I Have a Special Forces System - Chapter 2246 Evacuate midway

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No one knows, what is the reason for this, and this thing is also wanted.

Is it because of a special collection hobby? Many people are thinking.

Young Master Mo couldn't care less, and said to Yu Sheng.

"Remember, after that, if you go backstage to get something, I won't go."

He felt a little ashamed, after all, shooting something like this didn't fit his temperament at all.

"Okay, got it."

This time, Yu Sheng didn't waste time, and went directly to the backstage to get the things, and went to get the things in Mo Shao's honor, so there must be no problem.

After the head of the Chamber of Commerce found out, he also gave the things to Yu Sheng, but when he left, he asked.

"Are you really willing to give up such a good job?"

He felt that this young man, who had worked with him for a few days, was very patient and did not cause trouble, so he wanted to stay.

When Yu Sheng heard the words, he almost staggered and said.

"No, I have a new plan."

The chamber of commerce management also nodded.

"It's not bad if you can follow Mo Shao, but don't regret it."

He reminded Yu Sheng again that if he entered the Mo family's worst job, he would definitely have to sign a contract of sale, but he didn't need it for his job.

Yu Sheng naturally understands that in the chamber of commerce, if it is not an important position, it will naturally be done as a temporary worker, but no matter what kind of guy it is, it is not a long-term solution, so he will naturally not choose it.

After leaving here, Yu Sheng found a quiet place and planned to fuse Jianxin into the scrap iron sword over there.

When Jian Xin was taken out, he turned into a hollow human figure.

Yu Sheng felt that he became clearer and spiritual, and he didn't know whether this development would be good or bad.

Kenshin could sense Yu Sheng's mood swings, so he asked.

"Are you afraid of me, why beware of me?"

Yu Sheng waved his hand to signal him not to think too much.

In fact, Yu Sheng knew that Jianxin was psychic, but he wanted to change its essence so that it would no longer be such a riot.

You must know that when Jian Xin was born, there was a **** storm, and Yu Sheng wanted to help him with the essence, so he kept warming it in his body, especially storing it in his heart.

Jian Xin also did not choose to hurt Yu Sheng, and has always lived in peace.

Therefore, when Wen Yang reaches a certain level, it is normal for it to be able to perceive a wave of fluctuation in Yu Sheng's heart, but generally speaking, it will not choose to actively ask.

Yu Sheng knew that something was different today, and the other party obviously knew what he was going to do today.

After a while, Yu Sheng took out the rusty sword, and there was a forging furnace next to it, and today he was going to reshape the sword.

"The sword needs to be re-opened, so it needs assistance." Jian Xin said.

Immediately afterwards, I saw it releasing light, and it was a little bit like the essence particles solidified towards him.

Yu Sheng saw that the weapons received were directly crisp, and the essence of the illusion city was incorporated into Jian Xin's body.

"You are."

Yu Sheng didn't know that this Jian Xin could also pick up other people's weapons. This matter became a big deal, and those who held weapons had to chase him to find him desperately.

But now Jianxin can't take care of these. He thinks that the rest of his life can handle the remaining problems, so he only cares about his own affairs.

This made Yu Sheng very helpless and speechless.

However, he also propped up the barrier and released mana, making this place a space so that no one else could find it.

Banyue City is also panicking at this moment, because almost human weapons fly away on their own, clamoring in one direction and finally disappearing into nothingness.

This part of the monks lost their weapons, and they were immediately annoyed. They didn't understand why they made such a noise.

Everything was fine at first, but unexpected accidents caught them off guard.

The rest of my life is also thinking about what to do next.

Kenshin came up with an idea.

"This Bingjian is indeed from the sky burial period, at least it is also a king-level weapon."

Yu Sheng naturally didn't know what a king class was, but Jian Xin continued to analyze it.

"Ordinary soldiers, precious soldiers, divine soldiers, king-level, holy-level, emperor-level, do you understand that clearly?"

The rest of his life is somewhat different. In his perception, a divine weapon is equivalent to a very powerful weapon. For example, the Banyue Baolun of the Crescent Moon Sect is a demigod weapon, but now he is told that there are stronger classes at this level. weapon.

He now somewhat understands that Jian Xin is not fooling around, he did this for a reason, it has absorbed and condensed enough materials, and endowed it with this king-level weapon, which is the only way to revive him.

"You said he was rusty because he was asleep, not because he was rusted for too long."

