Machine Lion Roar - Chapter 958 tough enemy

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"This guy really has so many tricks!"

The three of them looked at each other across the screen, their expressions becoming more serious.

From the elusive and innumerable shadows, to the old man with a similar size and mysterious power, to the terrifying enemy who claims to be the Lord of Death.

"This is probably its final form."

Lei Mingkai, who had many fights with Nid Hogg, said slowly with a solemn expression.

In any case, the battle is far from over.

The Lord of Death slowly raised the blade in his hand, pointed at the Banshee, and then pointed at Cosy Gundam.

"Your existence surprised us. It seems that there are some omissions in our plan."


Killing intent suddenly appeared.

Koshi Gundam retreated abruptly.

A ray of cold light cut off from the front of Cosy Gundam with a slight difference.


The crack that tore the ground closely followed Koshi Gundam's retreating figure until he could no longer move forward by one meter.

In the cockpit of Coxi Gundam, Lei Mingkai's eyes flashed a trace of dignity facing a powerful enemy.

At that moment just now, the speed of the Lord of Death was too fast.

It was so fast that Lei Mingkai almost couldn't react.

If Lei Mingkai's intuition, or Cauchy Gundam's response speed was a little slower, I am afraid that at this moment, it would not be a huge crack in the ground under his feet, but the ending of Cauchy Gundam being cut in two.

"Be careful! Captain Liddy!"

Immediately afterwards, as soon as Hathaway's warning sounded, a burst of dazzling flames exploded in front of the Banshee.

It's the blade!

It was the Lord of Death who once again rushed to the front of the Banshee at that weird speed and slashed down, directly colliding with the Banshee's sharp claws.

The terror of power was enough to shake countless cracks in the ground around the Banshee's feet at the moment when the two came into close combat.

"Sure enough, it has the same power as that phoenix and that unicorn!

The Lord of Death's eyes full of murderous intent stared at the dark place in front of him.


Perhaps Liddy didn't know what the phoenix represented.

But Liddy is very clear about what the unicorn represents!

"Unicorn?! You are the man behind the attack on the colonial satellite!?!

The moment the anger rose from Liddy's heart, the Banshee also erupted with a powerful force, echoing the anger in Liddy's heart.

With a sudden wave of the huge sharp claws, the blade of the Lord of Death was forced back forcefully.


Moreover, taking advantage of the fact that the Lord of Death was forced to retreat and his figure was not yet stable, the Banshee took advantage of the opportunity and kicked a whip.

The wind caused by this whip kick was extremely shrill, just like the hatred in Liddy's heart at the moment.

With a whip kick, the Lord of Death, who was unstable in stature, was kicked hard into the rock wall.

that roar,

the ever-scattering dust,

and the huge pothole,

Seems like the dust has settled? !

Do not!

The purple Mesa who was near the Banshee suddenly jumped forward and slashed towards the empty space behind the Banshee.

The torrent of particles flickered, leaving only the air scorched by the fiery particles.


Hathaway looked surprised and couldn't help but looked towards his right hand.

That phantom figure still exists.

But why the existence he sensed was not hit by the purple Mesa he was driving.

"Although the lion is young, it has a troublesome helping hand. Hmph!"

When the figure of the Lord of Death reappeared, it was in an intact posture.

Judging from its outline, there is no trace of scars.

Whether it was the Banshee's counterattack or the Purple Mesa's slashing, they never left a single scar on his body.

Liddy narrowed his eyes slightly, and besides the anger in his heart, there was also a trace of anxiety.

It's a unicorn!

It was the unicorn mentioned by the Lord of Death just now, and Liddy couldn't help but want to know about the battle that made the unicorn, his best friend Banerjee Links, and Minerva Rao Zabi The truth of the battle.

However, the lord of death didn't have any intention of solving that battle.

Instead, the figure flickered and disappeared before their eyes again.


After being shocked, Liddy and Hathaway immediately became alert.

Unexpectedly, someone else was faster than them.

While the two rushing light beams illuminated the space behind the Banshee and Purple Mesa extremely brightly, the roar of the sonic boom followed closely, directly detonating a close-range fight.

Koshi Gundam waved his left hand, and with the shield in his hand as the main body, he slammed it forward fiercely.

Under the supersonic extreme speed bonus, the seemingly empty figure hiding there had nowhere to hide, and was directly knocked out by such arbitrarily arrogant Cozy Gundam.

While the roar of the sonic boom was still reverberating in this underground space, the Lord of Death who was knocked out by Koshi Gundam was knocked into the rock wall again.

This time, Lei Mingkai felt exactly how that damned biological body, Nid Hogg, was smashed into the rock wall.

On land, when a car traveling at a distance of 60 kilometers collides, it is a narrow escape.

What's more, at this moment, it was Cauchy Gundam who slammed the Lord of Death into the rock wall at a terrifying supersonic speed.

It can be said that if it were not for the damned biological body of the Lord of Death as a buffer, I am afraid that Cosy Gundam would be smashed into pieces when he hit the rock wall by himself.

The bright red flesh and blood stained the shield in Kosy Gundam's hand, and also stained Kosy Gundam's arm red.

The biological body in the flesh and blood mold lake in front of him did not reveal a trace of a sign that could be called a life reaction.

Undoubtedly, under Lei Mingkai's outrageous actions, the Lord of Death really died beyond the possibility of death.

All of a sudden, Coxi Gundam swung his left hand and dropped the blood-stained shield. He shook his left hand violently, and while holding the beam sword in his hand, he stabbed towards the side.


As the particles splashed around, a cold blade appeared in front of Lei Mingkai's eyes.

"Lord of death!

! "

Although it was only a brief sighting, Lei Mingkai was still able to recognize the sword at a glance, no, it should be said who is holding the blade of the sword.

The beam sword blade and the ice-cold blade are still in a stalemate.

But the shield covered in flesh and blood slowly slid down, revealing a secret.

"Master of Death, there is not only one!

The moment Liddish realized this truth, he suddenly turned his head to look at the pothole.

In the pothole illuminated by the light of the light beam sword blade, a familiar silhouette is slowly falling down.

That is the Lord of Death who was kicked in by the Banshee!


Coxi Gundam flipped his right hand, with the beam sword in his hand, taking advantage of the opportunity of the opponent's stalemate with him, he suddenly jumped, driving the beam sword in his right hand, and slashed down at the enemy's head.


As the particles passed by, the erratic trajectory of light and shade disappeared, and the huge head flew high and landed heavily.

Killed the Lord of Death again.


Lei Mingkai had no joy of victory.

Because, the intact Lord of Death once again appeared in front of their eyes.

"Is it impossible to kill?"

Hathaway frowned tightly.

This is the first time I have seen such a difficult enemy.

"No! It's delaying time. UU Reading"

The Banshee raised the armored bs in her hand, and aimed a shot at the Lord of Death who appeared again.

It's a pity that the other party didn't give the opportunity to report the banshee.

The moment the Banshee shot, she disappeared before their eyes again.

"Trouble! Captain Liddy, Muffty."

What Lidi felt was different, Lei Mingkai also felt it.

At this moment, under the underground space they are in, it seems that something ominous is brewing.

If we continue to let it go, I am afraid that the combat power gathered by the Federation this time will be wiped out.

Do not…

Somewhere, Lei Mingkai had an intuition.

Maybe not just the Federation fleet, I'm afraid... the whole world will...

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