League of Legends Millennium Warlord - Chapter 613 thoughts on the cliff

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Syndra lay by the window, silently watching Awad and the other children leave, her mood became a little depressed, but she felt better when she thought that she would be able to go out after her mother left.

"Sindra, you should stay at home today, don't go out to play, reflect on your own mistakes, understand?"

Maggie wiped the hot sweat from her brow, ready to help in the fields.


When her mother left the yard with the basket on her back, Syndra never hesitated to leave the house that made her unhappy, and ran all the way up the hill.

I don't know when it started, but the terrifying shadows appeared around again, and Syndra didn't dare to turn back, so she could only move forward.

All the way up through the deep spruce forest, Syndra climbed up the cliff along the path, glanced at the sacred door (similar to the neon torii gate) built by the villagers with a lot of effort, and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Every time you pass through this divine door, those lingering shadows will be far away from you, and St. Lyupaswo will always help you drive away those ghosts.

In this village, Paswo is the only friend who will not bully her, but will help her and share her sorrow.

Generally speaking, she would not share her distress with Paswo, because she knew that sharing distress meant making others unhappy with herself.

St. Willow Pasvo grows on the edge of the cliff. It is a giant willow tree with a height of fifteen meters. Every night, the green willows of the holy willow emit beautiful golden fluorescence. There are many birds and birds living on the tree. Animals, sometimes Syndra also talks to small animals on the tree.

"Paswar, I'm looking for you again."

When she came to the 'secret base' where she could relax, Syndra also had a smile on her face.

She didn't want to talk about the reproach she had received yesterday, even though Paswar had never spoken to her.

"I saw a very bright star by the window last night, Paswar, and I thought of a legend told by the villagers,

It was in another piece of land far, far away. There was a very tall mountain. That mountain was higher than Dragon's Ridge Mountain, and it was the place closest to the stars.

From the peak of that mountain, you can walk directly to the stars, to the world of stars,

Although I have never been to the world of stars, I know that it must be a place where I can live happily every day without any worries...

Just like Presidian's magic garden, there must be many magic flower gardens there, endless dragon peaches, endless sweet milk...Maybe...maybe I can make a real good friend...

Paswar, tell me, can I climb that mountain and go to the world of stars? "

A breeze blew by, and the branches of the holy willow swayed gently.

Didn't expect a willow tree to speak, and although it was a little self-deceiving, Syndra thought the swaying branches were nodding to herself

"If I really grow up, would you like to go to the world of stars with me?"

This time there was no wind, and the quiet wicker did not sway. Syndra was a little disappointed, she felt rejected.

The little girl clasped her hands together, knelt on the ground pleadingly and made another request.

"Why don't you think about it again? You also know that I only have you as my friend. I don't want to take anyone with me. I don't want to take my father, I don't want to take my mother, I don't want to take my brother Awad. I just want to take you away."

The willow tree still didn't move, this time Syndra could only give up her little wish.

She just didn't want to disappoint Paswar, so she could only choose to change to an interesting topic. Fortunately, she had accumulated a lot of topics for today's meeting.

"I heard that there is a touring circus in Presidio. There is a very powerful clown in this circus. I really want to see it. Not only to see the performance of the circus, but also to see the birth of the circus. The place,

Looks like it's called...Piltovalf? It seems to be called by this name,

I heard adults say that it is completely different from our village, there are white and tall houses everywhere,

You can also see a big and big bridge in Piltowav, and a very wide and wide river can be seen on the bridge. There are all kinds of big boats walking around this river every day. I really want to look at it. "

Saint Leupaswo naturally wouldn't make any response, but Syndra wasn't discouraged, but she hadn't spoken again yet, a gust of wind blew by, and she widened her eyes because she heard something from the wind that she had never heard before. The sound of nature.

It is not shakuhachi, not willow leaves, nor gourds, harpsichords and leather drums, but an instrument tone that she has never heard before. She does not understand how good this strange tune is, but she hears melancholy from it. And longing, as well as the lingering pain suppressed in the deepest part of the soul.

