I Refuse to be a Supporting Character - Chapter 49 Two extra

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"Cheng Zong, this is the plan that I handed in to cooperate with hz company." The young and handsome male assistant put a thick file on the desk. "If you think so, please sign it."

His eyes carefully crossed the woman's face, and the black and blue around her eyes paused, and a sigh of relief flashed.

"First let go, I will see it right away." Cheng Xin told me that the head is still buried in the file pile. There are a lot of work tasks piled up in these days, and she has to work hard to finish it.

Hearing the boss let him go to get the documents after half an hour, the assistant closed the door. At the last moment when the door was completely closed, I was so distressed and reluctant to look at the woman sitting behind the desk.

After he graduated, he has been in Cheng's for nearly four or five years. As assistant to the president, he and his boss lived together, and he had a few unclear thoughts.

At first it was just a distress and pity. Because Cheng always acts as a woman and has no brothers and sisters to help, it is really difficult to manage such a large Cheng family alone.

One day three years ago, he accompanied him to a wine bureau. Cheng Zongben is not good at drinking, but in order to sign the list, he always accompanied the other party's boss to drink a few cups, and he still had to smile and endure the other person's unwillingly teasing words.

Finally, when I finally signed the order, when I went back from the wine field, Cheng was so dizzy that he could only walk on his back and vomited darkly along the way.

Xu was drunk, and he sent her back to Cheng Jia’s way, and he even heard the name of a person - hehe. Then there was a bit of incoherent words. He remembered the picture very clearly. Cheng always cried very sadly.

He couldn't understand what General Cheng had said. He only knew that the man named "灏" had deeply hurt the heart of Cheng.

Perhaps from that day on, he has a different mind about Cheng.

After the assistant's footsteps disappeared, Cheng Xin looked up and licked his sore eyes.

Working together for many years, the assistant worked very well with her. Ke Cheng can no longer let him stay in Cheng's, at least not to stay with her.

Although his emotions are well hidden, Cheng Xin experienced an unforgettable love, knowing that if he really likes a person, his eyes can't be hidden. The thing in the eyes of the male assistant, Cheng Xin knows too.

Because of understanding, Cheng Xincai can't forgive himself.

When she was young, how stupid and innocent she was, would she think that Gu Jin didn’t know that Shao Chong’s favorite person was actually her?

Today, sisters are sentimental and do not contact each other for years. Occasionally met, just just click each other and pass by. Even the elders of the two found that they were not right. She did not dare to say the reason. Only two of them grew up, and they had to do their own business to avoid excuses.

Losing love, she does not want to face the disappointment of her family. Only by putting yourself into work can you have no time to think about it.

Sometimes I am too tired to rest at my desk, and some inexplicable pictures appear in her mind. The most terrible thing is that she saw that Gu Jin and Shao Chong were married, but the marriage was not perfect. The direct factor of not being happy is her. Even in the last scene of the picture, there will always be a stinging blood that will awaken her from her dreams.

how can that be possible? Shao Chong was the new leader of the Shao family and took out the country. The person who is with Gu Jin is obviously Mu Mingcheng! Is there a Mu Ming Cheng, who will allow someone to have a bad heart for her?

But when she remembered the blood in the pool, the ripples and regrets that surged in the tide made her dare not think about what the beach blood was.

At that time, Jingjia used the marriage with the Li family to resist the suppression of Mu Mingcheng, but the result was futile.

Jingjia’s industry in the country has shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye and quickly withdrew from the ranks of top-ranking giants. Of course, the Li family did not ask for a good, and the home base was very depleted.

In the end, Li’s father came out of the mountain and issued a statement saying that the marriage with Jing’s family was abolished, and he personally apologized to the Mujiamen, and he was lucky enough to escape. The Li family has been seriously injured, and there is no reliable succession later. How can it be known in the future?

There is nowhere to hide in Jingjia. They really don't know why Mu Ming died and bite them.

This time, the old man who has been confused is also awake. In order to keep Jing's breath, he repeatedly asked Jing Ming to see Mu Mingcheng, even if he told them a reason.

I don't know where to send the news, saying that Mu Mingcheng's behavior against Jingjia is actually a revenge, and they retaliate against the killers they had shot.

After everyone knows the rumors, Jingjia people are shocked and start to investigate the people in the family. Finally, I went to Jingruo’s account and found it wrong.

Fortunately, they found out early, and later, I am afraid that King Jing’s life could not be saved for a few years.

Under the anger, the Jing family wanted to hand over Jing Ruo to the police, but she got the news early and escaped. However, modern technology is developed, where can she escape? In the end, Jing family received a notice from the police that a starved woman was found in a bridge hole, much like Jing Ruo...

These specific news are not known to outsiders. She can know clearly because Jing Hao came to see her. Maybe there is still love and hate in my heart, she promised to meet him.

After listening to him passing the story, Cheng Xin smiled and tears came down. Seeing how ridiculous they are, the heart is true, love is true, compared to the other side, they eventually love themselves more, the so-called love can not beat the interests first.

After separation, Cheng Jia has passed the crisis. Only Cheng’s body was affected. After leaving the hospital for two years, Cheng’s hand was handed over to her.

After taking over Cheng Cheng for two years, she often panicked and cried when she encountered something. Gradually, she found that crying could not solve any problems. The arrogant princess who has been held in the palm of his hand gradually learned to use the means of the mall.

During that time, she had some understanding of Jing Xin’s mind.

Some people are willing to care about her and love her. Cheng Xin is very touched. But unfortunately, she has grown up after the tempering of the world, and she has lost the courage to love another person.

Cheng Xin saw the document signing a good word and suddenly called over the phone.

Is her private number.

"Hello, I am Cheng Xin."

"Which are you?"

For a long time, there was no speech on the opposite side, only the shallow breathing sound could be heard.

Maybe it was a mistake. She was about to hang up. There was a low and familiar male voice on the phone: "Xin Xin, it is me."

Suddenly, Cheng Xin’s eyes widened, and the indifferent shackles instantly lost calmness and burst into the joy of the girl...

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