Monster Integration - 2973 Fighting the Blood Videttes

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“It had been nearly seven minutes since you guys came, but you still failed to break my shields, in which I am not using even half of my power to defend,” I said to the shock of blood videttes.

The Pigeonman opened its mouth to refute but stopped short as I waved my hand, and all the cracks on my shields disappeared before the shields themselves had disappeared.

“What are you three waiting for? Attack me,” I said as three hands came out from behind me, which brought them out of their shock, and all three moved to kill me.

“Die, you bastard!” they were not holding anything back, attacking with the power they were using to break my shields.

Their speed was extreme; their weapons had arrived before me in an instant, but I had been prepared as my weapons moved.

I have been studying them as they attack my shields and pretty much could predict their limits, which makes things quite complicated.

As with this boost, defending against them is not a challenge, but killing them is.

They have very high sensory powers, and there is a later invisible defense against them; it is not a move, but a natural defensive barrier, which formed after they became videttes.

It makes things quite tricky.

Saying that wouldn’t solve anything, I have to find a way to kill them, and if I had learned anything in the past month, then there is always a way, even in impossible situations.


Their weapons cut through the space and clashed against mine, creating a shockwave that destroyed the spaces as they spread out, but I was in no mood to see that.

Step Step Step

The power of the physical strikes hit me like a sledgehammer, and I began to take steps back; each of my steps would bend the space as I moved.

It is not the only thing their attacks have done; they had also released a very peculiar kind of energy that evaded several of my defenses before they caught and began to get processed.

The mysterious tree is still releasing the growth energy, but it begins to demand the vidette energy the moment it enters inside me.


My eyes videttes in surprise as they begin to process the energy.

I noticed the above limit element inside them. It is expertly processed and weakened on purpose, but it is present, and it is what is used as the main ingredient to make these videttes.

I had my doubts, but this confirmed them.

“Die, you filthy human,” said the Pigeonman as it appeared in front of me before swinging its feathery sword while its two mates simultaneously attacked me from left and right.


The weapons clashed, and once again, I shook before beginning to take a step to manage the force, but these blood videttes followed me like a snake and attacked me again.

All I could do was move my weapons in defense.

These bastards are powerful, alright, I am using all my boosts and every bit of energy, but it is still not enough to properly defend against them, much less attack them with a powerful offense.

Once again, they threw me back, but this time, I took fewer steps back than before, as my strength had increased a little more.

The strengthening essence is still coming out from my core, and my hungry body is absorbing it ravenously, making me stronger every second.

I should have waited till all the strengthening energy was absorbed by me, but I did not, as I wanted to fight these bastards, and even though they were suppressing me; I was having fun.

“Try harder; I had not even vomited blood from your attacks,” I said, and their fire of rage burned through the eyes of three Grimms.please visit panda(-)

“Die,” they screamed as they attacked, and I moved my weapons to deal against them; they moved faster than before, and Grimms noticed it as they increased the power of their attacks even further.


Our weapons clashed, crushing the space around us before they started to heal rapidly.

The speed of space’s healing is amazing; it barely takes a fraction of a second before it heals completely, but it just looked like but did not happen.

Around 99.9% of space heals in a fraction of a second, while the rest, 0.1%, takes a minute to heal, which makes teleporting in such a place very dangerous.

“Good, just like that, but stronger,” I said, and it made the Grimms even more furious, thinking I was taunting, which truthfully, I am.

I am trying to make them angry so that they would use their full power, and they are doing that.


“You wretched human, I will kill you!” roared Taga in its fury and attacked with two mates, and these attacks smattered the space around as they clashed.

My heart bleeds seeing what our attacks are doing to the beautiful world, but as I had said before, there is no other option but to face them and kill them once and for all; so we can focus all our efforts on healing our beautiful world.


Our weapons clashed thousands of times per minute, creating destruction that had not been seen before.

The Grimms are harnessing every bit of power they could to attack me, I could feel their attacks are getting stronger, but the effects they are having are lessening at incredible speed that, now, I only need to take two steps back at most to deal manage the power of their attacks.

“You should be ashamed to call yourselves the blood videttes; you have above the element material in you, but you are not even capable of harnessing its power,”

“Choosing to remain in the confines of Grand Lord when you could easily break the limit with enough effort,” I mocked and could see their eyes widening in shock as they stopped attacking mid-way.

“How do you know that?” asked the Pigeonman in great shock, like I had blurted out their most sacred secret.

“What is there to be shocked of; you reeked of above-limit-element but couldn’t even harness its power,” I said while shaking my head disappointedly.

It was very hard to detect; I could easily because it had nearly killed me.

“They should have chosen someone more capable to become the blood videttes because obviously, you bastards are useless,” I taunted, and their eyes burned with rage like never before.

“Shut up, you wretched bastard!” shouted Taga in bubbling rage as it attacked me with its two mates.

What I said is true, but it is not as simple as I said it to be.

Normal videttes’ strength froze away after they became videttes, which gave them limit strength of their level; these blood videttes are different.

Their creator had used the above-the-limit material, which gave them a chance to reach above the limit.

Though doing that would be extremely difficult, near impossible even.

It is even more difficult than peak Grand Lords grand breaking the limit, which had not happened in millenniums.


Their attacks clashed against mine, and their eyes widened in shock, as this time; I did not take even a single step back.

“The real battle begins now, Grimms,” I said and launched attacks at them, harnessing every bit of power I had and coming toward from strengthening essence.

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