Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8370 In desperation, please return reinforcements

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Chapter 8370 In desperation, please return reinforcements

Kedan is very aware of the value of placing the Void Gate at the gate of his ancestral land.

Placing the gate is tantamount to telling them all the demons that we have seen your hiding place, and we can call over at any time.

Void's attitude is extremely arrogant, they want to annex everything here.

No matter who the demons here are, they are just food in their mouths.

As long as Void protects this gate well, they can attack at any time, choose a time that is most beneficial to them, and ensure the maximum results of the battle.

For the Ke family, not clearing the gate of the void means that they must be ready to fight against the void at any time.

The tense nerves at this moment are heavy pressure for everyone!

No one can always be vigilant, and no one is really always ready to fight the void.

Most importantly, this is the entrance to the Ke family's ancestral land!

Once there is any disadvantage in the war, it means that their ancestral land has fallen, and even if they move back later, it will also cause great damage to the ancestral land, and the output of resources will decrease, which means that the combat effectiveness of these demons will be greatly reduced.

In other words, even if the battle situation is unfavorable, Void can still send people over to attack when the demons relax their guard. It only needs to go through the baptism of war several times to destroy the ancestral land of the demons. It was a huge blow to morale, and more importantly, without the ancestral land, a safe place to live, the power of the big demon family would be greatly affected.

These are all major prerequisites. What worries Kedan the most is the strength of the Ke family.

As a bloodline of the Ke family, Ke Dan clearly knew how big the gap was between them and the Ke family. He also knew that if Void wanted to test the demons' ability to resist this strategic plan, then the Ke family was the best choice.

This is also the reason why Ke Dan was so anxious and wanted to completely remove the Void Gate.

Unfortunately, all attempts were in vain.

Seeing that his subordinates tried all kinds of methods to no avail, Kedan went out in person.

As the ground trembled violently, even Feng Tianxing, who was far away in his jurisdiction, felt it.

The consciousness probed deeper, looking for the source of the movement, until his consciousness sensed the magic energy that Kedan had dissipated, and then he chuckled.

"How could it be that simple."

Feng Tianxing knew why Kedan was so anxious, but he also knew that since Void released this method after such a long wait, it is very likely that this method has been improved by Void, at least the demons will not be defeated so easily.

But one thing is certain, this is some kind of great power.

The strong in the void borrowed the power of the avenue to place their teleportation exits within the sphere of influence of the demon family. If they wanted to defeat these gates, they had to rely on the same power of the avenue, or occupy the avenue of restraint.

But these are too difficult for the demons.

The demons are fundamentally doomed not to be a race that is good at controlling the Dao, they are more suitable to condense themselves to the point where the Dao does not invade.

Although there is no difference in the outcome of the battle, one side controls the Dao, and the other can make the Dao invincible, and neither side will use the power of the Dao to perform nirvana.

But the problem is that there are still a few demons who can reach the point where the Dao is not invaded, and more are ordinary demons, who do not have the capital to resist the power of the Dao, let alone the power of the Dao.

Their disadvantage is only a matter of time, and the Void has the power of the Great Dao, so there are too many tricks that can be done.

After a moment of silence, Feng Tianxing decided to help.

Not for the family, but for myself.

Once the big demon family is swallowed up, the forces represented by Feng Tianxing will become the next target of Void's attack. Feng Tianxing doesn't want to face Void so soon.

And let the big family fight against the void and consume the power of the void, which is more valuable to him.

After thinking for a moment, Feng Tianxing decided to make a move later.

At this moment, the Ke family was in chaos. After Ke Dan failed to make a move, there was a roar from the Void Gate.

Kedan was so startled that he quickly defended with a group of demons.

But they waited for a full hour, but they didn't see the door open, let alone a void appear.

All the demons were nervous.

They are not afraid of Void's attack when they are fighting outside, but fighting on their own ancestral land, they are somewhat psychologically stressed.

After all, as far as their current level of confrontation is concerned, just a little aftermath of the battle can affect the ancestral land of the Ke family.

"Come here, go and remove the youngsters in the clan."

Under the heavy pressure, Ke Dan finally started to make a decision.

And his choice is very simple, the purpose is very clear, move away.

At least let the juvenile demons in the clan leave first, then the members of each family, and finally they, the demons.

Give up the ancestral land!

This is the only way Ke Dan can think of.

Under Void's provocation, he was under too much pressure. If he didn't pay attention, the ancestral land behind him would be destroyed, and the entire Ke family would be wiped out.

Until Kongkong roared again, the pressure in Kedan's heart could no longer be described in words.

He knew it was time for life and death.

Once the void hits, it must be a decisive battle, a battle to the death!

While there is still time, it is the best choice to evacuate the tribe.

"You... contact Feng Tianxing again and ask him if he has a solution."

Until the weight of the void came, Ke Dan finally let go of all his worries about Feng Tianxing.

No matter how big his purpose is, so what?

If the Ke family is gone, then everything is gone!

For the first time, Kedan lowered his dignity in front of the tribe, and invited Feng Tianxing, who wanted to drive him out with his own hands, back.

Every hour, there would be a roar from the void, and the sound would get louder and louder, as if the distance between them and the Ke family was getting closer.

It wasn't until the evening that there was no movement in the void, but the more there was no movement, the more disturbing it was.

Kedan didn't plan to rest anymore, so he sat in front of the Void Gate, guarding vigilantly for his clansmen.

Can't practice, can't be distracted, any momentary mistake will destroy the whole family. For Kedan, it is a waste of time here, but he can only waste it here.

He couldn't feel at ease if someone else was stationed.

As time passed little by little, finally, Ke Dan waited for Feng Tianxing's answer.

"Come over tomorrow."

Obviously, Feng Tianxing expressed goodwill and did not have any dissatisfaction with the previous events.

But this also made Kedan mentally prepared. If there are some things that are easy to say, it doesn't mean that he can not do them.

"Come here, go to the warehouse to count about 20% of the resources, and send someone to Fengtianxing's jurisdiction."

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