I Eat Monsters In the Town Monster - Chapter 4 fried ghost

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The movement of kicking the door alarmed Qin Shaoyou, he turned around and slashed out.

"The Night Watchman of the Demon Suppression Division."

The person who kicked the door quickly backed away and at the same time showed his identity to avoid accidental injury.

By the light of the lantern, Qin Shaoyou could clearly see the uniform of the Demon Suppression Division on the people who came, as well as the identity badge held in his hand, and Qin Daoren who was following behind them.

Only then did he take back the knife he had cut out, but he didn't put it back into the sheath. He pointed at the spring palace book in the cabinet with the knife.

"You are here. A female ghost crawled out of this book just now."

"Where's the female ghost?"

The night watchman with the lantern asked, the shadows in the house lit by the flickering candles added a bit of eerie and gloom.

"I was killed by me."

Qin Shaoyou's answer was obviously somewhat unexpected by the night watchman.

They looked at each other and asked puzzled: "Since you can kill the ghost in the painting, why did you send a signal to call for reinforcements?"

"Because before the fight, I wasn't sure I could kill her. Of course, I had to be careful and make the safest choice." Qin Shaoyou said seriously.


Several night watchmen looked at each other.

If someone else said that, they would scold them for abusing the Cloud Piercing Arrow. But to Qin Shaoyou, they couldn't say that.

Who asked Qin Shaoyou to have a brother-in-law of Baihuguan, the Suppressing Demon Sect.

They even had to boast: "Master Xiao Qin is really... cautious."

Qin Shaoyou was very satisfied with this evaluation, and sighed: "Be careful. In this season of demons, you can't be too cautious, right?"

What can a few night watchmen say? Can only say yes with a smile.

Immediately afterwards, a night watchman took out a box full of talisman paper from the box he was carrying, put the **** book in it, and wanted to take it back to the Town Demon Division for identification and inspection.

By the light of the night watchman's lantern, Qin Shaoyou noticed that there was one person missing on the cover of the Spring Palace Book.

What was missing was the female ghost he killed.

After putting away the **** book, the night watchman checked Qin Shaoyou's room again.

They didn't find any remaining ghost breath, but they were almost hurt by the trap set up by Qin Shaoyou.

This makes them really want to scold their mothers - you are being too cautious with so many traps in your own room, right? Aren't you afraid of getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and hurting yourself?

But reason overcame impulsiveness, and they didn't dare to really scold them.

After carefully and swiftly completing the inspection, several night watchmen hurriedly said goodbye, for fear that they would break the defense if they took a slow step.

"You don't need to climb over the wall when you come, but you climb over the wall when you leave. What's wrong..."

Qin Daoren saw that these night watchmen did not leave the courtyard door that he had opened, but chose to climb over the wall again, and couldn't help shaking his head.

How did he know that these night watchmen were frightened by the traps made by Qin Shaoyou, for fear that there were still traps near the courtyard gate, so they chose to go the same way.

Even the position and action of climbing over the wall were the same as when they came.

"That's right, it's too dogmatic." Qin Shaoyou agreed, but what he thought in his mind was: It seems a little too easy to overturn this wall? Some arrangements have to be made.

Just thinking about it, he found that his father and mother, who had just come out of the house, both set their eyes on him.

Qin Shaoyou thought they didn't understand the word 'dogmatism', and was about to explain when he heard his mother say, "Xiao Qi, I just heard you say in the room that that female ghost came from an **** book. Crawled out?"


Qin Shaoyou first responded, then immediately realized that something was wrong, and quickly explained:

"That **** book has nothing to do with me. It was brought to the town demon yamen by my subordinates, and I found it and confiscated it. Although I took it home, but I haven't read it, I plan to put it away for a while and wait for that person Give it back to him if you do well..."

Qin Daoren patted his shoulder and said with a smile, "There is no need to explain so much, we believe in you."

Immediately afterwards, he asked about the situation when he was fighting with the female ghost. With years of experience, he gave some suggestions.

Qin Shaoyou only felt that he had benefited a lot.

After the review was over, Qin Daoren yawned and said, "I and your mother went back to the room to rest, you should go to bed earlier... Oh, by the way, what do you think of Hao Cheng?"

Qin Shaoyou was still immersed in the review, and subconsciously replied: "Blessings are endless, eternal God!"

After saying this, he regretted it.

Sure enough, looking at Qin Daoren again, he looked like he was smiling, as if he was saying, 'Look at how you pretend to be a kid'.

"I just flipped through it... just a moment." Qin Shaoyou explained with a smile, embarrassed to the point of being too embarrassed.

Is there anything more embarrassing than being caught by your parents reading **** books?

Well, it seems that there really is...

Qin Daoren, who succeeded in the temptation, laughed: "No need to explain, we all understand. You have grown up and you are full of energy. It is normal to have these needs, but you just need to know how to control and not overdo it, otherwise it will affect your cultivation. Also, in the future If you encounter something like this again, don’t throw the blame on your subordinates, it’s easy to reveal your secrets. The best person to blame is the jailer. Because of this kind of person, it’s hard for outsiders to see, and it’s not easy to be questioned…”

Qin Daoren was a little carried away, so much so that when he was teaching his experience, he forgot that his wife was still there.

