I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1209 Burning lamp ancient Buddha, Qianlong Nirvana??

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I Pretend to be Heavenly Secrets in the Fantasy World Chapter 1209 Burning the Ancient Buddha, Qianlong Nirvana

Su Li actually knew the intention of the compensation that the Emperor mentioned.

It was nothing more than the meaning of Mu Qingyan's existence.

In fact, Su Li knew that Mu Qingyan, who was with the Emperor, represented the 'former Su Wangchen'. Of course, this could be the original body or not.

But the cause and effect that it presents, but Li Juan's cause and effect is set.

As long as Su Li regards her as the former Su Wangchen and kills her in front of the Emperor, he can actually cut off more than 90% of the former Su Wangchen's background.

But Su Li didn't do that.

He didn't even show 'recognize'.

For Su Wangchen, who had part of the heart of thousands of hearts, it was only a part of it, not all of it. Once Su Li made a move, although Su Li would get great benefits, he couldn't cut the roots.

Since he couldn't cut the weeds, at the same time, Human Sovereign also owed part of the cause and effect to the former Su Wangchen for some reasons.

Then, for Su Lishun to show respect to the emperor, some leeway is very necessary.

This will not scare the snake away.

Moreover, it can also make the former Su Wangchen feel that he, Su Li, is nothing more than that, after all, the opponent's move is superior.

For now, that's exactly what happened.

"If such cause and effect cannot be seen through, it would be too disappointing. Now, in such a situation, I don't know what advice the Emperor has."

Su Li pondered for a while and asked.

The Human Sovereign pondered, and said: "No matter what position we stand on, if the heart exists for the common people in the world, then the general direction is the same. Therefore, in this respect, we are actually a whole. If we are united, we will be strong, and if we divide, we will be weak."

Su Li was deeply convinced, and said, "Indeed, it's just a pity that we didn't have such a heart of understanding before this."

The Human Sovereign responded: "It's not too late to make up for it. As long as you have this kind of understanding, it's not too late even if you start now."

The Emperor's tone was very sincere.

Su Li nodded and said, "Indeed, it's better to be late than never. This is the simplest truth."

The Human Sovereign pondered for a moment, and said, "I'm actually here just to give you a part of the explanation. I'll take a look at you by the way. Now your situation is much better than I expected, so I feel relieved."

When Su Li heard this, there was a look of sincerity and gratitude in his eyes: "I know, Renhuang is worried that I will be uneasy because of Mu Qingyan's matter, or maybe I am depressed, and I am worried that I will receive special treatment in such a place. Interfering, so as to be in a state of confusion, into a crisis, rather than deliberately explaining."

The Emperor showed a helpless look: "It seems that I can really let go completely."

Su Li said: "The Human Sovereign has already helped to bear so much, so that I can completely do whatever I want. This kind of love, Su will keep it in his heart, dare not forget it, and will not waste the painstaking efforts of the Human Sovereign. .”

The Human Sovereign was finally relieved, and he did not hide the emotion and admiration in his eyes: "So, I need to leave. Next you, take care of yourself. See you in the future, um, in the future."

After the Human Sovereign finished speaking, he didn't wait for Su Li's response, and his figure quickly disappeared.

He came very abruptly, and left very freely and naturally.

And the so-called compensation, in the final analysis, is nothing more than giving Su Li a 'step' down.

If the Human Sovereign does not bear the cause and effect of the 'Human Sovereign', then Su Li will not be able to let go of many things. At the same time, it will also attract the karma of 'Su Wangchen', making it impossible to see the truth further.

The same is true, Ren Huangcai had some karmic entanglements with Su Wangchen, and even owed some karma by chance.

These, Su Li can judge.

Now, after the Human Sovereign left, Su Li looked at the candlestick in front of him, the candlelight, and his mind wavered a little.

In the candlelight, Su Li seemed to see the mysterious light and shadow of Buddha from the depths of the candlelight.

This light and shadow is mysterious, solemn, and solemn, but it also contains a universal artistic conception of Zen singing.

Through the candlelight, Su Li could clearly feel the disillusionment of time.

It was as if time had been squeezed and distorted.

And in this feeling, the light and shadow of the Buddha in the candlelight seemed to suddenly prop up some of Su Li's lost memories.

