I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess - Chapter 335 This is a promotion, the 1st deputy palace lord

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The two sides who were fighting were unaware, and even the master of Jiyin Academy, Wei Jidong, disappeared without paying attention.

The slaughter hidden in the body is stimulated and transformed into a humanoid slaughtering machine. As long as it is not on his side, he will use his magical powers and kill him fiercely.

But there are also sober people in the field.

When someone saw Wei Jidong disappear, they rubbed their eyes in disbelief, wondering if they had read it wrong, making sure not, and then called out in a voiceless voice.

"Wei Ji is gone!"

Under the blessing of spiritual power, it turned into a rolling thunder sound and passed to the surrounding.

The people nearby were stunned.

Looking at the sound, the place where Wei Ji was moving was empty, and he himself disappeared.

This scene.

Not only Jiyin Academy was panicked, but even the demons were in a hurry.

After paying such a huge price, the main lord disappeared in the end. It was very uncomfortable, and he stood there dumbfounded.

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But the Zhou court was not idle.

They were ordered to protect Wei Jidong and help him break through, so many people died.

Now, under their noses, Wei Jidong was killed. This was no longer a simple slap in the face, but a naked provocation.

One by one, they became more crazy, rushing towards the demon.

Ruthless in his heart, he wanted to use their blood to avenge Wei Jidong.

"Go!" Among the demons, I don't know who called out first and left with his own people.

The target has disappeared, and the sky is about to dawn. It is meaningless to continue to stay. When the court sends reinforcements again, they will all stay here, and they will not be able to leave if they want to.

Some take the lead, and some follow.

Although there are still some people who are not reconciled, they still leave with the crowd.

For a short while.

Just now, the battlefield where they were fighting with each other, was scattered by birds and beasts, and fled in a swarm.

The imperial court did not miss this opportunity to beat the underdogs, and they chased and killed them separately, wanting to keep all these evil beasts behind.

Xiao Ran joins up with the people from Jiyin Academy.

Jiyin Academy, which was once its heyday, was completely abolished after this battle.

Even the high-level officials suffered heavy casualties. Several deputy palace masters, including Wei Jidong, all died in battle, and no one was spared.

The same goes for the vice-principal. More than half of the casualties and the students in the academy are almost the same. If the survivors are added together, there is probably not even a tenth of them.

Ran Zaitian was severely injured and was supported by Ma Wende.

The few remaining senior members of Jiyin Academy, with expressionless faces and fire-breathing eyes, looked at the ruined Jiyin Academy. All the buildings were destroyed.

There are broken limbs everywhere on the ground, blood is everywhere, and it becomes a sea of ​​blood.

Several people nodded and looked towards a certain direction in the space.

Jian Twelve and Shen Fei are still fighting. Although they can't see it, they also want to know the result.

Paying such a huge price is the worst, and this person must be kept.

But they think too much.

With the end of the battle below, Sword Twelve forced the concubine away and stood in the space, "The name of the concubine is indeed well-deserved. This is the end of today, and I will continue to ask for advice next time I have the opportunity."

Turned into a flash of light and quickly left.

The concubine Shen did not go after him. She knew that even if she caught up, there was no possibility of taking him down.

The strength displayed by this person is very strong, especially the understanding of the law of the sword, it is terrible.

If they keep fighting, they will lose both.

Taking this person down in my heart, I thought coldly, "Yang Ping'an, right? This hall master remembers you."

Jade hand patted.

Open the space, take a step, and walk out from inside.

It turned into a flash of light and stopped beside Yang An and others.

Looking at the scene in front of him, the Jiyin Academy of Nuoda was completely destroyed and turned into ruins, with this as the center and the nearby area as well.

The stump was severed, blood was everywhere, and there was still a little bit of a school palace. It was no exaggeration to say that it was a purgatory on earth.

Even the high-level officials of Jiyin Academy are almost dead.

There are not even one in ten disciples at the middle and lower levels. There are less than two hundred people left, and everyone is injured. It is really miserable.

Even she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

The bottom of my heart was originally very suffocating, but now it is gone, replaced by deep sympathy.

Helplessly sighed: "After this incident, Jiyin Academy is afraid that it will be completely abolished. I want to recover, but I don't know when it will be."

"I've seen the concubine!" Ran Zaitian saluted several people.

Among the top executives, there were only him, Ma Wende, Xiao Ran and Ma Long, plus an old vice president Ji Bansheng who was seriously injured and half-dead.

There are only six middle-level scholars, and the remaining students either lack arms or legs, or are seriously injured.

"Alas!" The concubine shook her head helplessly.

