Monster Integration - 2974 Transcendence Illusion

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‘Useless fucking bastards!’ It cursed in his mind as it fought against its oldest enemy. It had been more than ten minutes since they had gone to Zaar, and they were still not able to kill him.

Forget killing him; they did not even seem to injure him; he was defending against them without any problem.

He felt angry and frustrated and wished it could go for the Zaar and kill that bastard, but the old woman wouldn’t let that happen.

Soon it calmed itself down and looked at the visual of all battlefields for the people it could sent.

There aren’t many; it is the only one who had greater power than even these videttes, the old snake was also had power with its powerful curses, but it is dead.

Not to mention, its dangerous curses were useless against Zaar.

It could also not send out the blood videttes; they are beating the powerful humans; even a single one’s disappearance would free the humans, and they couldn’t afford that, especially against the three, who had gained the power of peak Grand Lords.

It looked around for nearly a minute before its stopped on one battle; yes, it would be perfect.

‘Shael, go aid blood videttes in killing Zaar,’ it ordered, but instead of compliance, it got the excuse.

‘This bitch!’ it cursed and felt its anger rising, but soon, it controlled that. ‘Do this, and I will give you that orb,’ it said through gritted teeth.

He was in a dilemma on what to do about Shael; now it is no more. It will die, too, along with most Grand Lords. The only ones who will remain alive are a member of its tribe and blood-videttes, who are loyal to it.

Shael immediately accepted, and a few minutes later, it disappeared.

Shael is perfect; before the blood videttes, it was the third strongest after old snakes, but now, it is a lot behind, but despite their limit power, the blood videttes incapable of killing it.

Like it, Shael, to have a Grand Art, a very tricky one, which makes it hard to kill it.

It could do it, but only because it, too, has a Grand Art, and it is more powerful. Its comprehension of its Grand Art is way above Shael.


“You should feel ashamed; despite fighting for more than ten minutes, you aren’t able to do a single thing to me,” I mocked as they defended against my attack.

“You. Shut up!” shouted Pigeonman, but soon scrambled to move its sword to defend against my attacks.

It had been barely ten seconds since I had begun my offensive, and it was frustrating the hell out of all three Grimms.

I am not attacking them with a single weapon, but nine of them. What makes it even more difficult is that these hands are not constrained by any limit; they can bend at angle and stretch hundreds of times.

In just a few seconds, the Grimms found out how difficult it is to deal with them and frustrating, each second, the attacks getting stronger and harder to defend.

They are not the only one who is frustrated; I, too, have been frustrated. I have made some intrusions against the Grimms and saw how powerful their defense is; it is the most frustrating defense I have ever encountered.

Still, my probing hasn’t been entirely useless; I was able to find out some interesting things on which my clone is working.

If I am lucky, then I should soon have a way to bypass the defenses of the blood videttes.

“Try harder, you all; if you keep defending as such, it won’t be long before I am able to pierce my weapons into you,” I said, and it made them angry, but soon a smile appeared on their faces of all three.

“You could try, but let me tell you. If we stand here and let you attack us, even then, you will not be able to able to breach our defenses,” said the Pigeonman confidently, and it is sort of write, with the current strength I have.

Though not for long.

The boost is still flowing through my runes and would be continued for a few minutes, but even it would still be hard to kill them directly.

Thankfully, I am not dependent on that way like others; I have better ways, and once you fall into them, you can forget about surviving.

“Don’t be confident little Pigeonman; I have killed monsters like an old snake, and while you lot are difficult, I will kill you, just like, I had killed all the Grimms I had fought,” I said and could see them shudder.

Though they recovered quickly and defended, they did not get even a chance to relax; another wave of attacks came at them, and then another.

I am not giving them a single chance to relax, showing them attack after attack, studying their fighting style to make my attacks even more lethal.

These blood videttes are powerful, but they do not have experience of this power if they had fighting experience as any old member of a coven. I could have never been able to press them as I am doing right now.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on my face, and my attacks became even more furious at the Grimms.please visit panda(-)

“You know, I am already making a list of Grimms; I would kill after killing three of you; do you have any name you want to share? For you three, I will kill that person first,” I asked.

To my surprise, an expression of thinking appeared on the Pigeonman and Rhinoman’s faces before rage appeared in their eyes.

“Don’t worry, human, when we finish with you, we will kill all the other humans, tear them, limb by limb, till no life remains in them,” said Pigeonman, barely controlling its anger.

They are not idiots; they know I am taunting them on purpose, trying to make them angry. So, they would make a mistake; they have been controlling that anger quite well, and I want to see how long they could do that.

Also, it is fun to tease them; I am not going to get this chance after I kill them, eventually.


p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om

I was fighting them when suddenly, my eyes shot up, and one of my arms holding a spear moved up fast.


A loud clanging sound rang out, and Shael revealed itself as she took a single step back.

“You have taken your sweet time attacking,” I said to the Foxwomen; her fur was silky while and her huge body was graceful, that when not wanting to, I couldn’t help but admire the creature she was.

She appeared some time ago, getting closer to the power of her Grand Art and what amazing art it is.

If I did not have the advanced sensory sphere surrounding me, it would have been hard to detect her easily.

“It seemed like I had underestimated you, Zaar,” it said as it looked at me somberly. “Many tens to that,” I replied with a smile while continuing to shower the three Blood Videttes with constant attacks.

“And then, they pay the price with their life,” It said, and to that, I nodded, “But, I will not make that mistake,” it said confidently.


A moment later, after that, the three Grimms I was attacking had simply disappeared without leaving the slightest proof.

“Transcendence Illusion,” I said with a smile, “Everything is an illusion, Michael Zaar, even me,” it said, and four attacks came at me while it continued to stare at me with a smile on its face.


My sword clashed against them, and even with the clash, they did not reveal themselves and attacked from a different place.

“You know, many people have paid the price for underestimating my grand art,” It said, that I smiled.

“I am not underestimating it; I just don’t think it is powerful enough to kill me.”

“If your comprehension of your Grand Art had been at the level of the Rhaek, I would have feared you, but at the current level, you are not my match,” I said and could see its eyes flashing in anger.

A moment later, its eyes turned normal, and the smile on its face became even bigger.

“Are you sure about that, Zaar?” it asked, and the copies of it began to appear all around me, tens of them, which turned to hundreds.

Each of these copies had different expressions and aura of peak Grand Lord; the aura is so perfect that anyone would have a problem distinguishing them.

If they had been just perfect copies of illusion, then it wouldn’t be a mighty Grand Art; these are not illusionary copies, but they also possess the power of peak Grand Lord.

Seeing the copies, my expression couldn’t help but turn serious; this move is the most powerful Shael, but she rarely uses it as it is quite taxing to it, and when she does, it means she is very serious about her enemy.

“Die, Michael Zaar,” it said with a beautiful voice, which did not have any hint of an accent.

Sup Sup Sup

With its orders, hundreds of its copies have come, and one of the copies also held its real body, as the one who had been talking to me obviously the copy.

Not to mention, the biggest danger is that the blood videttes have also been hidden inside; it would be very bad if they were able to land a strike.

‘The Hundred Arms,’ I said inside me softly, and hundred tens of arms released from my back and shoulders till their numbers have reached hundred and one, with each arm holding a powerful Grand Lord class weapon.

I had needed to raid the Pyramid’s armory for these weapons.

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