Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1651 Extracting the Bloodlines of Olden Emperors! ll

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Chapter 1651 Extracting the Bloodlines of Olden Emperors! ll


This was the only word that could explain the sequence of events in a certain enclosure of space that culminated in the attack that tore apart the natural laws of Reality for many light years as the tyrannical will of an Emperor controlling three bodies was imposed throughout!

Blank whiteness was spread throughout as amidst this torn space trying to weave its laws back together, the dazzling branches of an Infinite Willow Tree could be seen pulsing mesmerizingly while taking in the golden True Blood of three extremely powerful Olden Emperors that just had their wills extinguished!

Nobody had been the wiser about this beforehand, but the eyes of an extremely old existence locked onto these actions at this moment in time as she also looked at the improbable results of the battle before her.

A battle against truly powerful existences that was perilous to their lives, and it had ended in a few microseconds!

The actions of the one responsible were all under heavy watch from the pure White-furred Genevieve that denied the status of a mixed breed Disaster Remnant, her soul currently on very high alert when staring towards the anomaly of an existence that had just eradicated an Illusory Legend through unexplainable means!

She was on high alert only briefly as she pulled on the many concepts within her Origin and closely looked at her destiny before her eyes flashed with understanding…and her defenses lowered.

The multicolored rotating rulers of Reality wrapping around her and Beatrix faded as one could now clearly see her form with her solidified crown, the Flames of different races bowing and paying homage to her still rotating around her body.

"Hmm? The Empress trusts me so much to stop being on high alert?"

An authoritative voice filled with calmness rang out as the rainbow colored branches receded backwards and space healed, the Unnamed Kainos Emperor speaking out as he still held hoped Genevieve would forcefully harm herself by unlocking more of her potential!

He was able to theorize that for her to achieve her prior glory, she had to successively open up barriers and restrictions in their own times or means that if she forcefully broke them to achieve things like TABOO concepts that she didn't have the qualifications for now…she had to pay a high price.

He wanted her to continue paying this price as she achieved her former glory- akin to him fattening up a sheep for slaughter!

"Your attacks became progressively stronger after each one. If you were planning on going against me as well…you would have simply tried when those three fools perished!"

The mind of this past Olden Emperor was sharp as her figure floated forward fearlessly, going towards the center of the Transcendent Plant Kingdom where an enthroned Infinite Willow Tree could be seen bounded side by side with two more True Sanguine Clones in Samsara Cosmic Dao Origin True forms.

"Which leads me to believe that there is something that you want…Alexander King."

Her figure came to float beside him with cold and emotionless eyes as after she had ascertained Noah did not show killing intent towards her now, she grew truly bold!


Essence flashed as Noah's two other True Sanguine Clones stared at Genevieve coldly before disappearing, Noah's Infinite Willow Tree form also fading away into gorgeous multicolored lights as 10 dazzling Ascendancy Halos came back to rotate over his body and reveal his Cosmic humanoid form in all of its splendor- this same Cosmic humanoid form currently looking at Genevieve with a devilish smile.

He tapped on his throne as his consciousness was receiving wondrous loot prompts for the eradication of three Olden Emperors as well as the formation of three brand new Resplendent Treasure Caches that were due to his actions of utilizing all three remaining chances of this ability on these enemies!

He didn't even leave a single chance as if he could increase the number of times he could use it in a matter of days, he knew he would simply do it again one way or another as the allure of loot from A Legend's Visage was too dazzling.

There were these three gorgeous Treasure Chests that his main body would unlock, and there was also the infusion of golden True blood that was already collected and sent back to the main body as 60,000 Units of the Essence of Reality were utilized to begin the process of Hematopoietic Progenitor that would allow him to extract and obtain three more Olden Bloodlines!

While his main body oversaw all of this and the coming influx of hundreds of fairly high tier Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edicts…his enthroned True Sanguine Clone was focused on a certain Empress as it was time to decide her direction from here.

Noah's stellar eyes looked over her form curiously as he tapped on his throne while speaking calmly- as if he hadn't just wiped out two existences that were close to achieving the stage of Reality!

"Tell me…what do you think the result would be if we fought? You and this Clone of mine."


His words felt grand and elevated as Genevieve's will reacted strongly against him, the surrounding space shaking as Noah only smiled further at this!

"Your non-answer tells me you understand how incredibly difficult it would be to extricate yourself, with my own destiny telling me that if I push you to the point of death…the last thing you unlock before death might also jeopardize this Clone of mine! That…is why we are still here."


A wrathful silence ensued as the healing space trembled from their clashing wills, anger as always bubbling with Genevieve as she actually had another existence talk to her in such a manner! Her! A Legend that was adorned and showered with respect in the past!

While controlling her boundless wrath at the current situation, her true form released rays of burning light as it faded, her Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human form returning as she stroked the crimson gold skull of MADNESS before she asked once more against her very pride.

"What…do you want?"


Noah's tyrannical will thrilled as it saw this ancient existence actually hold herself back as she knew if conflict broke, Noah would at most lose a Clone while there lay a possibility of her losing her life!


"What I want…" Noah continued tapping on his throne as his eyes actually gazed away from Genevieve and into the remolding space behind her- his gaze looking at a certain direction that if they followed, they would reach a certain astounding Bloodline Domain.

"I want to get my hands on the Runic Ecritures of Modus Operandi under the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans…and it just so happens that you are a Future Candidate that should be one of the few remaining alive after the assassinations by Enders. Getting your hands on such a thing...should not be too hard!"


Noah's will was laid out as his future plans began to set themselves!

For the purposes of achieving the Realm of Reality and breaking past the shackles while forming the largest number of Reality Passages possible…this Clone would continue the journey into the lands of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans to fish amidst the chaos, a Modus Operandi or as he ascertained from the memories of the Royal Humans he killed- multiple scripts of Modus Operandi lying in the hands of this Bloodline!

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