She's not good at comforting, but in this scene, she can't say nothing.

"This palace master will report this truthfully to His Majesty, and let the imperial court allocate cultivation resources to help you recover. Next, it is best for you to seal the Jiyin Academy, stop asking anything, and rest in peace."

Ran Zaitian understood this truth, just relying on the remaining soldiers and crab generals of Jiyin Academy, if he did not take any protective measures, he would not even know how he died.

Having someone support him, he said weakly, "I beg you to take action and set up a barrier to prevent Xiao Xiao from taking the opportunity to pick things up."

"Okay!" The concubine sighed in response.

Jiyin Academy is already like this, she is embarrassed to refuse.

The majestic soul power swept out, shrouded the entire Jiyin Academy, formed seals with both hands, and printed out one after another, with a low roar: "Illusory God!"

Ziguang rushed out, forming a huge barrier, protecting the entire Jiyin Academy, and then covering the Jiyin Academy.

"With the phantom **** enchantment, even if the true gods make a move, as long as the road does not exceed the master of the hall, it can't be broken. In addition, the phantom **** can also absorb the spiritual energy of the world and restore it, which is enough to protect your safety."

"Thank God Concubine!" Ran Zaitian said.

"Yeah." The concubine nodded.

Take the rest of the court and leave.

After they left, there was only a group of people from Jiyin Academy.

"What about the dean?" Ma Wende's eyes were spitting fire, and his heart was full of killing intent. He wanted to kill all the thieves.

this battle.

Even his own uncle died.

In today's Jiyin Academy, there is no big cat, only a few kittens.


Just as Ran Zaitian was about to speak, his injuries erupted. He opened his mouth and spat out a **** arrow. He closed his eyes and fainted.

"Dean!" Upon seeing this, Ma Wende yelled anxiously.

It took a while to save Ran Zaitian.

Briefly clear a clean spot and let him sit on the ground.

"I'm dying!" Ran Zaitian said the first sentence, but he startled everyone.

Now the remaining Jiyin Academy disciples are here. He is the dean, and he is also the spiritual sustenance of everyone today. If he has another accident, the consequences are really unpredictable.

Does Jiyin Academy still have a future, and where is the way out?

"No! No matter what method I use, I must cure you." Ma Wende was anxious.

The rest were just about to speak.

Ran Zaitian waved his hand to stop them, "I'm running out of time, listen to me and finish."

Everyone was helpless and had to be quiet.

"In this war, in order to kill more demons, I didn't hesitate to fight to be injured, use forbidden moves, and even be attacked by demons. I can persist until now, just because I don't trust the school."

looking at them.

"Now the palace lord and deputy palace lord, including the vice president, have suffered heavy casualties. We can no longer rest on our laurels. This president proposes that you be the palace lord and the part-time president, and Su Yan is the deputy palace lord and the part-time vice president. Responsible for coordinating with you to preside over the daily work."


Looking at Ma Long and Ji Bansheng: "The two of you are the deputy palace masters, and you will step down from the post of deputy dean. In the future, you will concentrate on your cultivation, but you will only ask about things, and strive to improve your cultivation as soon as possible."

"This, this..." Ma Wende hesitated.

"The Jiyin Academy is now only you, and other than that, there is no other choice. With the phantom **** barrier set up by the concubine, in just a few decades, our Jiyin Academy will be able to develop again."

Ma Wende and Xiao Ran looked at each other and nodded heavily.

"Don't worry, Dean, we will never let you down!"

"Yeah." Ran Zaitian nodded in satisfaction.

Bend your finger a little.

Regardless of the serious injury, he took out all the exercises and magical powers he had learned and handed them over to Ma Wende.

"This is what this dean learned all by himself. Now that the inheritance of Jiyin Academy is lost, we can only make up for it. Even if there is not much left, how much can be made up? For the students in the Academy, it is also A good thing."

"Yeah." Ma Wende took it solemnly.

Finished explaining.

Ran Zaitian closed his eyes and left.

"Dean!" Ma Wende called out sadly.

It took a while to settle Ran Zaitian.

Then Ma Wende announced Ran Zaitian's appointment, made personnel adjustments, and then ordered all the disciples to hand in all the exercises they had learned to supplement the lost inheritance, as did Xiao Ran and others.


Xiao Ran has only practiced one of the Myriad Swords Techniques. In addition to this exercise, after thinking about it, he added a few exercises that are not needed.

After all, his current identity is here.

The deputy palace lord of Jiyin Academy, and the first-ranked deputy dean.

Bit high weight!

At least in terms of identity, even if the strength of Jiyin Academy is abolished, it is the same.