Qin Li was yawning constantly and was drowsy, but after hearing Qin Daoren's words, he instantly regained his energy, stared at his hips and said:

"No wonder you used to like to talk to the jailer about your work, and it was always late. I've been wondering for a long time, what kind of work do you have to talk to the jailer? Now I know that this is all your excuse! , Where did you go when you returned home late? Also, why do you know so much about the content of the Erotic Palace Book?!"

"No, I was really talking about work before. As for the content of the **** book, I listened to others, and I haven't read a single page... Ehhh, don't screw your ears, Xiaoqi is still here, give me some Is it okay to save face... it hurts, go back to the house, go back to the house and we will shut the door and say."

Qin Daoren covered his ears and begged for mercy, and was dragged back to the room by Mrs. Qin Li.

In the days that follow, whether he sleeps on the bed or on the floor will depend on whether he can make up all the lies he told before.

Qin Shaoyou was very happy to see this scene.

When someone accompanies me to die together, I don't feel so embarrassed.

Watching his parents go back to the room, he closed the door and started the 'interrogation'. Qin Shaoyou did not go back to the room to sleep, but went to the kitchen with a knife.

After beheading the female ghost, Qin Shaoyou really had a new page in the cookbook in his mind.

It's a new dish called 'Fried Ghost'.

The main ingredient used in this dish is the female ghost who was beheaded by him.

In the recipe, this female ghost is named 'Ghost Ghost'. She was originally a poor person who was harmed by ghosts, but after her death, she was willing to help ghosts to lure and kill others in order to obtain flesh and blood and yang energy, sinking step by step. Fallen into a demon.

Although it is pitiful, it is also hateful.

The practice of deep-frying ghosts is very simple. You can directly fry the ghosts in the oil pan until golden brown, and then you can eat them.

As for its effect, Qin Shaoyou's eyes lit up: "After taking it by a warrior full of blood energy, it can smelt the blood energy into the internal organs, muscles and bones, greatly strengthen the defense, and obtain the ghost's [smart tongue] talent."

"I guessed it right, the update of the recipe is really related to the beheading of demons. The effect of deep-fried ghosts smelting blood energy into the internal organs and bones is a key step in breaking through from the blood energy realm to the muscles and bones realm... However, this [Qiao Tong] What is talent?"

In the kitchen, Qin Shaoyou pondered while lighting a fire.

Is it to make the tongue flexible?

The kind who can have a lotus on their tongues and don't even need toothpicks to eat snails?

Oh, if the female ghost in the painting had said she had this talent earlier, I wouldn't have hacked her to death with a few knives, so I would have to try.

Hmm, forget it, it's better to hack to death. If she is attacked by surprise while trying, even if you can save your life, you won't be able to save your roots...

But what's the use of me taking this talent? Is it to change careers to do duck?

Although my handsome face is indeed suitable for eating soft rice, the problem is, I don't know any rich women!

Qin Shaoyou thought wildly, but a sentence was refreshed on the page of the fried ghost in the recipe.

It is the explanation of the talent of "Qiao Tong": those with a clever tongue can speak well.

"Able to speak well?"

Qin Shaoyou remembered the experience that when the female ghost in the painting first appeared, she almost bewitched him with a lame lie.

Could it be that the [Qiao Tong] talent gave him a similar ability?

I just don't know how it works.

"So it's not the kind of tongue-in-cheek ability I thought..."

Qin Shaoyou breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time he was a little regretful.

When the fire raged, Qin Shaoyou picked up the pot on the stove and poured some vegetable oil into the pot.

The oil was quickly burned to the point of scorching hot. With Qin Shaoyou's thoughts moving, he took out the female ghost in the painting from the recipe.

At this moment, the female ghost in the painting, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is no longer the exaggerated gourd-shaped figure before, but has become a dark cloud of black air.

The black gas came out of the recipe and fell directly into the frying pan. It was obviously an invisible thing, but it was fried with a 'squeak'.

In a short while, it was blasted from pitch black to golden, from a spirit body to a real body.

It looks crispy and has an attractive aroma.

The only thing Qin Shaoyou felt sorry for was a ghost, and he only made a fried ghost.

It is impossible to want to eat something like the demon wolf blood tofu every day.

After all, it is not uncommon to eat demon meat and drink demon blood in the Demon Suppression Division, but eating ghosts...

I really haven't heard of it.

And without a mysterious recipe, it is not an easy task to collect beheaded ghosts.

Qin Shaoyou took the fried ghost out of the pot, put out the stove fire, scooped up the used vegetable oil, put it into an empty bowl, and kept it for the next cooking.

Then he picked up the fried ghost that had cooled down and took a bite.

Fluffy and crispy, the taste is very similar to fried dough sticks. It is worthy of being called a fried ghost. It would be even better if there is another bowl of soy milk.

After taking a few bites of the fried ghost, Qin Shaoyou felt that the blood in his body began to surge.

He knew that this was a sign that blood energy was about to melt into the internal organs and bones, so he hurried back to his room, sat cross-legged on the bed, put the knife on his right hand, and took out a cloud-piercing arrow on his left.

With this arrangement, in case of any accident when smelting blood energy, it can also respond in time.

Just after doing this, a severe pain swept over Qin Shaoyou's body.

And in the Demon Suppression Division, there was no eyeballs in Jiutian Dangmo Patriarch Statue, **** tears flowed from those empty eye sockets again...


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