In just a moment, she was intoxicated by this extraterrestrial note.

[Outside the long pavilion, beside the ancient road, the grass is green and the sky is green,

The sound of the willow flute blowing in the evening wind, the setting sun outside the mountains,

At the end of the sky, at the corner of the earth, half of friends are scattered,

A pot of turbid wine to enjoy the rest of the day, don't dream of cold tonight...]

The melodious notes are getting closer and closer, and the harmonica repertoire of another world spreads all over the cliff, rolling towards the distant clouds,

On St. Leupasvo, many small animals and birds poked their heads out shaking their heads, and looked in the direction of the person with the dumbfounded Syndra.

It was a traveler and musician riding a white horse, a delicate and elegant young man carrying a small bundle, his white robe was as clear and clean as snow,

The boy was only twenty years old, his facial features were three-dimensional and exquisite like withered sculptures, his face was like a hyacinth, and there was a bit of nameless melancholy hidden in his gentleness.

His short black and thick hair swayed slightly with the breeze, and the young traveler played melodiously with a strange musical instrument he had never seen before, as handsome as an elf walking out of a picture scroll,

Unable to think of the word 'Xian Qi Piao Piao' from another world, the little girl could only think of the most simple words to describe the beauty she saw.

This is a man from beyond the stars.

After the song was finished, the edge of the cliff still maintained the silence just now. Only then did Syndra come back to her senses, and carefully hid behind St. Leupasvo, with only her small head exposed, staring at the boy vigilantly.

The boy obviously also noticed the little girl hiding behind the tree. During the few seconds of eye contact, the boy just smiled softly, like a harmless lamb to humans and animals.

Without speaking, the boy jumped off the horse's back, stroked it a few times, and let the horse walk around without a bridle or a rein.

Looking at the unrestrained free horse, Syndra was a little envious.

After taking a few steps to the side of the cliff, the boy sat down next to the willow tree. Under Syndra's nervous gaze, the boy picked up the harmonica again.

This time the boy chose the castle in the sky.

Not aware of any hostility, Syndra let go of her vigilance a little, sat down five meters away from the boy, hugged her knees, and looked at Yunjuan Yunshu under the cliff with the boy.

At the end of the second song, the boy put down the harmonica, leaving only his soul cleansed, and Syndra, who had forgotten all her troubles, still reluctantly lingered on the last note and couldn't extricate herself.

"This song is called Sky City, and it comes from a place far, far away, a place I can never reach again."

Caressing the harmonica in his hand, Lester did not look at Syndra, but sighed softly at the blue sky and white clouds.

"Now there are not many things left for me in that place, a piano, a few pieces of music, countless nights, that's all."

Not knowing whether the musician's words were meant for herself, Syndra carefully looked at Lester, showing some hesitation.

Far, far away, is this man from the stars unable to return to his hometown?

"For a performer, the happiest thing is to have an audience who can understand themselves, little sister, thank you for listening to me complete this piece..."

Opening the bag and flipping through it, Lester took out the Bender fruit candy he had prepared, and smiled at Syndra.

"I have nothing good to give you, only a few pieces of fruit candy, do you want to eat?"

Never having experienced such a warm feeling before, Syndra was unwilling to disappoint the well-meaning person in front of her, and was unwilling to eat something given by a stranger, so she picked two pieces in her hand and left one piece for Lester.

"You eat this one."

"it is good."

Without hesitation, he peeled the candy left by Syndra into his mouth, and Lester gained Syndra's trust with simple and effective actions.

Putting the candy into her mouth like a cat, the grape-flavored fruit candy made Syndra's eyes widen. She grew so big, she had never eaten such a delicious thing.

"You... big brother, what's your name?"

"My name is Lester, how about you, little sister?"

After hesitating for a moment, Syndra still said her name.

"My... My name is Syndra... Brother Lester, where are you from?"