The second thing is to rebuild Jiyin Academy.

The people present were all cultivators. They took action in person, and the speed was very fast. It only took half a day to complete the construction of Jiyin Academy, and the traces of the war were completely erased.

Third thing.

Ma Wende gave a death order. Without the order of him and Xiao Ran (Su Yan), no one is allowed to go out, and those who violate the rules will be dealt with.

Practice seriously.

In the rebuilt bookstore, the supplementary exercises are completely open, as long as you have the ability, you can practice.

Finished explaining.

After discussing with the three of Xiao Ran again, the four of them announced the beginning of retreat.

In forbidden land.


Xiao Ran has his own palace, called the "Mantra Palace", occupying an excellent position, and there is a prohibition guard outside him.

in the palace.

Xiao Ran sat on the bed, thinking about what happened just now, like a dream.

"Is this a promotion?"

His original intention was just to seriously damage the Jiyin Academy, but he did not expect that he would become the deputy palace master and also part-time first deputy dean.


In Jiyin Academy, besides Ma Wende, he is the second leader.

on the surface.

He and Marvin De wear a pair of pants, they are their own.

Not really.

"It's only been so long, and the official position is rising like a rocket. If this is to stay, won't Jiyin Academy be unable to accommodate it?"

Thinking of his official position in Daxia, Xiao Ran smiled bitterly.

His official position on the Zhou side is much stronger than that on the other side.

The Deputy Palace Master and First Deputy Dean of Jiyin Academy, and a second-grade Dragon God Pavilion Grand Scholar.

Looking at the Zhou Dynasty, there is a decisive force.

As long as you improve your cultivation base, you are a proper boss!

Shake your head.

Xiao Ran didn't pay attention, opened the golden book of good fortune, just now the reward has been refreshed.

The harvest this time is really too big, too many strong people died in his hands, including the true god, the ancestor of the magic peng and Wei Jidong, etc.

Not to mention others.

A full twenty pieces, once again a big explosion.

200,000 years of martial arts cultivation, 200,000 years of soul cultivation, Tianling Yuanqi Fruit*2000, Time Domain*1000 zhang, Space Domain*1000 zhang, Reincarnation Domain*1000 zhang, Great Five Elements Domain*1000 zhang, Innate Devouring Domain*3000zhang, Sanguang Shenshui*100 drops, Small Realm Proficiency (limited to gods and demons), Qiongqi Heart Blood*1 drop, Xuanhuang Qinglin Belt (Enslaved Spirit Treasure, one of the suits), Law Supreme Pill* 1 piece, Emperor Realm Pill*1, Chaos Divine Iron*2000kg, Absolute Beginning Divine Stone*2000kg, Gengjin Spirit*2000kg, God-Devil Seed Soul Dafa (God-Devil-level Cultivation Technique), Realm Perfection Card (limited to Gods) Demon level), Xuanhuang Good Fortune Pill*1.

"Huh!" Xiao Ran let out a long breath.

Even though I guessed that the reward this time was very generous, when I actually saw it, I was still shocked.

Is it more than that simple? It is no exaggeration to say that it was a great harvest.

"It would be nice if it was a few more times."

Thinking of this, Xiao Ran realized that he was a little greedy.

The opportunity this time was too rare. The Protoss took action and secretly planned and calculated the Zhou Dynasty's court. Without them, it would be difficult to complete this plan.

Shen Yulu was afraid that it was a dream, and she would never have thought that they had worked hard. Although everything went according to plan, the biggest gainer was Xiao Ran. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

If you let her know, I'm afraid she will die of anger.

Except for these things.

He also emptied the inheritance of Jiyin Academy, True God Temple and Tianshenwei, especially the inheritance of True God Temple, which recorded the secret methods and magical powers cultivated by spiritual masters, and the value was too powerful.

When the concubine left, they didn't know that their true temple was served in a pot. If they knew, they would be so angry that they vomited blood.

Right now is not the time to look at those inheritances, the top priority is to absorb the income this time.

There is a ban placed by Xiao Ran in the Mantra Palace. As long as the ban is not broken, no matter who it is, even if he uses pupil-like magical powers, he can't see through the ban.

After absorbing 200,000 years of martial arts cultivation, he raised two small realms in a row, from the fourth level of the Great Sacred Realm to the sixth level of the Great Sacred Realm, and the time domain increased by two thousand zhang to 10,300 zhang.

Then absorb this thousand zhang time domain and turn it into 11,300 zhang, which is terrifyingly strong. Even the great power of Fengtian Realm cannot be compared with him in the domain.

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