Kenshin nodded and answered.

"A weapon of this level will not be damaged by itself, and it can be stored for a long time, let alone rust. It is only for those who don't understand the goods."

Yu Sheng was startled, it seemed that Jian Xin knew far more than him.

In fact, this is not very unexpected, after all, Jianxin is a product of Jianchi.

As for the Sword Pool, it has existed for a long time, and many generations of people have bathed in it or practiced it, so he has collected a lot of secrets. At present, he only tells a small part of it.

Yu Sheng heard the words and knew what to do. He took out the remaining red gold quicksand and wanted to join it.

Jianxin asked.

"You don't need this thing, then I will devour it."

Jian Xin devoured it directly, and ate the remaining half a catty of Chi Jinsha, and then he had a full cough.

In fact, it doesn't have to do this, it just thinks that if it integrates this sword, it will be equivalent to having a brand new body. At that time, it's best for this thing to be in a revived state, or else it will also fall asleep.

"Finding a new boarding weapon means that my connection with you will be broken, and I will have a connection with this Bing weapon."

Yu Sheng nodded, he thought about it.

In fact, he has always known that Jianxin is already his sword servant, and now it wants to control the Bingjian. If it wants to be the spirit inside, it will naturally break the relationship with Yusheng.

"If you don't want to, then don't force it."

Yu Sheng reminded.

You know, if you sell at this step, it will be difficult to turn back, unless one day the sword is psychic and reaches the point of transformation, otherwise, if you want to see him for the rest of your life, you can only be in this Bingjian form.

"That's fine. If I can fuse, at least I can achieve immortality, and I can always exist with this precious sword."

Yu Sheng didn't expect the other party to think so. It turned out that he had already prepared for it, and it seemed that he didn't need to enlighten him.

"I'm Jianxin. I'm an ownerless thing. I need to host something to make it a whole, otherwise it will dissipate."

Yu Sheng naturally understood this, otherwise, he wouldn't have let the other party be like this, this can be regarded as a kind of destination.

Then Yu Sheng began the fusion ceremony.

After a while, he found that he couldn't integrate Jianxin into it, and he didn't know what went wrong.

"It can't be smelted, what do you say?"

Yu Sheng asked.

Jian Xin is also speechless at this time, he is in the form of a spirit body, if he voluntarily joins an empty utensil, it should have a 100% success rate, but now he has been obstructed and failed, among them, there must be some question.

"Could it be, this sword itself has a spirit."

Yu Sheng guessed this possibility, which is also the reason why Bingjian was able to take the initiative to sleep. If it weren't for the spirit inside, it would be impossible to have such a protective reaction.

"Don't say it, it's really possible."

At this time, Jianxin tried to communicate with the things inside, and then saw a ray of breath floating out, and was fused by Jianxin.

After Jian Xin fused this energy body, he felt a lot more transparent and refreshed.

"Could this be the so-called spirit?"

Yu Sheng said.

"That's right, he chose to be swallowed by me because he is too weak and will dissipate at any time. It seems that he has gone through a big battle and he has been destroyed long ago, so he chose to fuse with me independently."

Jian Xin was full of light at the moment, and then continued to devour the surrounding spiritual energy, Yu Sheng also dropped some weapons, which were directly absorbed by Jian Xin.

Jian Xin was speechless, he couldn't control himself, those were Yu Sheng's weapons, he just absorbed them, feeling a little sorry.

The rest of his life was also speechless, this time he lost a lot, he didn't expect it to be like this. ,

The utensils he owns are all good things. Although he doesn't use them very much at ordinary times, they will come in handy when he actually fights.

Banyue City panicked again. After all, their own weapons rioted again and flew to an unknown area. They couldn't suppress it, which was too weird.

Jian Xin saw that he had almost absorbed the weapon, and now he was very bright and had reached a state, very ethereal.

He took the Bingxiu sword directly, and then the sword trembled, and then the rust slowly fell off.

This scene fluctuated greatly, because the sound of the sword groaning resounded far away.

From time to time, some old monsters stationed in Banyue City have been alarmed.

Yu Sheng knew that the fluctuations were too great, so he didn't care about so much, and immediately turned on Chaos Lu to escape.

This time there was a lot of turmoil, and even for a period of time, it was rumored.

Yu Sheng waited until the turmoil was over, appeared in Banyue City, found Mo Shao, and then returned him the silver dollar.

