I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 939 - the Fox will eventually reveal its tail  

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Chapter 939: Chapter 939 the Fox will eventually reveal its tail

Big C looked at Gu Yan for a long time. In the next moment, he felt that his line of sight was blocked.

Lu Ye had an unfriendly look on his face.

Big C was speechless.

Gu Yan did not know that the two of them were staring at each other. She calmly waited for Gongsun Yu’s reply.

Gongsun Yu said helplessly, “Of course I’ll agree to it. If I don’t agree to it, I’m worried that Lu Ye will miss work.”

“My Ah Ye won’t miss work. Of course, you guys won’t be so unreasonable, right?”

Gongsun Yu: ..

What else could he say?

If he said any more, it would turn into indifference and heartlessness!

After that, Gu Yan asked about Gu Moli’s illness. Gongsun Yu said with a solemn face, “She has already returned to normal, but she wants to go home and leave this place.”

This was within Gu Yan’s expectations.

Gu Moli had always liked the life of the main star, be it in her previous life or this life.

Now that reality had dealt her such a blow, her first reaction after waking up would definitely be to go back to where she came from.

Gu Dagang was living quite well with his son now.

With his personality, he would not ignore Gu Moli.


Gu Yan asked, “Did gu Moli say when she would return to her hometown?”

“In a few days.”. “But I suggest that even though she’s awake now, she won’t be able to be a witness in court. She needs to be stable for a period of time and not repeat herself. Otherwise, her testimony will be doubted.”

Gongsun Yu’s suggestion was very professional.

After all, if Zhang Weiyang found out about Gu Moli’s illness and said that her testimony was invalid, it would be even more troublesome.

If he couldn’t kill the snake in one hit, then there would be a disaster.

He would also alert the snake!

But Gu Yan was really unhappy about letting Zhang Weiyang go!

But in the end, Gu Yan still listened to Gongsun Yu’s suggestion.

Lu Ye pinched his little wife’s hand and said, “Yan Yan, don’t worry. I’ll continue to keep an eye on Gu Moli. It’s the person who helped Gu Dagang previously. It Won’t be too late to come out and testify once her condition has stabilized. On the other hand, we can also pay more attention to Zhang Weiyang.”

As long as she was a fox, she would still reveal her tail!

Gu Yan nodded silently.

She carefully thought about the people that Zhang Weiyang had killed in her previous life. Other than her and Xu Mo, there were others!

But in this life, Lin Haoran’s fate had already changed. What about Zhang Weiyang?

Gu Yan fell into deep thought.

Although she was reluctant, Lu Ye left with Big C and the others. He also left with Gongsun Yu.

Gu Yan and Guo Rou’s special training would begin after New Year’s Day. In the following days, Gu Yan would have to study hard, and then she would have to prepare for the second-grade class at the same time.

However, she still went to the hospital.

Elder Bai had already woken up. After the ordeal, his face turned much paler, as if he had aged several years overnight.

However, when he saw Gu Yan, his eyes still lit up.

“Xiao Yan.”

Seeing the old man looking at her expectantly, even if Gu Yan could not call him grandfather, she could no longer maintain a cold attitude.

She nodded and handed the fruit in her hand over. “Grandfather Bai, are you feeling better now?”

She didn’t call him “Grandpa”directly, but she was closer to him than before.

It would be great if the word “Bai”was removed.

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