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"Sindra, mom told you to reflect at home, where did you go this day?"

Awad stood in front of Syndra, blocking her sister's way home.

To Awald's surprise, this time his sister didn't intend to talk to him at all, but walked away without saying a word, and ran into the room with a smile on his face.

Following behind Syndra, Awad chased into the room and took a look. He found that today's sister was a bit strange, and there were some smiles on her face that she had never seen before.

"Hey! What am I asking you? Are you not afraid that I will tell mom that you sneaked out to play?"

This time Awald finally felt his sister's gaze. He always had a feeling that this was the first time his sister looked at him since they met.

"Ewad, if you want to sue, you can sue, anyway, you can only do this kind of thing."

Not as cautious as in the past, nor begging for mercy in grievances, the younger sister seemed to be looking at herself from a stranger.

Awad was stunned, and instinctively took two steps back,

He had never felt such a strange sight, he didn't know why such a thing happened, an unprecedented sense of panic hit his heart, the little boy turned and fled from his sister's house in a panic, and came to the well in the yard with a bucket Washed my face with water.

The cold well water managed to calm the little boy down.

"Cowardly Syndra shouldn't be like this, she, how dare she talk to me like that?"

Until his mother and father came back, Awad didn't want to understand what was going on, but if his sister didn't care, he wasn't going to complain like before.

He decided to find out for himself what happened to his sister.

Early the next morning, Maggie and Camille went to the farmland and the logging camp respectively, leaving dry food for their two children at home.

The impatient Syndra finally waited until her brother left. After looking left and right, she took the two steamed buns steamed by her mother and ran to the cliff where St. Leupasvo was.

Sticking his head out from behind the tree, Ewad followed behind Syndra, silently going up the hill.

Under the tree of St. Leopasvo, Lester, who had spent the night in the open air, put the berries he had picked in his bag,

The man is leaning on the trunk of the willow tree, playing the soft harmonica,

The white steed that Roy turned into was lying beside her, half-closed her eyes and taking a breath, and Janna turned into a wind spirit, flying and circling in the air, taking away all the heat in the moving dance, making people feel like a spring breeze.

At this moment, even Flynn, the cat with a demonic body, was having a hard time keeping up his spirits. He was only willing to be a sleeping kitten, curled up in Lester's lap and making a 'purr purr' sound.

"Lester, that child is here, followed by her brother."

Janna suddenly stopped moving, Cat Flynn opened her eyes, stretched her waist,

Only the white horse transformed into by Luo Yi remained unmoved.

"Understood, leave it to me."

With a plan in mind, Lester clapped his hands, Cat Flynn jumped into the shadows, Janna disappeared out of thin air, and there was only one person and one horse left on the cliff, leisurely.


A slightly anxious call came from behind, and Lester stood up, shaking his hand at little Syndra who suddenly burst into a smile.

In other words,,,..version. 】

"I am here."

"Hey, you really didn't abandon me. It's great to have a friend like you."

Trotting to the front of Lester, Syndra handed a steamed bun to the man.

"This is my mother's steamed buns. It's delicious."

"Thank you."

After taking Syndra's steamed buns, Lester handed to Syndra the fragrant pears he picked last night. Syndra didn't refuse, and took a bite in his hand, not feeling dirty.


The two sat under the tree, Lester was eating hot steamed buns, and Syndra was eating pears. The two of them looked at the mountains and green fields under the cliff, enjoying a moment of silence.

After eating the fragrant pears, Syndra suddenly lost her appetite for steamed buns, so she put the steamed buns on Leicester's spread out burden.

"Last, I still want to hear the castle in the sky, can you play it for me?"

"it is good."

Picking up the harmonica, Lester took a deep breath and played a melodious melody. Along with his faint thoughts, he recalled the past.

It's a bit ironic to say that the song "Castle in the Sky" was learned when he was performing an assassination mission in Japan.

The organization has a cooperative relationship with many chaebols in Japan. The Jido organization affiliated to the chaebol paid a huge price to hire a top killer from the organization in order to deal with its peers.

