I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive - Chapter 665 smooth out disadvantages

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"These so-called geniuses are just relying on the shadow of their predecessors!"

The old man with white eyebrows was extremely unwilling.

With his natural resources, he has fallen to this level.

Isn't this just bullying him that he doesn't have the protection of his ancestors?

Speaking of which, this white-browed old man is very similar to Zhou Feng, neither of them are natives of Zhongzhou.

They all broke into Zhongzhou alone from other regions.

At the beginning, the old man with white eyebrows made some famous achievements by relying on his extraordinary aptitude.

Not only did he rebuild his cultivation, but he also created two miraculous exercises.

One is called the Dafa of Swallowing Yuan and Killing Demons, which specializes in devouring flesh and spiritual power.

The other is called blood ginseng power.

This blood ginseng skill is not very helpful for fighting, but it can continuously repair itself, dissolve the strange power in the body, and even have the effect of prolonging life.

The principle is to imitate blood ginseng to absorb long-living substances, and constantly break through the life level.

Blood ginseng, an elixir, will hardly die of old age, and as long as the environment is suitable, it can continue to grow.

There are blood ginsengs that are hundreds of years, thousands of years, or even ten thousand years old.

There is also blood ginseng that has broken through thousands of years and has become an ancient medicine with spiritual wisdom.

Moreover, blood ginseng can also be fed with flesh and blood, whether it is the flesh and blood of monks or monsters, blood ginseng can extract useful substances from it.

The name of blood ginseng is derived from the fact that it devours flesh and blood.

The white-browed old man directly abolished his previous cultivation by relying on these two exercises, and chose to re-cultivate.

This is because compared to the monsters in Zhongzhou, he wants to contend with them, and the foundation laid before is simply not enough.

Every monk in Zhongzhou basically chooses to suppress his own practice speed, and only chooses to break through when it reaches the limit.

This makes the actual combat ability of the monks in Zhongzhou extremely terrifying.

If the old man with white eyebrows wanted to gain a foothold, he had to re-train his skills, otherwise he would not be able to stand in Zhongzhou at all.

If everything goes well, breaking through to the Ascending Wonderland is nothing at all.

But an accident still happened. When the white-browed old man was using the method of swallowing yuan and killing demons, he accidentally murdered a real Tianjiao.

This directly attracted more than ten generations of his ancestors, and the terrifying backlash almost exhausted his lifespan.

In just one day, he changed from a high-spirited genius to an old man with white eyebrows.

There are more than a dozen wills hidden in the blood, and he still remembers that horrible scene.

In the back, the white-browed old man had to stay away from the center of Yunmeng Lake and come to this edge.

"You have to find a way to get out."

The fierce look in the eyes of the white-browed old man gradually subsided, and the whole person became harmless to humans and animals again.

Now he is relying on Wannian Bulao Song to continue his life, if he handed over Bulao Song, it would be tantamount to handing over his life.

He can't die yet, and now that he still has a lot of deterrent power, he must find a way.

The old man with white eyebrows was thinking of a way, but on the other hand he kept walking, heading towards the direction where the stele of enlightenment was located.

As for Shen Yunmu and the others, they didn't act immediately, and the reason was very simple.

That's because he was afraid that the old man with white eyebrows would grab a few backs before he died.


On the other side, Zhou Feng has come to the Enlightenment Stele.

No one stopped him, and no one checked his identity or anything.

In this way, he came to an open space, and a black stone tablet was erected above this open space.

There are no words on the stele, only countless scratches.

Gently reached out and touched the stele.

One after another information passed into his mind.

Dao rhyme: 0

Apart from the information about the Enlightenment Stele, there is only one display.

The so-called dao rhyme is a kind of currency, as long as there is enough dao rhyme, you can get various opportunities for enlightenment and exercises.

As for the method of obtaining Dao Yun, as mentioned earlier, some new exercises are exchanged with the Enlightenment Stone Monument.

Without hesitation, Zhou Feng directly exchanged the first version of the longevity method, as well as the longevity steps and other methods that he had created before.

These methods no longer have any effect on him, such as the longevity step, except that he can use it passively, it is impossible for others to use the longevity step.

Dao Rhyme: 10

"Ten o'clock? Is that more or less?"

Seeing that these skills of his own have been exchanged for ten points of Dao Yun.

He didn't know if this was a lot, but he didn't think too much about it and immediately chose to cash it out.

These so-called dao rhymes are just numbers, and the most important thing is to replace them with what he needs.

To be honest, the longer Zhou Feng stayed here, the more uneasy he felt.

And this feeling is becoming more and more obvious.

A method of transforming and reshaping the physical body.

Zhou Feng's heart moved slightly.

The stele of enlightenment responded instantly, just like using a search engine.

A large number of exercises to reshape the physical body came into view, and these exercises required more than ten points of dao rhyme.

Obviously, just relying on ten points of dao rhyme is not enough for him to exchange for the exercise of reshaping the body.

"I only need the introductory chapter or the incomplete ones..."

He frowned slightly, and directly changed the exchange conditions.

It has to be said that this Enlightenment Stele is quite smart, and the dazzling array of exercises in front of him instantly turned into a pile of fragments.

Even directly packaged~www.novelbuddy.com~ These fragments seem to be provided for monks who create exercises.

"Is it exactly ten o'clock Dao Yun?"

Zhou Feng did not hesitate, and instantly confirmed the exchange.

In an instant, a large number of remnants of cultivation techniques and some ideas were poured into his mind.

It also includes many of the most basic knowledge of practice, which is also included.

These basic knowledge of practice are the most basic practice experience summed up by generations of monks in Zhongzhou.

He only took a quick look, and found that he did not practice correctly in many places.

And what Zhou Feng lacked most this time was because no one had ever explained these most basic things to him.

This is also one of the biggest disadvantages of casual repair.

But now he has directly made up for this shortcoming, and even because he has the passive intelligence brain, the benefits he has gained are far beyond imagination.

The transformation method can also be improved again, and even in the face of spiritual transformation, he has a way to deal with it in his heart.

"Is this specifically aimed at monks from outside?"

However, he was not too happy, because it was all a coincidence, as if it was specially prepared for him.

This was clearly arranged on purpose.

No one will care about you and love you for no reason, which quickly magnifies the uneasiness in his heart.

"But it's okay, I just need to hide and transform slowly..."

Zhou Feng didn't think too much, the most important thing for him now is to get rid of this physical body.

Just when he was about to leave here, the white-browed old man led a group of people to the Enlightenment Stele.

Because there was no one near the Enlightenment Stele at this time, without exception, Zhou Feng fell directly into the sight of everyone.

In particular, the body that has already transformed into spiritual material is even more eye-catching.

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