Immortal Martial Venerable - Chapter 6159 Beaten to doubt Mosheng

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The cultivation realm of Ancient Ancestor Pingtian finally broke through to the Supreme Realm.

Back then, he fought against the Tatian Supreme, who had not yet become the Supreme. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their two ancient strange demon ancestors to become the Supreme.

However, in that battle, Ancient Ancestor Pingtian was defeated, and Ancient Ancestor Tatian successfully broke through to the Supreme Realm and became a Supreme in the southern border of the Strange Demon Realm.

The Supreme Being of Different Demons is the real powerhouse in the World of Different Demons.

In the eyes of Supreme Yimo, the ancestor of Yimo is like a small shrimp, who can be crushed to death with one finger.

Pingtian Ancient Ancestor is hiding in Tatian City, and Tatian Yimo Supreme is absolutely aware of this matter. You must know that he is the overlord of one party and the Supreme of a generation.

Even the ancient ancestor Pingtian is very good and powerful, but is it possible to hide under the eyelids of a strange demon supreme?

At the moment when the cultivation level of Ancient Ancestor Pingtian broke through to the Supreme Realm, in the city lord's mansion, on the main hall, Tatian Supreme and the strange demon ancestor Long Gui instantly sensed it.

"He actually..."

The gaze of Tatian Supreme on the throne suddenly became sharper.

The two guys, Ta Tian Zhi Zun and Ping Tian Zhi Zun, were life and death rivals before they became Supreme Zun.

Ever since Tatian Supreme became Supreme, he has never taken this opponent seriously.

The ancestor of the strange demon is like an ant in the eyes of the supreme strange demon.

However, it is different now, the ancient ancestor of Pingtian has changed from ancient ancestor to supreme, so that Pingtian supreme has become the opponent of tatian supreme again.

This is not a good thing for Tatian Supreme.

You know, there are only so many cultivation resources in Tatian City, and now that there is an extra strange demon supreme, more cultivation resources are needed.

Moreover, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, and one stepping sky city can really accommodate two strange demon supremes.

But Ta Tian Zhi Zun has no time to pay attention to Ping Tian Zhi Zun now.

Because the first thing he has to deal with now is this guy in front of him.

Compared to the Pingtian Supreme who just broke through to the Supreme Realm, this guy in front of him is the real threat to his own existence.

"Report your name, I will not kill the unknown."

Tatian Zhizun stared at the strange demon ancestor dragon tortoise.

"Cut, who wouldn't say harsh words, if you can't do it, then you will be severely slapped in the face."

The strange demon ancestor dragon turtle said disapprovingly.

"you wanna die!"

Ever since Tatian Supreme became Supreme, no one has ever dared to underestimate him.

This guy dared to underestimate him, he would feel sorry for himself if he didn't tear this guy into pieces.

Stronger fluctuations of magic energy erupted from the body of Tatian Yimo Supreme.

The whole hall vibrated under the magic power of the Heaven-Treading Strange Demon Supreme.

"A little bit of a temper."

The ancestor of the strange demon dragon tortoise folded his hands and looked at the Supreme Strange Demon on the throne with a half-smile.

"go to hell!"

Tatian Yimo Supreme finally couldn't help but shoot, I saw his right hand stretched out, pointing directly at the brow of the Yimo ancestor Longgui.


A ray of magic light immediately rushed out from the fingers of the Tatian Demon Supreme, and instantly penetrated in front of the strange demon ancestor dragon tortoise.

This is the killer's trump card of the Heaven-Treading Strange Demon Supreme, and it's called God-killing Finger.

This God Punishing Finger is not an ordinary magical power, but a secret technique for beheading the primordial spirit. If this finger pierces through the eyebrows, then Gu Fei's primordial spirit will be finished.

The power of the god-killing finger of Tatian Yimo Supreme seems to be very similar to Gu Fei's Yuan Shen Dao sword secret technique.

The Supreme Tatian Yimo can destroy the opponent with a flick of a finger.

This is inferior to Gu Fei's secret technique of releasing Yuan Shen Dao Sword with a single thought.

Because Gu Fei doesn't need to move his fingers, he just needs to move his thoughts.

With a wave of the strange demon ancestor dragon turtle, it directly broke up the finger force of the piercing finger.


Seeing this scene, the Supreme Tatian Yimo Supreme on the throne couldn't help being surprised.

His own god-killing finger was easily broken by the other party like this?

He almost suspected that he was dazzled.

"I'll give you another chance to be my younger brother, or else, you will be at your own risk."

The strange demon ancestor Longgui looked up at Tatian Supreme, and said indifferently.

"You want me to be your little brother? You dream!"

Tatian Yimo Supreme said and stood up from the throne.

As he stood up, the magic power erupting from him became stronger.


Tatian Yimo Supreme stretched out his right hand, and a magic halberd appeared in his hand immediately.

However, at this moment, Tatian Yimo Supreme only felt that his eyes went dark.


With a muffled sound, Tatian Yimo Supreme was punched in the face.

That's right, it was the ancestor of the strange demon dragon tortoise who made the shot. His punch directly hit the left eye of the Supreme Ta Tian Yimo, turning this guy into a panda eye.


Tatian Yimo Supreme was shocked and angry, this guy actually slapped himself in the face.


The ancestor of the different demon dragon tortoise hit the right eye of Ta Tian Yimo Supreme again, good things come in pairs.


The anger of Tatian Yimo Supreme is almost going crazy.

However, although he was furious, he was also shocked. Only at this time did he realize that he had seriously underestimated the opponent's strength.


The strange demon ancestor Longgui was honest and blunt, and appeared in front of Ta Tian Yimo Supreme in an instant, raising his hand was a big slap in the face.

Although the Supreme Tatian Yimo had already prepared, he still couldn't avoid it.

The ancestor of the strange demon, Long Gui, slapped Ta Tian, ​​and the ancient ancestor of the strange demon turned around three times in the same place, dizzy, and his left face was swollen.

"Didn't you just say you were going to kill me?"


The strange demon ancestor dragon turtle slapped again.

"I'm right here, you're here to kill me."


The different demon ancestral dragon tortoise bowed left and right.

Under the shroud of his palm power, Tatian Yimo Supreme didn't even have the power to fight back. He was directly beaten by the Yimo Ancestor Dragon Tortoise to suspect the devil.

The magic halberd in the hands of the Tatian Yimo Supreme was snatched by the Yimo Ancestor Dragon Turtle.

The magic halberd in the hand of the strange demon ancestor Long Guiwu ruthlessly swept the body of Tatian Yimo Supreme, and Tatian Yimo Supreme was directly swept away.


The Supreme Tatian Yimo smashed **** the throne, and the whole throne was directly shattered by him.

"You wait for me, don't go if you have the guts."

Tatian Yimo Supreme said that he directly took out something from his body and crushed it all at once.

"Hey, are you calling for a helper?"

The strange demon ancestor dragon tortoise did not stop it.

He would like to see what strange demon supreme this guy can call.

Who is he, the ancestor of the strange demon dragon tortoise, the former Nan Batian, the proper Southern Supreme, the entire Southern Territory used to be his territory.

Now, although the different dragon and tortoise clan has declined, the foundation is still there.

What's more, with his return of the ancestor dragon tortoise, the clan of dragon tortoise will rise strongly, and the entire southern border will be dominated by his ancestor dragon tortoise again.

"Haha, you are dead."

The Supreme Strange Demon Tatian stared at the ancestor dragon turtle with a grinning grin.

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