I Have a Proficiency Panel - v3 Chapter 683 Clearance

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The loud noise that shook the sky and the earth set off a stormy sea in the chaos!

The chaotic world with a radius of 10,000 miles boiled violently, and in the darkness, one after another terrifying lightning ripped apart the nothingness, producing a terrifying aura, turning a large area into a place of death!

In this chaos full of terrifying power, even the existence of the true king series, if you are a little careless, may be hit hard by this terrifying aftermath!

At this time, the confrontation between Zhang Qingyuan and the mirror image has lasted for thirty-three days!

Fortunately, Zhang Qingyuan has a strong foundation, and what he cultivates is the power of the Chaos Dao, so in the battle of the chaotic nothingness that was destroyed, the power is almost constant.

Not to be dragged down by the opposite side.

Boom! !

Between the voids, Zhang Qingyuan smashed the void with a punch, and the power that shattered everything was like a meteor bombarding the chaotic vacuum somewhere.


A figure was suddenly squeezed out of the chaos that was empty of people in front of him.

The terrifying explosions exploded one after another, setting off a terrifying torrent of storms in the chaos of thousands of miles around, and the mirrored figures were knocked away thousands of feet away!

With one punch, Zhang Qingyuan didn't have the slightest surprise, instead he was clear.

"As expected, although the mirror image opponent completely copied my power, and even the power of the Tao, it exerted incredible power."

"But at the same time, what you copied is only my initial strength when I entered this space!"

"Just like now, you are only my strength thirty-three days ago!"

Looking at the silver runes reflected all over his body, escaping the chaotic vacuum, and using the chaotic dragon kun swimming technique to kill the mirror image opponent, Zhang Qingyuan murmured in a low voice.

He took a step forward and turned around.

Almost by a tiny margin, he escaped a condensed terrorist force.

Then they pointed to swords together, condensed the sharp and real sword potential, lingered with the power of the rule of one sword and two cuts, cut the chaos, and suddenly slashed towards the passing scene!


With a clear and crisp sound like a clash of gold and jade, a wound was torn on the shoulder of the mirrored figure, and at the same time, it was knocked out.

The terrifying sword intent lingers on it!

"Now you are no longer my opponent!"

Zhang Qingyuan easily repulsed the mirrored figure, wandered in the chaotic vacuum, and said with a sigh.

Thirty-three days of battle,

Eleven days ago, in front of the mirror figure who completely copied all his methods, he was suppressed by the constant pressure, and he could only barely support it, and he almost fell into desperation hundreds of times!

The use of the vision of the opponent and even the realm of the Dao has produced a terrifying sublimation of the various means at his disposal!

That is close to the peak limit of the Great Emperor at the quasi-to-dao level!

But at the same time,

Under the huge pressure, Zhang Qingyuan also brought great progress!

Especially with the golden finger of the proficiency panel, and the deduction function of the Great Evolution Technique developed through it, Zhang Qingyuan can continuously absorb the strengths of the opponent during the battle, and in the battle, constantly digest it and turn it into his own strength. food!

In the beginning, no matter how miserable the situation Zhang Qingyuan was facing, how much he gained!

Until eleven days passed,

Zhang Qingyuan has grown to the point where he has grown to the point where he can barely compete with the opponent.

You don't have to worry about being beaten by the opponent just by accident.

And at that time, Zhang Qingyuan discovered something.

That is the opponent of the mirror image, and it will only stay in the duplication of the power mastered at the moment of entering this space.

Instead of improving with your own progress!


It is also the biggest reason why Zhang Qingyuan is confident that he can pass this level!

During these thirty-three days,

On the first eleven days, Zhang Qingyuan could only barely support it.

Under the strong oppression, for the first time, he knew that the power and means he had mastered could still be used in this way, and the cooperation and integration of each other could produce such amazing effects!

On the second eleventh day, he was already able to compete with him, and continued to learn more and more things from him.

On the third eleventh day, his strength has grown to the point where he fully surpasses that of the mirror image!

Mirroring everything about his opponent is no longer a threat to him!

So much so that Zhang Qingyuan, within this period of time, has already begun to deeply analyze the supreme power that can completely replicate his own strength!

"Above the Supreme Dao, it is so elegant! No wonder it is possible to reflect all the avenues of power that exist under the Supreme Dao."

In Zhang Qingyuan's eyes, a faint white light flickered, and his deep eyes penetrated the void, as if he had seen through the core secret of the mirror image!

At this time, Zhang Qingyuan, after thirty-three days of experience, through analyzing the mirror image avatar reflected by the power of the Tao, his strength has been greatly improved.

He has already reached the limit of the Great Emperor, and has begun to walk on the path of the Supreme Dao!

the road ahead,

still vague,

But at least,

It's not like I can't see a trace of it at all, it's like I've never felt that way!

"This three-level trial is not so much a test as it is a three-level test!"

"The existence of each level can bring huge gains."

"That one, what is the purpose of setting up such a test?"

In Zhang Qingyuan's mind, such a thought flashed.

His gains from this trip are not too big!

At least if there is no such thing as the forbidden land of death, and if you have not gone through the three stages of experience,

Zhang Qingyuan consciously wants to go this far, it's really difficult!

Before entering this forbidden place of death, Zhang Qingyuan felt that he had reached the level of the emperor, and he was already inexhaustible!

I haven't touched the power of the Supreme Dao. I'm afraid it will not take thousands of years, thousands of years, at a certain moment when the opportunity comes, and suddenly the soul is blessed, and I have the opportunity to embark on this road!

"Forget it, no matter what, as long as you pass this level, any doubts will naturally be answered."

"This level, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is also time to end!"

Between talking,

Zhang Qingyuan stepped out one step, and the figure merged into chaos in the breath.

Reappeared again, already appeared thousands of miles away, behind the mirror figure, one finger passed through the chaos, some indescribable power penetrated the nothingness, and pointed to the heart of the mirror figure and killed it!


Invisible and invisible!

The mirror figure also seemed to feel the crisis, and with a roar, the majestic Chaos Avenue force set off a stormy wave, sweeping towards all directions like a mountain!

He even used Zhang Qingyuan's Xeon Immortal Art ultimate move,

A sword reincarnates!

Time and space seem to be affected at this moment!

The stalwart power that was enough to easily kill a great emperor erupted,


All this has no effect at all!

Not only because Zhang Qingyuan already knows the mirror image opponent in front of him, but also because in the past 33 days, his body technique, the great way, and his perception of the power of the supreme way have all improved to a higher level!

He is no longer the self that he was thirty-three days ago!

That finger pierced through nothingness, severing time and space, almost like a terrifying sword force bursting out from a phantom through a mirrored figure, shattering his heart with one finger!


There was a crisp sound, like a space bubble bursting.

The boundless illusion disappears,

The whole world,

At this moment it starts to break down!

The third pass,


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