That is a blank area deep in memory.

Now, as if the information in that area had been unblocked, all of it emerged.

All of a sudden, Su Li recalled the scene that happened in the unknown years before.

The moment Su Li thought of this scene, he was immersed in the scene as if he was actually there.

Enveloped by candlelight.

In the memory world in the memory forbidden area.

Su Li's figure appeared in front of the Buddha in the candlelight.

"You are here, but now is not the time yet."

In the void, there seemed to be a very ancient and mysterious, majestic and ancient voice.

This voice reflected the heavens, and it was transmitted to Su Li's ears and heart very clearly.

When this sound resounded, the entire world shook, as if such a sound could cause this world to collapse and shatter.

Hearing such a voice, all the other voices in the ear immediately faded and dimmed.

Under such circumstances, Su Li felt a little more puzzled.

Even so, Su Li still judged in his heart that the Buddha in front of him existed in the ancient light, so his existence...

Su Li clasped his fists in salute, and said softly, "Could it be that the ancient Buddha... knew Su?"

The ancient Buddha in the light and shadow nodded slightly, and said: "Yes, we have indeed seen it, and it was before a very ancient time, or after a very ancient time."

His words contain deep Zen ideas, which need to be comprehended carefully.

However, Su Li's xinxing was already strong, and he was already extraordinary. After the Ancient Buddha of Light and Shadow uttered such words, he immediately understood.

The meaning of the ancient Buddha in the light and shadow is actually very obvious—

What he said actually belonged to special mysteries.

That is the mystery of time!

This kind of thing is really not easy for ordinary people to comprehend.

From Su Li's point of view, the meaning of time is difficult to describe in words.

However, after being told by the ancient Buddha, Su Li had a new understanding of time.

Indeed, only time does not need to distinguish between past and future and present.

For the time axis, the past, present, future, and even the present are just a special point on the time axis.

The past can be the future, the future can be the present, or the past.

Between the two parties, there is a two-way or multi-directional rush.

Su Li was silent for a moment, then looked at the ancient Buddha again: "I don't know what the ancient Buddha taught."

"The change of time is always incomprehensible. Therefore, we had face-to-face discussions on Taoism and meditation in the past, and we have met now, and there will be a next meeting.

Our karma is not in this time, nor in the last time, but in the next time. And next time, soon. "

The voice of the ancient Buddha said sadly.

Su Li pondered thoughtfully, "Next time, will it be the time when I'm about to return to the timeline? Then, whether..."

Su Li was thinking, but he didn't finish speaking.

Such an atmosphere, such a venue, there are many words that need not be finished, and the two are enough to understand.

"Rebirth, or continuation, is a change."

"Change is the unknown. However, if it is just a continuation, then the meaning of the change is only the change of the process."

"But the result will still be the same. Only freshmen can avoid everything. I hope that the next meeting will be freshmen, not just changes."

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Gu Buddha said calmly.

Su Li pondered again.

Immediately, I immediately understood the meaning of this sentence in my heart.

That is to say—if you can dominate the time axis, then you can dominate the time axis instead of conforming to the time axis, changing history, changing the future, just making changes is far from enough!

"Having said that, it's just that it's extremely difficult to dominate. As for this aspect, at present, I don't even have a clue. I don't know if the ancient Buddha can give some pointers."

Su Li cupped his fists and saluted with a pious tone.

This is the so-called 'learning from scriptures'.

Among the big talk of cause and effect, Supreme Treasure also had a choice before becoming Monkey King.

The figure of the ancient Buddha was silent for a moment, then nodded slightly, and said, "Of course."

A simple word that recognized the meaning was spit out lightly, and then, the phantom of the ancient Buddha in the candlelight fell into silence for a while.

After a while, the ancient Buddha said again: "Right and wrong change, you do as you please. Next time we meet, I will give you the answer. Or, at that time, you no longer need the answer. This place will not exist for long, it is just a timeline A wisp of dust in the world, and you are also that wisp of dust.

You just need to know that all the efforts and all the changes are only caused by the deviation of the time axis.

If you can be reborn, then, hopefully, you can fix the timeline's deviating track and start everything over again. Only by doing it all over again, with everything we have, can there be hope. "

The ancient Buddha said these words very lightly, and then, the candlestick seemed to disappear suddenly.