Pointing to the west with his finger, Lester said softly.

"Go to the end of this land, cross the vast ocean, and after dozens of suns and moons, you will arrive at the place where I started."

"That's really far away. I, I have never been out of the village, and I have never seen the sea. Is the sea blue water? Are there many fish in it?"

"Yes, the sea is endless water, and it is the difficulty that every navigator is eager to conquer. A small boat, a sail, and a brave soul will always create a word-of-mouth miracle amid countless failures .”

"Then, why did big brother Lester come to such a far place?"

"Of course it's to meet someone..."

It seems that they have known each other from a long time ago, and they seem to be the strangest acquaintances. Syndra gradually let go of her heart and agrees with the boy named Lester.

The little girl gave Lester the topic she had left for St. Leupasvo, and Lester also shared his endless stories with the little girl. Although it was only an insignificant part, it also gave Syndra a big Eye-opening shock.

After all, few stories are truer than those told by those who lived them.

For Syndra, at Leicester, she felt like making good friends for the first time. This feeling is more real than Shengliu who can't speak. Every positive feedback Leicester gives Make her happy for a long time.

She finally understood that the whispers she had with St. Leupasvo were all deceiving herself.

Looking up at the sun, Lester had to interrupt Syndra's lively topic.

"Sindra, it's getting late, if you don't go home now, will your parents worry about you?"

Knowing that no one will go home at noon except her own brother, Syndra shook her head directly.

"My mother went to work in the farmland, and my father went to the mountains to cut wood. There is no one at home, and it is meaningless to go back."

Nodding, Lester took out two more apples from the bundle.

"Would you like some fruit?"


Standing up from the ground, Syndra sat directly beside Lester this time, leaning against the willow next to Lester's position.

Taking the apple, Little Syndra, who was completely unsuspecting, took a bite.

"So sweet~"

"The apples are picked in Bandle City. Bandle City is not in this world, but in a world composed of magical elements. In that world, there are many furry elves. Maybe you have heard their names, the mainland They're called yordles by everyone on board."

Nodding suddenly, Syndra became interested in Bandle City in an instant, just like the sea, adventure, sails and the other world in Lester's mouth.

"I've heard of yordles, and I've heard that they always bring disaster to others."

"It is a disaster in the eyes of adults, but to them, it is just a small adventure,

Yordles are like children who will never grow up. They have no worries, no intrigues, and they work hard for their small goals every day, happy,

Keeping them happy for a long time by trying to get an apple from a tall tree...

Syndra, the happiest children in this world are only those who don’t grow up. When a child realizes that he has grown up one day, he often loses the most important thing...

Every time you grow up, you will pay a painful price. "

Listening to Lester's words, Syndra suddenly gave up her desire to grow up.

Gathering up the courage to look at Lester, Syndra said softly.

"Lester, me, are we friends?"

"Of course, we can sit under the tree and chat together, look into the distance together, and share happiness together. This is a friend. If a friend shares his depression every day and makes you feel unhappy, then he must not be a qualified friend.

Leave the best of yourself for others, that's what being a friend really means. "

Turning her head and glanced at St. Leupasvo, Syndra apologized secretly.

After pouring out so much bitterness for Paswar, she is really not a qualified friend.

No wonder Paswar has been reluctant to pay attention to her.

Glancing at the steed that was lingering nearby and not running away by herself~www.novelbuddy.com~Sindra thought of Lester's identity as a traveler, and suddenly felt a sense of worrying about gains and losses.

She also wants to hear more stories, listen to more songs, and eat more delicious food.

She didn't want to go to Lester.

"Lester, will you leave here?"

Naturally, I can't fail to see Syndra's expectation, Lester said softly.

"Yes, this is the habitat of my journey. Maybe tomorrow, maybe one day in the future, when there is nothing worthy of my memory in this place, I will embark on a journey again and go to other places."

"Then...can you take me away?"

Lester was stunned,

In less than a day, I will go with myself,

Is little Syndra so lacking in love?

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