Immortal Emperor: Reborn in the Mixed City - Chapter 5556 Son of God

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Chapter 5556: The Controversy of the Holy Son

The shadow zone, the secret realm mentioned by the Komodo family, in a sense, is an abyss gap that expands countless times and is very fixed.

It's just that the normal gap in the abyss is like a crack in a mirror, the mirror surface can go straight through the back, and there is the shortest distance and connection between the two, and the shadow area has been expanded, so this mirror theory is no longer applicable, and it is more inclined to On the dark side behind God's Domain, there will be an alternating area where light and shadow overlap.

Ordinary cracks, although they can reach the abyss in theory, but because they are directly facing the abyss, the abyss' malice and disgust for the domain of the gods have also been brought to the extreme. Under the influence of that force, even the **** emperor can't actually break through. to descend into the abyss.

The shadow zone is different. This kind of light and shadow alternation is soft, allowing people to explore the boundaries of the abyss to the greatest extent, and because the light and shadow alternation is a slow rendering, many strange things will be born in this zone. It is said that some of them may be very dangerous, but some of them are also rare treasures.

Therefore, all the forces of the Beast God's Domain who are close to the shadow zone regard the shadow zone as a secret realm, dividing taboo and danger into three areas that can be explored, and limitedly use the shadow zone to earn resources.

And according to a rumor, the shadow zone was not banned at first, and anyone who wanted to enter it at any time would have no problem, because at that time, everyone did not know that behind the shadow was the abyss. After all, starting from the forbidden zone, God The emperor will fall, let alone someone who can bring news of the abyss.

However, a long time ago, there was a change in the shadow zone, and it is said that some abyss things ran out of it.

The records of these things are vague, and only said that they caused a lot of trouble to God's Domain. In the end, the digital supreme came in person to quell the chaos, and then revealed the abyss of the end hidden behind the shadows.

Afterwards, the Shadow Zone began to be closed, from never opening at the beginning, to opening once every three hundred years, and there were many complicated entanglements in it.

For example, some special products that combine the power of the abyss and the realm of the gods are unique and cannot be copied or replaced by the outside world. It is also said that after the chaos, some mysterious things have appeared in the shadow zone. They are special products purely from the abyss. , Some people are said to have picked up a mysterious technique from the abyss!

Abyss technique!

Seeing this last sentence, Su Yan's eyes narrowed immediately, and his heart moved uncontrollably.

If he goes to the abyss of the end and his divine power is almost completely restrained, if he can have a book of exercises from the abyss, it will undoubtedly solve the biggest problem!

Moreover, this itself is also the best way to peek into the abyss!

"It's a pity that the Abyss Cultivation Technique that was brought out recorded in the classics has only a few words, and it has long since disappeared. I don't know if I can find a copy by myself when I go this time."

Su Yan sighed slightly and said to himself, there was another goal for going to the shadow zone.

"Su Yan, right! Come out quickly!"

But at this time, there was another noisy sound outside the hall, and it was full of arrogance and resentment. Su Yan glanced at the outside of the hall, then turned his head and ignored it.

Those who shouted outside were also the holy sons of the Komodo clan.

And these people, speaking of it, will become his teammates after the shadow zone is opened, and enter it together with him.

Because since the riot in the shadow zone, when something ran out of the abyss, all the big clans that jointly control the shadow zone have agreed that in the future shadow zone, the cultivation level of those who can enter the shadow zone shall not exceed the **** king.

This kind of regulation is said to be the judgment of the supreme after the fact. The root cause of those abyss things appearing and running towards the domain of God is that there are continuous powerful fluctuations of the God Emperor in the dark area. Just ran over to "take a look".

Therefore, in order to avoid further riots in the dark area, the subsequent entrants are basically holy sons of various clans, quasi-heirs and the like. fight,

But this time the Komodo clan participated in the dark area. Because of Su Yan's relationship, the chief priest directly assigned Su Yan the identities of the leader and the chief holy son.

This is because the chief priest wanted Su Yan to guide the descendants of the Komodo clan. However, Su Yan hadn't said anything yet. These proud sons were all unhappy, and they all thought that a sudden appearance Guy, why should you directly become their leader and enjoy the greatest privileges?

Almost every once in a while, a holy son would come to the gate of Su Yan's hall and shout, clamoring for a fight to the death.

Su Yan was afraid that he would really beat these things to death. After all, he still had a cooperative relationship with the Komodo clan, so he usually directly sealed the palace gate and let them perform at will.

But seeing this group of guys again today, Su Yan thought about it, and suddenly stood up.

Sometimes, it is understandable for him to help the chief priest educate the younger generation, right?

Of course, this is not the main reason. It is more because Su Yan's attitude towards exploring the shadow area has changed after seeing that there may be abyss techniques left in the shadow area.

Originally, he was thinking that he would enter the abyss directly through the shadow zone, and there would be no nonsense in the process. As for these useless teammates, he would just throw them in and let them fend for themselves, so Su Yan didn't bother to care about these things.

However, since there may be abyssal skills hidden in the shadow area, these useless teammates can finally come in handy, and at worst, they can also let them search the radar immediately.

Therefore, brats who are used to shouting are not obedient teammates, Su Yan must seriously give them an unforgettable memory for a lifetime!


The stone door of the silent hall finally opened, and outside the hall door, there were three men and two women standing, all of them shouting and cursing towards the hall with all their might, and they probably got used to it, they didn't expect Su Yan to come out, the moment the hall door opened , All of them were stunned in place.

"You actually... came out?"

One of the women asked blankly, her appearance is not only beautiful, but also very beautiful, and it is very rare among the beasts that are rich in "alien".

"Why, you don't scold anymore?"

Seeing this, Su Yan smiled and opened his mouth. Facing the arrogance of this group, the masters of the God King Realm, their eyes were joking as if they were looking at little white rabbits.

"Who scolded the most just now? Why didn't you continue to scold me, and turned off the fire when I came out? Could it be that this is the legendary strong mouthed man?"

"Who are you talking about!"

One of the tall and thin men seemed to have finally come to his senses and his face turned red, not because of shyness, but because of anger.

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