A world of light, turned dark.

The endless darkness continues to extend to the endless distance, endless.

But soon, the darkness became completely silent again.

Among them, there may be various scenes presented, but they can't be presented as if they can't struggle with the darkness.

Su Li felt silently for a moment.

At this time, there is no new memory recovery.

Not only that, the previous dark world suddenly exploded with a 'boom', as if everything had been annihilated.

Su Li suddenly woke up from the state of memory recovery.

Then, his eyes almost immediately turned to the candlelight in front of him.

Sure enough, after the flickering of the candlelight, in the shadow of the candlelight, such an ancient Buddha reappeared.

In Su Li's ears, it seemed that the word 'Ran' that the ancient Buddha mentioned before was still lingering.

Of course, it means approval.

Just to be recognized!

Approving Su Li in front of Su Li is actually a real 'attitude'.

Su Li didn't need anyone's approval.

But in such a world, in such an environment, recognition itself is a kind of true surrender.

When Su Li saw the figure of the ancient Buddha manifest, this time, he didn't have any doubts, let alone any surprise.

Su Li took the initiative to salute with fists in his hands, his tone was gentle and respectful: "Su Li, I have seen the ancient Buddha of Burning Lamp."

Su Li directly used his own name.


Because the emperor has left.

The karma of the Human Sovereign no longer needs to be borne by the Human Sovereign.

At this time, Su Li can be Su Li.

Or in other words, when he needs to talk to the ancient Buddha, he needs to truly recognize who he is.

It's like Supreme Treasure finally recognized that he is Monkey King.

"Well, we meet again."

The burning lamp ancient Buddha smiled slightly, his tone was very gentle and benevolent.

Inside the ancient Lantern Temple, the lights are flickering at this time, but it is bright and clear, and the environment is also very good.

The voice of the Lantern Ancient Buddha is more Taoist and more reassuring.

At the same time, its voice is full of time, space, dao marks and various Buddhist and Taoist principles, which makes people respect instinctively.

Su Li looked at the ancient burning lamp Buddha.

The lamp-burning ancient Buddha is still majestic, and still looks very good.

He didn't avoid Su Li's gaze, but looked directly at Su Li, and said softly: "There is a deficiency in the way, and this deficiency has actually been prepared here a long time ago, just waiting for you to bring it Go, and make up."

Su Li was thoughtful.

While the ancient burning lamp Buddha was speaking, he raised his hand to gather a colorful mystic light.

In the colorful mysterious light, a special lotus-like thing gradually condensed.

This thing is very similar to the heart of thousands of things, and it is also very similar to the special heart of nine orifices.

Su Li showed a look of doubt.

But he didn't speak.

"This thing can be refined by using the Shennong Ding, and it will eventually combine the power of the time axis, the special origin of the world, as well as the special blood, mind and eyes, and many other abilities to form a special medicine~www.novelbuddy .com~ This kind of elixir can open up a special background and make up for one's own shortcomings."

"I named it 'Qianlong Pill'."

"In the ancient primordial chaos, there is a saying: When the hidden dragon comes out, the hopeless situation is broken. When the true and empty are enlightened, Nirvana is born."

"So, this opportunity is extremely rare. Don't miss it, and don't hesitate."

The Lantern Ancient Buddha gave a special material and handed it over to Su Li for alchemy.

Su Li was startled for a moment, but without any hesitation, he immediately nodded and said, "Okay."

While speaking, Su Li directly took out the Shennong Cauldron.

This Shennong tripod naturally came from the emperor Fuxi.

This is the karma that happened when he gave Fuxiqin before, but Su Li didn't keep the memory of this part of the karma.

But at this time, when Su Li mentioned refining the 'Qianlong Pill' in the Burning Lamp Ancient Buddha, he actually knew that the Shennong Cauldron must be used.

This time, the so-called 'compensation' that the Emperor followed was actually related to the provision of the 'Shen Nong Cauldron'.

However, Human Sovereign did not take the initiative to explain, nor did Su Li take the initiative to ask.

it is more than words.

This kind of tacit understanding is obviously only between Su Li and Ren Huang.

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