Because he had nothing to do, Lester accepted the leisure mission to Japan, and Elena insisted on following him, so Lester took Elena to Japan.

The two soaked in hot springs together, put on witch costumes to participate in shrine sacrifices, and even took the time to take the subway to Akihabara to participate in comic exhibition activities,

It can be said that during that trip to Japan, apart from using a poisonous needle to give a middle-aged Japanese man with a bald head a heart attack, he and Elena were on vacation.

Because he has never seen Castle in the Sky, Lester does not comment on Hayao Miyazaki's anime, but he himself likes the song Castle in the Sky, because this song can give him a childhood that does not exist.

In this world, only music can resonate briefly with people who cannot speak a language.

The resonance that Lester found in the Castle of the Sky is the innocence he never had. Looking at the children playing freely, Lester once imagined what kind of life he would have if he were a child from an ordinary family.

Maybe it's a kind of regret that I can't get it, not to deal with women, Lester deliberately studied the music score of Sky City for himself, memorized it by heart,

Whether it is piano, ocarina, organ or guitar, he can play Laputa perfectly.

It is precisely because of this that Lester is willing to let Elena live a "free and easy life", not even like a strict killer mentor, but a father who dotes on his daughter.

In a sense, the happy Elena is the childhood he never had. He hoped that Elena could find his own shelter in the endless killings. This is why he came into contact with online games with Elena. Learn about the main reasons for League of Legends.

Regrettably, he has struggled in Runeterra for hundreds of years and has not spoken to Elena for a long, long time. It is still unknown whether Elena can recover her original consciousness from the rune, maybe the transformation from Elena to rune At that moment, the girl who was by his side was already dead.

In the end, I am the only one who walks through this world alone. When I close my eyes, what can I take away...

As soon as the curtain came to an end, Lester put down the harmonica in a sense of loss, only to find that at some point, Syndra had burst into tears.

The man was taken aback.

Good guy, I haven't cried yet, but you are crying like a pear blossom with rain.

Without speaking, Lester just silently took out his handkerchief and wiped away Syndra's tears.

The little girl is very obedient, without any intention of struggling, which also let Lester know that now Syndra will not refuse some of her intimacy.

"I... I don't know why, I just want to cry."

"Probably because you heard my inner voice, thank you, willing to cry for me."

Touching Syndra's little head, Lester said softly.

"Even serious performers will sometimes vent their inner emotions through music. Musicians are different from ordinary people. They don't need other people's sympathy and comfort, and they don't have so many tears and sighs.

Their sentimentality is always hidden in the notes, they are not good at expressing themselves, but they are masters of expressing themselves,

It is every performer's greatest luck to have someone who understands himself. "

Unceremoniously blowing his nose with Lester's right hand holding the handkerchief, Little Sindra whispered with red eyes.

"So, you were playing the piano just now, but you were actually crying, and you were crying louder than me."

Dumbfounded, he wiped his right hand with a handkerchief, Lester didn't speak, no matter how depressed he was, he wouldn't let a little one comfort him.

"I, I want to learn the piano, can you teach me how to play the harmonica?"

Taking the initiative to skip the topic just now, Syndra found that she was quite good at chatting, at least after the suffocating topic came, she knew that she should change the topic to enliven the atmosphere.

All thanks to Paswar.

"Okay, I'll teach you how to play the harmonica."

Lester smiled, and let the footsteps behind the tree get further and further away.

"Dad! Syndra was tricked by a bad guy! That man wants to take Sister Syndra away!"

In the evening, as soon as Camille got home, he saw his wife beating his daughter, and his eldest son deliberately ran over to complain.

Knowing what kind of virtue his son is, Camille decided to endure the wave first, ask clearly before making a decision.

"Okay Maggie, let Syndra go...

Syndra, tell me what the **** is going on. "

Maggie let go of her silent daughter with red eyes. The spanking that Syndra was most afraid of in the past has no effect now, which is also an important reason why she believes in her son.