Mo Shao was curious why Yu Sheng had so much money.

In fact, on the road, Yu Sheng was also held back by some unknown people, who wanted to ask him about his whereabouts, and tried to test him if he disagreed.

Therefore, when dealing with this kind of fault-finding person, the first reaction for the rest of your life is to defend yourself legitimately.

However, the other party fell down without being beaten, so he logically took away the silver dollars on their bodies, and now he handed some of them to Mo Shao, which was considered clear.

Mo Shao nodded and said.

"You know, that's not what I care about."

Seeing Yu Sheng's angry appearance, he continued to ask.

"Where have you been recently?"

Compared with paying back the money, he cared more about what happened to Yu Sheng, and he also wanted to see what happened to the sword that was photographed by Bing and the small stone tablet.

Yu Sheng nodded, took out the small stone tablet, and the Bingjian.

I saw that the rust on the sword had fallen off, making it even more extraordinary.


Mo Shao also stared straight at his eyes, feeling unbelievable.

Yu Sheng put away these two things and said.

"Okay, I've finished reading things, then I'm leaving."

When he said he wanted to leave, Young Master Mo didn't stop him. After all, everyone's salary is different, and they just met by chance.

"That day, at the auction house, I also took a few photos of the remaining items. I don't know if they are good items. Do you want to see them?"

Yu Sheng nodded when he heard the words. He saw some ancient paintings and porcelain.

"These things you bought are fine, but you need to find someone to arrange them. There are some marks left on these things. If you don't touch them out, you may attract bad things."

Yu Sheng pointed to something, and then told Mo Shao the principle.

"If you're not very busy, can you arrange it for me?"

As he spoke, he took out a picture to display these things.

Yu Sheng was stunned, it turned out that the other party had already found someone to look at, but now he just wanted to do it himself, and it happened that Yu Sheng was there, so we got together.

After placing them, Mo Tingting also came back, seeing her brother Mo Zhong still chatting with Yu Sheng, she immediately got angry.

"You agreed last time, join my Mo family and become a domestic slave, think about it."

Yu Sheng was taken aback for a moment, he forgot when he promised to be a house slave.

Mo Zhong reminded that last time he did promise his sister one thing.

"Oh, so that's the case, but, remember this matter first, and I will come back to do it when I have time.


After speaking, he left without looking back.

As soon as Yu Sheng came out of Banyue City, he found a pair of eyes staring at him.

He entered a forest, and the people behind didn't let him go, on the contrary, they became more and more nervous in chasing him.

I saw his figure flickering and disappeared, and when he appeared, he was already behind these people.

"What are you doing with me, it seems that there is no enmity between us."

In front of Yu Sheng, some people wearing black cloaks and masks appeared, staring at him.

The leader stood up, looked at Yu Sheng, and said.

"You are very good. You can see through our tracking, but you have to leave your things before I can let you go."

Yu Sheng was puzzled, what he meant.

"That scripture does not belong to you, please return it to me. Of course, the reward will not be less."

Yu Sheng finally remembered, it turned out that this was the masked man who was unsuccessful in the auction that day. It seemed that the other party was also a member of the forces of the underworld. It was the same way as when he went to Black Zee to chase and kill him, but it was not the same person.

"I said that your underworld is too domineering. Either you are always chasing and killing others, or you want to rob others. If you do, you just admit it, but there are quite a lot of excuses."

Mingxian was speechless for a while, it was also the first time he robbed others, he couldn't help it, after all he wanted that scripture too much.

For this reason, he went to Mo's mansion deliberately, but found no trace of the scriptures, so he set his target on Yu Sheng, the entourage of Shao Mo that day.

Sure enough, UU Reading www.uukanshu. com He found that there was a breath of scriptures spreading, and locked him.

"Don't quibble, the thing is with you. For ordinary people, it is useless to practice that thing. It can only be practiced by people who are suitable for my Netherland forces."

Yu Sheng smiled faintly.

"Let's not say whether it's suitable for you or not. I don't bother to give it to you just because you want to grab it. No matter how much money you give now, I won't sell it."

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Hearing this, Ming Xian became angry, why is this person so ignorant of good and evil, since he has repeatedly disobeyed him.

"Ignorant people, you will use your own death to witness your ignorance."

As he said that, he came to kill him, wanting to end the rest of his life and take that scripture.

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