Live Wilderness Adventure - Chapter 768 victory

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Giant beasts rammed across the ground.

Feeling the slightly trembling ground, Mugaren froze in his heart, and with a glance from the corner of his eye, even the puddles rippled into layers of water waves.

Although the plan had been prepared before the implementation of the plan, but in the face of such a behemoth, anyone would feel intimidated.

There is no turning back now.

Under such circumstances, any accident will happen in an instant, no one will be able to catch up, and everything can only depend on him.

When the road meets, the brave wins!

Looking at the roaring giant beast, Mugaren slammed down the triangle on the side!

The terrain here was carefully selected by Mugalun. It was a narrow valley bottom, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack. There was a man who was in charge of the battle, and he refused to take the horse. Even a brown bear could not run rampant.

Not to mention the heavy rain the day before yesterday caused the muddy water to submerge the calves at the bottom of the valley, and the soil soaked in it was soft.

As the giant bear rushed, Mugaren pulled down to resist the horse, and while delaying its footsteps, he stabbed the wooden spear towards the brown bear's neck, and for a while, they became evenly matched.

It's a pity that the production of the horses is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Last night, Mugaren stayed up all night and only made five. For those wooden spears and traps, even the big hands full of calluses had a lot of blisters, and now the brown bear has Break through to the third level.

The giant bear's claws slammed into the puddle, splashing more than a high splash.

Mulgaren stepped back, and the brown bear pressed hard. It slapped the horse again. The whole wooden shelf was shattered and broken into countless pieces of wood. The nerves are almost shrunken into a ball, and I don't know what to do now.

Mugaren's arm muscles bulged, and he stabbed the brown bear's neck again with a wooden spear, which is the weakest part of its body's defense and the easiest place to pierce the blood vessels.

But the brown bear reacted very quickly, and he had already gained experience in dealing with it many times. He bit the wooden spear in one bite, and as soon as he exerted force, Mugaren had to let go, and watched as the thick wooden spear was bitten off by the brown bear!


The water friends sucked in a breath of cold air. With this biting force, a piece of wood as thick as an arm can be bitten off in one bite. If it can be obtained on a human leg, I am afraid it will not end in the same way!

Immediately, he was even more worried about Mugaren's situation. Fortunately, Mugaren was well prepared. He prevented a lot of wooden spears at each level. Just to prevent this from happening, he picked up the wooden spear that the horse refused to mount. Spear, confrontation again.

The water splashed everywhere, and the wind was blowing.

With the last horse refusing to be destroyed, Mulgaren had to face the brown bear directly, and without any obstruction at all, he swung the wooden spear and circled in front of the brown bear's forehead.

"Come and catch me, come!"

"You bastard!"

Mugaren used verbal abuse while letting the brown bear follow him, leading the rhythm step by step.

There was no way out until the end of the valley, and that was when the bear's patience was exhausted.

The raging anger burned its mind. Facing the reptiles that kept jumping in front of him, the brown bear didn't want to dawdled any more, so he rushed over directly, put it on the wooden spear, knocked Mugaren to the ground, and then stood up. Straightening up, trying to launch a final attack.

Countless spectators screamed and closed their eyes, but this happened to be Mugallon's wish!

He turned around and looked directly at the larger brown bear, staring at every movement of the brown bear, just as it was about to fall to attack.

"It's now!"

Mugaren shouted violently, his muscles swelled up, and the veins on his wrists throbbed furiously. He stuck the wooden spear beside him in the rock behind him, and then suddenly stood up!

The brown bear was about to fall to attack, and the weight of his whole body was pressing down like a mountain. At this time, his eyes were full of fear, but he could no longer pull back his strength. The half-ton weight was pressed down, and even it couldn't control it!

The irresistible force collapsed like a mountain collapse. For a while, Mugaren forgot to dodge. He wanted to escape, but he couldn't.

The giant bear's body fell down, and the wooden spear stabbed into its body. With such a huge force, no matter how strong the defense was, it was as fragile as thin paper. The brown spear brought out red blood and ran through the entire bear's body.

The brown bear roared up to the sky, intense pain running through his body, blood overflowing the corners of his mouth, not deer blood but his own bear blood. At this time, it no longer had any strength to fight back, and all the strength poured out with the big hole in its chest.

Its fierce eyes stared at Mugaren below, but it quickly lost focus, became dim, and fell to the ground with a loud bang.

do you died?

The water friends couldn't easily believe the scene in front of them, but the facts told them that, dead, the giant bear with a body length of more than 2.3 meters died under its own weight.

What about Mugallon?

The joy of victory faded quickly, and the audience worried about Mugaren's fate, but he was completely crushed under him, will it be okay?

The drone immediately came over the brown bear, and countless audiences watched the shocking scene in front of them.

Under the sun, the **** spear tip was bubbling with faint white air, and the brown bear's body was fully unfolded, like an ancient and **** totem.

At this time, everyone can really see the face of the brown bear and understand how big this giant beast is. The huge body is lying quietly in the puddle, like a brown pie spread on the ground~www.novelbuddy. com~ The front and rear lengths alone are more than three meters.

The brown fur was stained with blood, and Mugaren, who was pressed under him, did not move at all.

In front of the TV, Patton's heart skipped a beat, and he couldn't believe it. In his eyes, this man who once won the Army Medal would not die, just like the hero in the story, shining with eternal light. .

At this moment, the giant bear's left paw suddenly moved.

Barton was overjoyed, but more water friends were shocked, didn't they die?

After the failure, Gulbin, who came to the hotel to watch the live broadcast, jumped up from the stool in fright. His shirt was already soaked through a large area.

No one understands the fear of facing the top predators more than him. Facing the brown bear, it seems that the whole person is plunged into a deep darkness, as if there is nothing in this world, but he is the only one left.

Fear flooded his throat like a flood and spilled into his nasal cavity. Countless microorganisms irritated the nasal mucosa, making him dizzy and short of breath. When he woke up again, he was already covered in cold sweat.

However, the next moment, a pale hand suddenly protruded from under the brown bear. Compared with the bear's paw, it was as small as a child's arm.

Mugallon's head stuck out of it, and he took a deep breath while leaning against his chest.

"Damn, almost crushed me."

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