I Have a Proficiency Panel - v3 Chapter 682 mirror opponent

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Zhang Qingyuan tried his best to show the enemy as weak, and put himself in a lower position, so as not to stand out too much and become the target of public criticism.

Just how big this effect is, only God knows.

The surrounding emperors did not make a sound, they were silent, as if everything that happened had nothing to do with them.

Before the situation is unknown,

Staying out of the way is the best way to deal with it.

On the other hand, there were three people, a monk and a hat person from the Canglan Realm, who gave Zhang Qingyuan a meaningful look, but didn't say anything.

There was silence all around,

Zhang Qingyuan is not annoyed at all,

Directly called out the phantom of the old manager here.

"Is that so?"

Knowing the news of this level from the old man's virtual shadow, Zhang Qingyuan's eyes flickered slightly.

However, the heart was a little relieved.

It turns out that the third level is not like the first and second levels. Everyone has an independent trial space.

And the third hurdle,

only one!

Only one person can participate in a trial.

Therefore, the surrounding emperors all appeared in this space.

The third level is a vortex portal that is suspended in the void ahead, twisting the vacuum.

Entering the portal, there will be a mirror image opponent who has all the strengths of the means. As long as you defeat the mirror image opponent, you will be able to pass this last level and get the legacy of the most powerful person!

"A mirror image opponent that completely reflects his own strength? What kind of means is this?!"

"The power of the Tao is simply incredible!"

Thinking back to the second level, the swordsman's opponent reflected in his memory, Zhang Qingyuan only felt that the means of the existence of the Supreme Dao were simply unimaginable!

Whether it was to pull the existence of a person out of memory before, or to fully reflect a person's full strength now, these methods are unbelievable even for the current Zhang Qingyuan!

There is still a big gap between the Great Emperor series and the Dao!

In Zhang Qingyuan's heart, he couldn't help but sigh.

I sighed in my heart,

Even after this step, Zhang Qingyuan still has an incomprehensible feeling about the existence of the realm left in the legend!

Seeing that no one has tried the level challenge ahead, Zhang Qingyuan did not continue to stay in place,

After all, most of the surrounding emperor-level existences have already tried and were blocked from coming back. Since no one talks, there is no need to continue to stay.

So under the gathering of many eyes, Zhang Qingyuan's face was calm,

Stepping out one step, he walked into the Void Portal.

[I don't know if the kid can pass that level. 】

[Hmph, how can it be that easy, the thing inside is almost a mirror image of itself, even the trump cards that I have hidden for many years have been copied, if I hadn't returned it in time, I'm afraid it would have been folded there! 】

[The one who can stand here, isn't that Tianjiao who used to be in the world for ten thousand years? The more genius you are, the more you will fall in front of this level! 】

[Wait with peace of mind. 】

[Hehe, even if he is really lucky, it is not so easy to take away that inheritance! 】

Between the voids, there is a mutual exchange of existences.

ill-intentioned glances,

Constantly projected onto that Void Vortex Portal.


The reason why these emperor-level existences stayed here all the time and did not re-enter after the failed attempt was because the mirror image of copying all their own power in the third level was not so easy to solve.

The second is that if someone can pass the third pass, they can get inheritance.

If you keep your strength, wait until the inheritance is born, and the success rate of grabbing it directly will undoubtedly be higher!

It's them too,

Being in this space all the time, there is no reason for much movement.

No one wants their own efforts to end up cheapening others.

More than a dozen emperors are also standing at the top of the chaos in the heavens, and their expressions are uncertain and each has a ghost.

what happened behind

Zhang Qingyuan is unknown.

At this time he,

After entering the space portal, he came to a vast white space, and not far away, a silhouette with exactly the same breath as him walked out.

boom! !

Almost at the moment when Zhang Qingyuan appeared, the mirror figure on the opposite side started!

In an instant,

The mirror image had already appeared behind him. If he teleported, the terrifying power would gather at the top of the sky and explode in an instant, swallowing all the rays of light. Zhang Qingyuan slammed down!

This blow is extremely fast!

Even if it is an emperor-level existence, if one is not careful, it will be hit hard by it!

"Chaos Dragon Kun swimming method!"

Zhang Qingyuan's pupils shrunk to the size of pinpoints, and his face was horrified!


The backhand punched out, the mighty power penetrated the void, and suddenly spewed like a tsunami, shattering the vacuum!

Boom! !

The collision of almost identical terrifying and chaotic avenues of power produced an earth-shattering and terrifying force, a vacuum of thousands of miles around, and collapsed instantly!

The chaotic storm, which is enough to tear apart heaven and man, swept in all directions like a tsunami!

With the help of this terrifying power, Zhang Qingyuan flashed silver light and quickly retreated thousands of miles away.

But at almost the same time,

mirror shadow,

Coming soon!

Boom boom boom! !

As soon as the battle started, it entered the most intense stage!

In the time of lightning and flint,

The terrifying collision has already erupted dozens of times, turning this area into nothingness!

between chaos,

The silhouettes of Zhang Qingyuan and the mirror image are like lightning, traversing thousands of miles in an instant. Every collision and collision produces a storm that is enough to set off a power that destroys the sky and destroys the earth in the chaos!

"The exact same avenue, the exact same power, and even the movement techniques have been copied together!"

several confrontations,

Zhang Qingyuan can already feel that the opponent who fights with him is completely another copy of himself!

"Damn it! How the **** is this done!"

The Chaos Avenue is the ultimate road that has been accumulated for many years and finally condensed in one fell swoop.

Chaos Dragon Kun swimming method,

It was also that he went to Tianwaitian at the risk of himself to observe the magical powers of movement and immortality developed by the silver-patterned world Longkun, and used the proficiency panel to perform tens of millions of deductions before he perfected it.

These things, UU reading www.uukanshu.com are all the trump cards that they have used to deal with countless powerful enemies over the years!

But the opposite side can copy everything without omission!

How exactly is this done? !

supreme power,

Is it so terrifying? !


The most uncomfortable thing for Zhang Qingyuan is that,

This mirror image opponent seems to be loaded with the fighting consciousness of that supreme existence. There is no jerky connection between various power combinations, and various immortal powers are running smoothly.

After the confrontation of several tricks, Zhang Qingyuan was directly at a disadvantage!

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