Sure enough, the daughter was led by bad guys.

Looking at her brother with hatred, Syndra pursed her mouth and said nothing.

Seeing this, Camille became a little more angry.

"Syndra! Don't you even listen to me?"

Syndra, who couldn't bear it anymore, gave her own answer.

"He's not a bad guy at all! He's better than you all!"

In just two sentences, Camille understood that her daughter Syndra was indeed deceived by some bad thing.

In order to protect an outsider, Syndra even ignored her own family. There is nothing more infuriating than this news.

At this moment, the red-eyed Camille wished he could pick up the felling ax and find the bad thing that abducted his daughter.

"Syndra, tell me, who is he?"

"I do not!"

"Dad! That man has been living under the holy willow tree for the past two days!"

Syndra looked at Aiwald with despair, but Aiwald looked like he had won a big victory.

"Sister! I won't let you be with that liar all day!"

"Ewad! Are you taking my only friend away!"


! Camille!

My precious daughter is about to be tricked by the bad guys! I blame you!

I usually go out early and return late, and let me bring you meals, so I don't have time to look at the children! "

The miscellaneous and noisy sounds made Camille slap the table heavily, and the chaotic room finally calmed down briefly.

"I won't go to work tomorrow, Awald, take me there! I want to see which bad boy dares to deceive my precious daughter Camille!"

"Dad! Lester is not that kind of person..."

"Enough! You don't have a place to talk here!

Maggie! You are watching Syndra at home tomorrow, and she is not allowed to go anywhere until I come back! "

"Then what if he attacks you?"

"Don't worry, I'll call a few more people, if he dares to attack me, we're not vegetarians either!"

"Sindra's father has come, bringing young and middle-aged men from eight villages with them, all holding farm tools as weapons."

Janna frowned like an elf.

Nodding noncommittally, Lester did not speak, but just played with the harmonica in his hand that he was going to give to Syndra.

Seeing this, Janna's voice became even more worried,

This worry is not for Lester, but for Syndra's family.

"Lester, in order to take Syndra away, how far are you going to go?"

She knew that with Lester's ability, it was only a matter of waving a hand to destroy an ordinary Ionian family.

Although she is on Lester's side, she doesn't want Lester to really kill innocent people in order to get a useful helper, which seriously violates her nature.

Hearing this, the man finally put down the harmonica.

"I want Syndra to give up her family completely and be willing to use it for me."

Said this sentence in a calm tone, different from the previous tenderness, Lester seemed a little cold at this moment.

"I will not hurt her family~www.novelbuddy.com~ I will only put myself in their hands. Any harm they inflict on me is just the flame of Syndra's rebellion against them, although for Syndra It's cruel to say, but this is the best and fastest way to get Syndra.

I've been a harmless traveler all along, just met a friendly friend at a coincidental time, and I can't do anything else.

I will not interfere with Syndra's choice, choose me or her family, everything is up to her to decide. "

"Hey, you are indeed the master, even the real devil has no master, you are evil"

Cat Flynn jumped up and down excitedly, which was much more interesting than sleeping.

"I agree with your decision, everyone has the right to make their own decisions,

If Syndra's family is really good to Syndra, Syndra will naturally not choose you...at least not now,

Even in the Misttail Tribe, there is no place for parents to restrain their children. What really maintains the relationship is not orders, oppression and restraint, but tolerance, love and understanding.

The perfect relationship between you and Syndra's family is one of harmony, not hostility, because you have never done anything bad to Syndra. "

Luo Yi rarely recovered the body of the Misttail tribe, and experienced many cruel things. Luo Yi was not as innocent as he was at the beginning, but felt a little more stable and mature.

Looking at Luo Yi in front of him, Lester couldn't help but think of Wuhua, the former patriarch of the Misttail tribe. Even a simple child of the Misttail tribe will understand many truths as time goes by.

With the harmonica to his lips, Lester is ready to play.

"That's right. I gave the seed to Syndra. What kind of fruit the seed will grow depends on how Syndra's family waters and raises the seed."

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