I Eat Monsters In the Town Monster - Chapter 1108 The Overbearing of the Red Messenger

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After Chen Yuan was taken out, Qin Qiaoer glanced at the other officials from Chuzhou Chief Secretary and Town Demon Division in the police room, and said in a cold voice:

"It seems that in the past few years, our red-clothed envoys have come to Chuzhou for inspections so infrequently that you have almost forgotten our authority and actually want to **** people from us. In the future, Chuzhou, we will Often send people over to inspect, we must not let what happened here in Shi Nanfu happen again!"

Li Zhenggang, the councilor of the Chief Secretary of Chuzhou, scolded Chen Yuan **** in his heart. Not only did he not help Chen Yuan intercede, but he also hurriedly wanted to distance himself from him.

"Two commanders, we didn't know what Chen Yuan did before. It belongs to his personal behavior and has nothing to do with our Chuzhou Chief Secretary."

Qin Shaoyou said with a smile on his face: "It doesn't matter, you will know after the trial. Li Shenshu, don't worry, our red-clothed emissary will not wrong the good people, but we will not let the bad people go."

Li Zhenggang looked at his smile and felt creepy, but at the same time felt that he couldn't see through this person. Before he could answer, he heard Qin Qiaoer continue to sing bad faces: "If you adults are dissatisfied with our actions, you can join us. "

Hearing this, Li Zhenggang and the others hurriedly said with smiles on their faces: "The two commanders are upright. It's not too late for us to admire, so how can we be dissatisfied?"

Who doesn't know that the messenger in red is the emperor's own army? Even within the Town Demon Division, the position is detached, and it has the duty of patrolling the place and supervising all officials.

Not to mention that this time, it was indeed their officialdom in Chuzhou that had a problem. If they really wanted to pay the bills, the unlucky ones in the end didn't know who it was.

After all, the buttocks of these officials are not very clean.

It was precisely because of this that Li Zhenggang, as a councilor, was of a higher rank than Qin Shaoyou and Qin Qiaoer, but he didn't dare to show off in front of them, and even had to smile with him.

"It's good if you don't feel dissatisfied." Qin Shaoyou's smile remained undiminished, and he continued: "My lords came at the right time. We are going to have a public trial and sentence for Li Tingfang tomorrow. You just represent the government of Chuzhou and the town demon division. Let's have a three-division trial."

Hearing this, the expressions of Li Zhenggang and others froze slightly.

"Punishment in a public trial? This...isn't that good? After all, Li Tingfang is an official ordered by the court. If the sentence is executed in a public trial, what will the government's face be?"

Qin Shaoyou burst out laughing, and said sarcastically: "All the people in Shi Nanfu already know what Li Tingfang has done, and the government's face has been completely ruined by him. If there is a public trial and punishment, it can be redeemed a little bit. Son. Otherwise, ordinary people have nothing to do, but if Juren’s family members go to the capital to sue, you will have to follow suit. And we are talking about this matter now, not to discuss with you, but to inform you. Whether you agree or not, Tomorrow's public trial and sentencing will be held."


Li Zhenggang and the others looked at each other, but they couldn't think of a reason to stop them.

After all, the messenger in red is indeed qualified to execute anyone involved in the murder of ghosts, even officials. Being able to bring them along for a joint trial by the three divisions is already a great deal of face.

At this moment, a messenger in red strode into the mission room and reported to Qin Shaoyou and Qin Qiaoer:

"The man surnamed Chen was recruited. He said that before he left, he was approached by several family members who claimed to be Li Tingfang, and they gave him a sum of money and asked him to help him retrieve Li Tingfang. The state capital. They said that as long as Li Tingfang is not in our hands, they will have a way to get him out."

"He dares to accept this money. It seems that Director Chen has done similar things before."

Qin Qiaoer snorted coldly and looked at Li Zhenggang.

"Sanju Li, what Chen Yuan is involved in is corruption, bribery, and abuse of power, so I'll leave it to you to deal with."

