gland can continuously adjust and improve the hormone level of the human body, so that the human body can greatly improve the metabolism and immunity, greatly increase the excitability of the nervous system, enhance the ability of myocardial contraction, etc., all of which can be achieved during training. Plays a very strong boosting effect in combat.

And after successfully completing a transformation of Xiang Tianbing [project], Zou Jin's training became more and more crazy.

The learning ability of the super brain potion, the body control and imitation ability of the mechanical spine, the adjustment and strengthening ability brought by the giant gland, these three are enough to transform any ordinary person into a super talented warrior.

Coupled with the top training team, top nutritionist team, top fighting masters and martial arts master guidance, his strength improvement speed can be said to be like riding a rocket.

Every ounce of sweat and every ounce of growth in strength made him feel extremely fulfilled.

With a hundred times the effort and belief of ordinary people, coupled with the blessing of specially modulated giant glands, he even faintly surpassed the two K protein carriers Meng Ji and Cheng Hui, and he was not inferior to Zhou Mingjie.

Zhou Mingjie, a martial idiot, trains equally hard, but he thinks that the too large body size does not suit his martial arts style, so he did not accept the implantation of giant glands, but just adjusted his body shape slightly like Xia Xu.

So in the short term, he may be better than Zou Jin in terms of skills and combat experience~www.novelbuddy.com~ But it's really hard to say that he can surpass Zou Jin in terms of basic physical fitness.

It's just that while his strength is improving, Zou Jin has always had a worry.

Zhou Mingjie and the others, as the operation captain of Xinghai Security, frequently perform various field missions, but as the supervisor, he rarely has the opportunity to take his turn in person, and the boss seems to have forgotten him, and rarely transfers him.

This is a dream for many people, but it is unacceptable for him who is eager to repay his boss and prove himself.

Finally, today, the opportunity came.

"This time we must seize the opportunity to prove to the boss that I, Zou Jin, can definitely not only be in charge of logistics management! I can also fight for him!"

After understanding the mission information, Zou Jin's eyes were determined, and a fire seemed to burn in his chest.

Similar mobilizations are taking place in many other places right now.

Zhou Mingjie, Meng Ji and Cheng Hui, the three captains of the S-level teams who had undergone the transformation of the [Heavenly Soldiers] project, received orders one after another, leaving only their own team members to continue the mission, and packed their bags and rushed to the magic capital from various places.

Already relocated to Shanghai, Jiuyang Consulting and others who have already expanded a lot of business are also excited to receive the new task from their boss, and can't wait to get ready to go.

The entire Xinghai Group was also fully mobilized under the personal order of its own big boss. The rush to work, the contact channels to the contact channels, although not as good as the state machinery, but everything is also in order, and various materials, equipment, and personnel have started. Scheduling transportation in advance, destination - Black State, Tanzania.

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