Li Zhenggang looked serious, and he cupped his hands and said, "Two commanders, please rest assured, we will deal with it fairly, and we will never let anyone who is corrupt and perverted the law be spared!"

He knew very well that although the other party had handed over Chen Yuan to them, they definitely did not leave him alone.

If they bent the law for personal gain in dealing with Chen Yuan, they would be in bad luck with Chen Yuan.

Qin Shaoyou and Qin Qiaoer didn't embarrass the officials in Chuzhou too much. After typing a few words, they began to tell the story of Li Tingfang's case, and ordered people to fetch interrogation materials and hand them over to them.

Taking advantage of the opportunity when Li Zhenggang and others were looking at the interrogation materials, Qin Qiaoer leaned over to Qin Shaoyou and said in a low voice, "I have already sent people to the state capital of Chuzhou to investigate those Li Tingfang's family members."

Qin Shaoyou nodded slightly: "Those so-called Li Tingfang's family members were able to make arrangements before the people we sent to the state capital to report. It is definitely not easy. But I guess, most of them have slipped away now. But since they are in The state capital has appeared, and it is bound to leave some clues, so we still have to send someone to investigate."

Qin Qiaoer nodded and said, "I think so too."

The time came to the next day in a blink of an eye.

Early in the morning, as soon as the gate of Shi Nan Mansion was opened, a large group of people poured in.

After these people entered the city, they didn't go anywhere else, but went straight to the magistrate's yamen.

Soon, the long street outside the magistrate's yamen was surrounded by a raging crowd.

In the past few days, the people in Shi Nan's mansion have all heard about Li Tingfang's evil methods to steal their blood, attacking and killing scholars, and digging their hearts and minds to feed Yaozi.

There are many versions of these things, and some people even put their problems of infertility and lack of strength on Li Tingfang's head, saying that it was caused by his blood being sucked away by him.

Under such circumstances, the people of Shi Nanfu naturally hated Li Tingfang to the bone. Especially the family members of the deceased, they can't wait to eat their flesh alive.

Li Tingfang was going to be sentenced in a public trial today, and they naturally didn't want to miss it. The people in the city were lucky to say that the people outside the city even ran over from the towns below and the neighboring counties overnight.

So early in the morning, the street outside the prefect's yamen was crowded with people, even more lively than the temple fair during the Chinese New Year.

While the people were looking forward to it, they were also a little worried. After all, Li Tingfang is the magistrate of a prefecture. I don't know if he will be treated leniently and hastily?

Finally, when the time came, there was a cannon shot from the magistrate's yamen, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com and then the door opened, Qin Shaoyou, Qin Qiao'er led Li Zhenggang and others out of the yamen in an orderly manner.

Seeing them, especially Qin Shaoyou and Qin Qiaoer who were dressed in the official gowns of the messengers in red, the surrounding people immediately burst into applause.

In the past few days, those little Qingji, who can't be idle, have helped Qin Shaoyou and the others to publicize when they patrolled the streets.

Now, all the people in Shi Nan Mansion know that the person who discovered Li Tingfang's problem and captured him was the red-clothed emissary who passed by here.

For the people of Shi Nanfu, the red-clothed messenger saved their lives this time, so after seeing Qin Shaoyou, Qin Qiaoer and others, their gratitude came from the bottom of their hearts.

And this also gave Qin Shaoyou a wave of people's will.

Not only him, but the three wild gods, Tai Sui Shenjun, Wunv Fairy and Puppet Marshal, also gained the power of the people's wishes.

The three wild gods narrowed their eyes slightly, feeling this different power, and their hearts were filled with excitement.

Is this the power of the will of the people? Sure enough, it is different from the incense obtained from intimidation.

There is a precedent for Rolling Tiger. The Taisui God, Wunv Fairy and Puppet Marshal all know that the power of people's wishes is the key to becoming a god.

Following Lord Qin, becoming a **** is no longer a luxury.

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